Great Room - South Oxford Space

Todays Date: 06/29/22
Last Update: 02/10/12 10:27:11 PM
Address: 138 South Oxford St.

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Mermaids' Tale  | Open: 03/02/12 Close: 03/11/12
 FACT Brings adaptation of L. Frank Baum Novel To Life
with New Stutte-Dyville musical, 'The Mermaids' Tale'
 Friends Always Creating Theatre (FACT) will bring an adaptation of L. Franks Baums' 1911 novel, 'The Sea Fairies' to life in a new musical, "The Mermaids' Tale" with book & lyrics by Fact Producer Jack Dyville and music & lyrics by John Stutte  MARCH 2-3-4 & 9-10-11 at The Great Room, part of the Alliance of Resident Theatre's Spaces in Brooklyn at 138 South Oxford Street.
The musical is presented in story theatre form and follows Baums first novel published after his famous 'Oz' books with a very contemporary look at a class-room of students presenting an English report a la the kids from the popular Fox-series, 'Glee'. It is part of the FACT Family Fiction series.
This is a story that brings together the ideas of good and evil which Baum so effectively used in his Oz series, ideas that have generated inspired works of stage and cinema.  It involves a teacher who assigns his students a task of reading and reporting on a novel published in 1911, the year their school opened.  To the surprise of both the students and teacher the class all choose the same book.  As a result, they decide to do an impromptu play and set it in the 21st century in an all singing, all dancing Glee-style production.  Everyone, including the teacher and the school custodian participate in the tale of a sea captain who goes under the sea to investigate why “no one who has ever seen a mermaid lived to tell the tale.”  Their adventures involve a myriad of classic characters so much associated with Baum’s books of fantasy.
Ruff Love or What You Will  | Open: 03/08/07 Close: 03/19/07
"'The Taming of the Shrew' has long been one of Shakespeare's most popular comedies, yet for many bardophiles the subjugation of Kate by Petruchio and Kate's final speech extolling patriarchal ideals is more than a little troubling. The focus of my adaptation, therefore, is the attraction between Kate and Petruchio. They are meant for each other like 'two raging fires consuming one another in their fury.' Through this adaptation I am exploring the price Petruchio must pay in sleep and food depravation in order to deny Kate the same comforts. Taming 'a la Petruchio' is hard, self-sacrificing work and I suspect Shakespeare's Petruchio is far less certain of the outcome of his methods than the bravura of his pronouncements suggest. However frustrated Kate may be with Petruchio's wit and affability at their first meeting, these very qualities also intrigue her enough to accept him as a husband, and to grieve when Petruchio does not appear at the appointed time on their wedding day.

Families with children admitted for $20.00 per family. Family Reservations: 718-398-0546