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Carl the Second  | Open: 11/01/07 Close: 11/11/07
Carl Fraser has settled into his life as a city bookstore manager and a "second" in his and everybody else's life. Enter Christine, the woman of his dreams, ready to elevate Carl's status with her affection, but is he ready to be more than a loveable loser?
Who Wears Short Shorts?  | Open: 11/03/07 Close: 11/03/07
Take 5 writers - give them 12 hours to write a 15 page script (with a couple of surprises thrown in for fun!). Thrn they hand off to five directors who will be joined by 20 actors who are then given a mere 6 hours to rehearse before putting the show onstage - one night, two shows only! Truly a night of fun as you get to see which cast can pull it off - with an audience vote for awards like Best looking cast and Best use of a prop!

And bonus: it's superhero themed!

The Brave Writers: Matt Klan, Zach Rothman-Hicks, Jennifer Spragg, Michael Weems and Kymm Zuckert

The Tenacious Directors: Kathryn Hnatio, Melissa Nocera, David Pleva, Chris Simon and Christine Vinh

The Glue Holding the Whole 21 Hours Together: Blake Bradford

THE SESSIONS by Nisha Beech  | Open: 06/06/07 Close: 06/10/07
What's going on in your bedroom?!

A collective of four one-act plays, "THE SESSIONS" explores how sex can be used to avoid the real issues in a relationship and can sometimes be the catalyst for change.

The plays introduce us to four couples: a young married couple who decides to spice up their sex life by engaging in a threesome, a 'down-low' gay couple whose relationship comes to a head when one of them is ready for a change, a couple casually dating who are forced to deal with issues of body image and societal pressures, and finally, a middle-aged married couple venture into uncharted territory when an S&M adventure goes awry.

All ‘sessions' begin near the end of a sex act. The dialogue that follows gets to the root of what's really going on in each relationship. Witness four couples discover what happens when the sex ends and the conversation begins.

Hate Mail  | Open: 05/18/07 Close: 06/03/07
Hate Mail follows the outrageous relationship between Preston, an entitled Midwesterner, and Dahlia, an avant garde New York artist. An acerbic, modern cousin of Love Letters, the biting comedy begins when Preston sends multiple complaint letters that lead to Dahlia losing her job and turn her into the laughingstock of New York City. She then vows to get even. As their vitriolic letters and E-mails reach fever pitch, the unlikely couple realize there is a thin line between love and hate. Have Preston and Dahlia finally met their match?

Catherine Zambri directs

Two Yeats Plays  | Open: 03/30/06 Close: 04/15/06
THE CAT AND THE MOON and THE ONLY JEALOUSY OF EMER, two emotionally gripping tales by the 20th century's master poet about ghosts, desire, and heroic self-sacrifice.
Spike Heels  | Open: 11/03/05 Close: 11/19/05
Less a commentary of unethical practices in the work place and class gender and more an exploration into emotions and strength that arise from adversity and ownership of one's actions and interactions. A comedy drama that examines what one has to give up and compromise on to find love (and what one isn't willing to compromise on). Throw in political philosophers, disillusionment, a lot of screaming and dangerous footwear and you have an evening of laughs, emotions and eventual truths. The combatants are a sexy, volatile young woman, a writer, a lawyer and a fiancée in sensible shoes.