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The Eight Reindeer Monologues  | Open: 12/04/14 Close: 12/18/14
Sex, Lies and Antlers!  The Eight Reindeer Monologues by Jeff Goode.

Tired of Christmas Carol and Nutcracker? Here’s a holiday play for those who like their comedy like they like their Christmas chocolate - DARK. Scandal erupts at the North Pole when one of Santa's reindeer accuses him of sexual harassment. Artistic Pride Productions brings back their annual production of Eight Reindeer Monologues for FIVE PERFORMANCES ONLY!!  All performances at Joria Productions, 260 W. 36th street.  Tickets can be purchased for just $18 at or call 1-212-252-4076 to make reservations.

After performing in multiple productions of The Eight Reindeer Monologues with Chicago's critically acclaimed Journeymen Theater Co., Artistic Pride Production’s Artistic Director, Anthony Wills Jr., brought his take on this hilarious comedy by Jeff Goode to New York audiences. Jack Helbig of The Chicago Reader raved that Journeymen director Frank Pullen makes "this Santa send-up both outrageous and touching” Following in the footsteps of Pullen, Anthony Wills mines the piece for its comedy while keeping the characters real and adding his own dark twist. Now in it’s second year, this production is expertly played by a troupe of actors who bring out the often subtle complexity of playwright Joe Goode's characters including Amy Fulgham*, Anna Foss Wilson*, Anthony Wills Jr*, Ben Curtis*, Dani Cervone, Erik Parillo*, James Robinson*, Joe Bowen*, Libya V Pugh*, Maria Silverman*, Meryl Thurston, Michael J. Robinson, Sophia L. Coffee, Stacey Haughton*, Tanesha Ford, Tom Martin* and Tommy Norton. Co-directed by Hal Lehrman and Anthony Wills Jr. Each performance is a new experience with different actors bringing their own takes to each roles every performance. 

Sexual misconduct in the work place...drunken Santa....corporate scandal cover up...flying reindeer..and CHEAP DRINKS!  What better way to spend a night at the theater!!! 

This play will make you laugh, cry and feel sort of icky the next time you see  Santa Clause.  Each show is completely different and it's so hilariously entertaining you just might want to see it again and again. 

Adult content and themes!!! Mature audiences only!!

December 4th 7:00 & 9:00 
December 8th 7:00         
Dec. 18th 7:00 & 9:00

Joria Productions 
260 W. 36th street 3rd floor

*appears courtesy Actor's Equity Association.  An AEA approved showcase.

Please contact directly for Press/Industry: 212-252-4076 or 

About the Company:  Artistic Pride Productions is a collective of thought provoking and passionate artists dedicated to promoting and cultivating their work as an extension of the work of their peers.  APP creates opportunities for artists of all genres to create work that is uniquely theirs and voices their opinions on important issues.




Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) and Identity Theater Company present Finding the Ability in Disability: Performance and Panel on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 7:00pm at Joria Stages, 260 W 36th Street, 3rd Floor, New York City. Joria Stages is handicap accessible.


Hosted by Nicholas Linnehan, Executive Director of Identity Theater Company, panelists will include Debra Otté, Professor at Montclair University; Ike Schambelan, Artistic Director of Theatre Breaking Through Barriers; June Rachelson Ospa, Director of Youth Programming at AMAS.  Disabled artists, academic personnel and activists will discuss barriers for disabled artists and how to overcome them, as well as how to increase visibility, among other topics.


Immediately preceding the panel discussion, disabled actors will take the stage in a scene from Shakespeare’s Richard III, performing in traditionally non-disabled roles.  Conversely, Richard III will be performed by a non-disabled actor, which in turn becomes his disability.


Following the panel discussion, there will be a full reading of Richard III for anyone who wishes to stay.

Imperial Garden Revisited  | Open: 09/22/11 Close: 09/24/11
    "One being perceived as another only to be lost in the invasion of the inner self."

Evening of 3 orginal one act plays involving social issues.





Written by Allan Bates.  Directed by Sonia Jacquez

A woman is reading late at night in her living room when a younger man breaks into her house.  She had been a teacher in prison; he had been an inmate student, incarcerated for murder.  The intrusion ends with positive results.


Written by Robert Anthony.  Directed by Chrissy Laboy

Two longtime friends, Sammy and Ernie, meet almost daily to read and discuss the changes in their thinking, society in general, and the neighborhood. They have not seen their friend, Abie, the pickle salesman, since he lost his store. Abie suddenly appears and is now peddling pickles on the street. Sammy and Ernie are pleased to see him and he goes on his way. Abie’s daughter, Sarah, appears. She is frantically searching for her father. She tells them he is not well and should be home in bed. Sammy and Ernie help in the search, only to return and find Abie leafing through a book. Since he is now living with Sarah, she takes him home with her. Sammy and Ernie return to their reading.


Written by Charlotte Cox.  Directed by Philip M. Waller

Bernie and Jill have been married for 22 years, since they’ve been in college. They are now in their 40’s and after many years, are complacent and bored with their life together, and have been introduced to the concept of an open marriage.  Will this new idea bring them closer together or will underlying issues tear them apart?

F.A.C.T. Friends Always Creating Theatre present two full length plays for their

May Page 2 Stage Series including "UFF 'DA" a screwball comedy,


What happens when five yellow school buses filled with Red Hat ladies from the South Central Evangelical Lutheran Ladies Conference of Western North Dakota travel across the Rough Rider State to Fargo to see "The Sound of Music" starring Marie Osmond, but are greeted instead by a marquee announcing the 4th National Bus & Truck company performing in an adult-themed, 'Bedroom Bedlam'?  It's non-stop hilarity from there as three of the ring-leaders of the group demand that the Theatre Company give them the show they paid to see!  But, there's NO Marie Osmond or Sound of Music. "Uff'da!"


There was a time when ‘Grease’ was the word, but now; you most likely will be hearing and repeating the words, Uff ‘da! I know many of you are saying, WHAT DOES IT MEAN? What Could A PLAY called “Uff ‘da” possibly be about?

Though this word and expression does not appear in Webster’s Dictionary and could easily be lost from our vocabularies for good; thankfully Wikipedia does recognize, support and helps keep this worthwhile expression alive – Uff ‘da is often used as a term for sensory overload. It can be used as an expression of surprise, astonishment, exhaustion, relief and sometimes dismay. For many, Uff ‘da is an all-purpose expression with a variety of nuances, and covering a variety of situations. The expression has lost its original connotation, and it is increasingly difficult to specify what it means now in America. Within Midwestern culture, it frequently translates into: I am overwhelmed. It has become a mark of Scandinavian roots, particularly for people from North Dakota, South Dakota,Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. Uff ‘da can often be used as an alternative for many common day swear words.


With Sam Charny, Gus Ferrari, Betty Hudson*, Lynn Manuell, Kathleen O'Neill*, Lucy Sorlucco*. Toni L. Stanton*

An Actors' Equity Association approved Showcase

* AEA Member

** Stage Directors/Choreographers Society

PG - Adult Language

About the Company: Friends Always Creating Theatre (F.A.C.T.)

A Company of Playwrights, Actors and Directors creating NEW Theatre year round - NYC's busiest New Off Off Broadway Company


Booze In The Boroughs  | Open: 05/13/11 Close: 05/22/11
BOOZE IN THE BOROUGHS is presented in REPERTORY with "Uff'Da" as part of F.A.C.T. Friends Always Creating Theatre's May PAGE 2 STAGE REP Series.

The sensitive, toching yet funny play connects the Five NYC Boroughs through five seperate stories that mix and entertwine lives, hopes and dreams … and all with the help of a Stoli bottle, a snowstorm and a Russian Scientist portrayed by DAVID GILLAM FULLER, Co-Founder/Producer of F.A.C.T.

With Elizabeth Bove*, Danielle Erin Rhodes*, Kraig Kehrer*, Laura Lane, Kevin Russo.

Performed as under as Actors' Equity Assocaition Showcase Code contract

* AEA Member

About the Company: Friends Always Creating Theatre (F.A.C.T.)

A Company of Playwrights, Actors and Directors creating NEW Theatre year round - NYC's busiest New Off Off Broadway Company

Instant Theatre  | Open: 03/20/11 Close: 03/20/11
Our second annual 48 Hour Short Play Festival - A workshop of FUN and serves as a FunD raiser for the FACT Company!

Eeek! A Mousical  | Open: 01/27/11 Close: 02/05/11
A 21st Century update of the Aesop Fable, 'A City Mouse & A Country Mouse' starring MEGAN THOMAS (Off-Bdway; Menopuase, The Musical) in the role of Country Mom, Clarissa and TONI L. STANTON (Bdway: Angela Lansbury-A Celebration, Off-Bdway, Another Man's Poison) as CIty mom, Bara. When the City Mom only wants a little peace and quiet at the dinner table away from the screeching traffic, cell phones and texting, she accepts an invitation for she and her family to visit her sister in the country. Her family is not too keen on sewing circles, crawdad fishing and Hard Red Spring Wheat Pageants and Hilarity ensues!!!

About the Company: Friends Always Creating Theatre

FACT is a group of Playwrights - Actors - Directors who have joined  together to create New Theatre! They are Celebrating their 2nd Year as one of the finest new Off Off Broadway Companies in New York City!  Founded by Jack Dyville and David Gillam Fuller in 2009, they are a membership company that has already attracted more than 70 Actors, 10 Directors and 20+ Playwrights. With their 2010-2011 Season they continue to move OnWard & UpWard!


Connect The Plots 2:  | Open: 11/10/10 Close: 11/14/10

   Our 2nd Show of Our 2nd Season, CONNECT THE PLOTS 2: "Make-A-Match-Today.Com" has been completed and cast and rehearsals start this week for a Nov 10 (Preview) and Performances Nov 11-12-13 at 7:30pm and Nov 14 at 3pm at Joria Mainstage Theatre, 260 West 36th Street 3rd Floor, New York, NY. Associate Producer – Joria Productions.

       Come see the results of 5 Playwrights, who decided upon writing a COMEDY, setting it in an OFFICE environment, using 9 CHARACTERS (5F - 4M) then throwing in a selected PROP - a SOCCER BALL to liven things up.
       Now, put those 5 Playwrights in the privacy of their own apartments with JACK DYVILLE+ writing Act 1 Scene 1 then passing it on to PENNY JACKSON, who contributes Scene 2, allowing J. BOYETT to complete Act 1. Next, GREGG PASTERNACK+ keeps the old Soccer Ball in the air by writing Act 2 Scene 1 before passing it off to ZACH ROTHMAN-HICKS to bring it all to a conclusion. And voila, the Plot Has Been Connected.
       The result is a Broad Comedy with up-to-the-minute situations but told in the old Kaufman & Hart or George Abbott way of the past. Hilarious. Fun. Exciting. Different. And this is becoming a Unique Theatrical Signature Event for F.A.C.T. Friends Always Creating Theatre.
       Now we put the script in the hands of our capable Directors, LINDA BURSON^, MIKE METZEL^, LAURA PESTRONK, JACK DYVILLE^ and let them continue to up the anti as they direct the 5 scenes independently of one another. Call us crazy but it makes for more Wonderful Theatre!!!
       And with a CAST that is sure to Rock The Words right off the Page including; ROMY NORDLINGER* as Maureen Falcom owner of the Dating Service, SARAH COOPER as Penelope,  her office assistant more content on becoming the President of Cuba, MADALYN McKAY as Mrs. Mosely who is tired of the same OLD Man and is ready to get back in the frying pan, BOB CONNELLY as Mr. Mosely, the henpecked husband, MADELINE REED as Petula a 30s something that has seen her share of Dating Services, ARTHUR ATKINSON*, Paul Clark, a soccer loving nerd who has his own problems with the ladies, JACQUELYN POPLAR*, Babs, a larger than life Lady of the Evening set to star in her own Reality series, JIMMY MARTIN as Derek and DIKE UZOUKWU as Sean, two would-be Models who can't seem to find the 'right' girl but hey, maybe they don't need to now that they have found one another!

       All the FUN Begins NOVEMBER 10. Tickets at BROWN PAPER TICKETS beginning Oct 15. 1-800-838-3006

(+ Members Dramatist Guild of America, ^ Members Stage Directors & Choreographers Society * Members Actor’s Equity Association)

Showcase Iii: Year End Show  | Open: 11/05/10 Close: 11/06/10
 4 short plays featuring;

  1.        Be More 282                          By Rich Espey
  2.        Don’t Call it Returning         By Rosebud Ben-Oni
  3.        Extreme Green                      By Janet Lawler
  4.        The Majority                           By Darby Alexander


Be More 282

A play about a young black man and a young white woman who have been murdered in very different circumstances. It takes place under the bridge where their bodies have both been dumped.  Both characters want very much to be discovered. The play begins when Beth asks the young black man to take her picture so that the media will make sure a search for her is continued. The play ends when Beth succeeds and the young black man fails.

Don't Call it Returning

On the first year of his death, a young woman returns to the cemetery in Jerusalem to say Kaddish for her late husband-- accompanied by her new lover. What follows is an exorcism of a life past-- and what could've been.

Extreme Green

Extreme Green is about the local food movement. A city land owner resents it deeply when a young, idealistic farmer decides to take over his vacant lot to grow a vegetable garden.

The Majority

Gordon finds himself locked in an interrogation after a natural disaster. His interrogators the Captain and the Private are both rational and mad and genuine, but to what end? Gordon's terror is heightened when he realizes the terrible thing the Majority has done with his daughter. The Majority is a light thriller about a Snowy Apocalypse or is it...

Gay-licious, a Celebration of Short Plays  | Open: 09/16/10 Close: 09/18/10
F.A.C.T. Friends Always Creating Theatre in association with Joria Productions kicks-off their 2nd Season with another Short Play series, once again featuring new works by still-unknown yet up-and-coming playwrights,

A Glass of Water by Bob Ost directed by Michael Metzel, with SAM SOMMER & STEVE SHERMAN*

 Batperson & Robbie: Cute Meat by Daniel Curzon directed by David Gillam Fuller, with CHRISTOPHER McLAMB* & KEVIN RUSSO

BIdentity Crisis by Zach Rothman-Hicks, directed by Jana Mattioli, with DANIELLE ERIN RHODES*, KRAIG KEHNER* & PHILLIP MARTIN

Choreography of Cyn & Marta by Rich Espey directed by Steven Hauck*, with MADALYN McKAY & ELIZABETH BOVE

 Limbo Lounge by Marjorie Conn, directed by Lynn Manuell with JENNY PAUL, SUSAN WALLACK*, VICTORIA GUTHRIE* & LUCY SORLUCCO*

The Memory Book by Jack Dyville, directed by John DeBlass with JACK DYVILLE* & MARCUS CONERLY*

*AEA Members (Equity Approved Showcase)

Performances September 16-17-18

Joria Mainstage 260 West 36th Street 3rd Floor, (Bet. 7th-8th Ave) New York, NY 10018

Tickets $18 Cash Only At Door. Reservations suggested through Brown Paper Tickets

More Info or F.A.C.T. on FaceBook


Return To Mellow Falls  | Open: 03/20/10 Close: 03/27/10
In 1938, Collin Drake defied all odds  by getting his teammates a shot to play in the Negro Leagues but greed and revenge tried to sidestep their chance at stardom.

Thespian Production Showcase 2009 Ii  | Open: 10/09/09 Close: 10/11/09
'Showcase 2009 II: An Evening of One Acts'

This showcase will include four original one act plays of comedy and drama. at the Joria
Productions Theater in New York City. The showcase will run 4 plays from October 9- October 11, 2009.

Global Bipolar Warning written by Esta Fischer, directed by Bridget Leak

Eddie, who suffers from bipolar disorder, and Ramona, an environmentalist, visit the South Pole to see the ice caps before global warming destroys them. Ramona is concerned about Eddie's medication because he is exhibiting strange behavior. Eddie attempts to give the earth one of his pills to make it feel better but he can't find the pills. He panics. Ramona assures him they can call the doctor and have more pills sent. Eddie then confesses he didn't take his medication that morning. He removes some of this clothing and says he wants to get naked and play wth the polar bears in the snow. Ramona persuades him to get dressed and return to the hotel. Eddie says he will start a movement: Bipolars to Save the Earth.

Four Dry Tongues written by Alex Dremann, directed by Bob Teague

Tristan invites his adorable friend Matt over to a party in his 4 foot square Manhattan closet apartment, hoping to lure him into bed, but Tristan's best friend Ginny has the exact same plan.

Shubert's Ally written and directed by Lorraine Goodman

SHUBERT’S ALLY” tells the story of a young woman (ALLY) torn between two lovers – JOSH, a handsome wooer and the other (SHUBERT) a hirsute woofer.

Drip Torch written by Trey Tatum, directed by Bridget Leak

Patrick has lost his fiancé, now Sullivan is losing him. On the eve of a moving sale, two childhood friends battle late summer's heat and each other in an attempt to hold on to what has taken a lifetime to build.


Happy Hour: Plays About Drinking  | Open: 07/20/08 Close: 08/11/08
Six actors, four playwrights and two directors come together for an evening of original comedic one-acts exploring the reasons we drink and the potential results.

Improbable Fiction's inaugural production, 2007's TWELFTH NIGHT, began as a collaboration amongst a group of bartenders working together in Broadway theatres. Mick Bleyer and Molly Thomas honor the company's roots by producing a collection of all-new alcohol-themed one-act plays. After receiving submissions from across the country they narrowed the field to the four works that comprise this first installment of HAPPY HOUR: Michael Baldwin's "serenDRIPity", Quinn Michael Mattfeld's "A Bar Tale OR Steve and The Other Guy", Susie Morgan's "Fate, or Something" and Molly Thomas' "The Princess and the Woodsman". These plays examine a range of situations that alcohol can incite, whether it be late-night subway meetings, post-work bar encounters, possibly ill-advised hookups or drunken fairy tales.

Sisyphus's Day Off  | Open: 03/28/08 Close: 03/29/08
Seven short plays including THE NOTE (a group of people at a funeral who deconstruct a suicide note), THE QUICK BROWN FOX (the finals of the World Typing Competition!), ALLEGORY OF A CAFE (a cafe worker's life flashes before his eyes in eight minutes), MAN IN THE WINGS (15 minutes to curtain and only the janitor is available to go on), and, of course, SISYPHUS'S DAY OFF (someone's gotta push the rock).
DICK II (a.k.a. Richard II)  | Open: 06/21/07 Close: 07/08/07
Biting mockery, searing nihilism, maddening cronyism, mounting betrayal, dizzying duplicity, absurd hypocrisy, outrageous narcissism, masochism and sadism, and, most significantly, exquisite poetry...and that's only in the first ten minutes, folks! What happens when a sensitive poetic boy becomes king of the world's most powerful nation at 10? Without Prozac, the odds don't look good. What does look good is the story of Shakespeare's Richard II: one of the most lyrical, brilliant, eloquent, and radical of the bard's plays. Bursting at the seams with poets and thugs, fantasia and realism, martyrdom and brutality, DICK 2 offers one of the most mesmerizing political and psychological tales ever told. Even more tantalizing is that it's now being revived by one of the city's most innovative, young theater companies.