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Todays Date: 07/02/22
Last Update: 03/13/08 02:24:04 PM

Address: 163 W 46th Street
New York,   

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Sextangle  | Open: 03/29/08 Close: 04/08/08
It's sexy, it's tangly, it's the most fun you can have...laughing! It's Gosford Park populated by Lucy, Ethel, the Marx Brothers, and Monty Python. An Upstairs/Downstairs collection of country-clubbers obsessed with love and marriage...and how to achieve one and avoid the other. A laugh-out-loud farce that's both classic and modern. Bring your family, friends, and loved ones for an evening of cerebral silliness, twisted zaniness, and some of the most talented comic actors coming up on the New York scene.
An Evening With Johnny Valiant  | Open: 07/14/07 Close: 07/14/07
Johnny Valiant's show live in the heart of Broadway
Contact: Evan Ginzburg/Manager: evan_ginzburg@yahoo.com
Free Q&A/Meet & Greet/Autographs following show