Loft at 43rd Street, Roy Arias Studi

Todays Date: 11/26/22
Last Update: 04/22/09 04:19:23 PM
Address: 300 West 43rd Street
New York,   

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Life's Expressions  | Open: 05/01/09 Close: 05/02/09
“Life’s Expressions is a stirring new musical revue about art, music, human existence, and the uncanny ways in which all three seem to reflect each other. Join a precocious girl, a spirited twenty-something, and a wizened woman as they contemplate artistic masterpieces through the lens of their own life experiences. Featuring beloved songs from some of Broadway’s best musicals and classical piece of art.”

Miss Julie  | Open: 06/13/07 Close: 06/17/07
This adaptation of the August Strindberg classic examines what happens when social structure and gender roles are reversed. Set in the 1940s, this drama explores the destruction that is set into motion when the mistress of the house rebels against the laws of class structure and enters into a forbidden alliance.