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Kitchen Spanish Tango  | Open: 04/12/07 Close: 05/05/07
Written and performed by Cassandra Hume, and directed by Vonia Arslanian, "The Kitchen Spanish
Tango" will be performed for a limited engagement at the Lafayette Grill, opening April 12, 2007 and festively ending on Cinco de Mayo(May 5, 2007).

The "Kitchen Spanish Tango", a partly autobiographical one-woman show,
merges 'an hombre' and a guitarist in a world of tequila, music,
and a dance that can't be resisted. When this dance begins, can she
find balance while teetering on the edge of the language barrier?
Prepare yourself for a hilarious night that mixes the dreams and
reality of work, relationships, and the thoughts (and music) that
collide and dance through our heads.

Is this it? Will she ever learn all the steps? Should she eat that
cake just because it's in front of her? Does one have to speak Spanish
because they're half Mexican? And how many shots can the Chef do
before passing out on the grill? These questions and more are answered
in this comedic tango of honesty and hilarious surrender.

Featuring Cassandra Hume as Gloria, Patrick McDaniel as "the Hombre",
and Jeff Widenhofer as the guitarist this show is not to be missed!

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