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Alice in Wonderland  | Open: 04/24/08 Close: 05/25/08
Imagine Alice, 7 years old, born and raised in today's Greenwich Village, New York City. From the moment she wakes up until she rests her weary head, her parents over schedule and manage her day. With Architecture, Piano, Book Club, French and Ballet classes overwhelming her, Alice has forgotten what it is like to be a child and simply play.
Will her journey through Wonderland help her reclaim her childhood or is Alice destined to become an adult way before her time?

The cast is comprised of a tight ensemble of four professional adult actors and five young actors trained directly from our program.

Come see what audience and critics have called, "the best kind of children's theater...clever without being dull and amusing without being entertaining for adults as is it for the children in the audience."

The Little Tragedies  | Open: 06/14/07 Close: 06/23/07
Four stories about vice and virtue, money and rivalry, love and death. First English-language adaptation of famous works of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin - "The Miserly Knight," "The Stone Guest," "Mozart and Salieri," and "A Feast During the Plague". STEPS Theatre offers its own version of this lyrical drama, exploring it by means of modern scenography, music, choreography, and costumes. Written almost two hundred years ago, these stories reveal human obsessions still hunting the world of today.