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The Shadow Box  | Open: 09/07/11 Close: 09/18/11
The Shadow Box is a Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play that dares to start a conversation about our life and what it means to be living while you prepare to die. Set on the grounds of a hospice in the woods, three stories unfold. Brian and his lover Mark receive a surprise visit from his ex-wife Beverly. Agnes is a woman who finds herself in the position of having to take care of an elderly parent. Joe must help his wife and son accept a life interrupted. At the core of this beautiful and timeless piece of theater is a message about embracing life to its fullest. Inspiring us to live and grasp every moment.

Joseph Hendel, Lauren Rayner, and ADEV Inc. present Eugene Ionesco's The Future is in Eggs and Luigi Pirandello's Sicilian Limes two forgotten modernist plays that are incredibly relevant in an age of economic scarcity, political pessimism, and cultural disaffection. Through strong improvisational-based acting and a cutting-edge use of technology, this production will unite the stylistically disparate one-acts into a coherent expression of hopeful defiance, one that entertains while simultaneously challenging the audience's perceptions about love, money, and personal fulfillment.

Ionesco's The Future is in Eggs is a daring and hysterical example of The Theater of the Absurd. After entering into an arranged marriage, it is time for Jacques and Robertato produce some offspring. With their family members eagerly looking on they begin to “hatch” their eggs. In Pirandello's Sicilian Limes a dark, expressionistic farce, small-town musician Micuccio comes to the big city to marry the poor country girl he helped turn into a famous opera star. In contrast to the Ionesco play, which is played more traditionally to the audience, the Pirandello play offers so many possible interpretations that it will be presented using never-before-used interactive audio technology, affording the audience access to multiple perspectives and engaging them in the theater-making process.

The company includes Adam Hocherman, Bradley Sumner, Brendan Sokler, Frankie Johnson, Grace Folsom, Joel Malazita, Lisa Hickman, Meaghan Sloane, and Skylar Saltz.The creative team includes sound by Nick Engel, sets by Charlie Gaidicaand lights by Evan Gannon with direction by Joseph Hendel.

An innovative night of theatre using state-of-the-art technology and experimental acting to explore the work of two of the 20th century's greatest dramatists. Thought-provoking and visceral works that delight, enrage, and inspire: Joseph Hendel, Lauren Rayner, and ADEV Inc. present Ionesco’s The Future is in Eggs and Pirandello’s Sicilian Limes from June 17 thru June 26, 2011 at The Shell Theatre in New York City.



Joseph Hendel (DIRECTOR) is a young director working in New York City. Scion of a family of theater producers (most recently behind FELA! on Broadway), he is interested in creating work that is authentic and socially relevant. Recent productions include Moliere's The Learned Ladies at the Kraine, David Ives' All in the Timing at the Knitting Factory, and assistant director on David West Read's The Dream of the Burning Boy at the Roundabout Underground. He is also a skilled musician and improviser, playing trombone and keyboards in Gary Lucas' Gods and Monsters and performing at the Magnet Theater every other Tuesday on the house team Tambourine. He holds a B.A. in music from Yale University. 

Lauren Rayner (PRODUCER) is a producer, director, and playwright. Favorite Off-Off-Broadway producing credits include: disOriented (Peter Jay Sharp Theater, 42nd Street); Jesse Zaritt’s BINDING (PS 122; as producing associate, Theatre C; winner of 3 NY Innovative Theatre Awards), One Arm and A Leg (dir: Calla Videt; HERE and Theater for the New City); The Mask of Medusa (Roots & Wings Theatrical; ‘Thumbs Up Pick’ on TheaterOnline) and MENDACITY (Kraine Theater; extended by FRIGID New York). She is currently an Associate Producer for Theatre C and VoiceChair Productions and works at the Lark Play Development Center. In New York, she has worked at the Cherry Lane Theatre, The Play Company, Women’s Expressive Theatre, Ontological-Hysteric Theater, and in Los Angeles at Center Theatre Group. laurenrayner.com

ADEV Inc. (TECHNOLOGY COLLABORATOR) is the developer of MyStream, a new app now available at the iTunes store. The MyStream mobile app is a device-to-device audio broadcasting technology which provides users with the ability to synchronously and wirelessly listen to music together. For this production, MyStream will be used in conjunction with older technologies to offer an interactive theater experience that gives audience members access to multiple "streams" of language, sounds, and thought. mystreamapp.com


Running Time = 1 hour 15 minutes



The Imperial Garden Of Disillusion  | Open: 01/06/10 Close: 01/10/10
"One being perceived as another only to be lost in the invasion of the inner self."

Four original one act plays of comedy and drama.

The Art of Negotiation takes place in a political meeting room wherein a Representative of a powerful country is enlisting the aid of a foreign Colonel. In a cheery voice, the Representative tells the Colonel his country must be destroyed. After the initial shock of this statement, the Colonel realizes he must somehow re-forge a relationship with the Representative for the sake of his country's future.

CONGOJA by Rosebud Ben-Oni
Once trafficked over the border, one Mexican woman's desire for revenge puts an entire family in danger including the very man who risked his life to bring her to the States.

A young Puerto Rican man and an older white businessman confront each other in a park. Each has a clearly defined stereotypical vision of the other. Through conversation they find references to childhood upon which they attempt to find common ground. This only brings a more dramatic potentially violent confrontation and a disastrous ending that leaves the audience deciding the outcome.

MORE PASTA by Leon Kaye
An Italian grandma who discovers nutrition, and goes a little overboard.

Theatre Obscura~an Evening Of One- Act Plays  | Open: 12/15/09 Close: 12/20/09

Night of the Living Debutant, Everybody Gets 15 Minutes, Borderline, and Reunion

Will zombies take over the world with their telemarketing antics? Can a malpractice doctor finally decide whether or not a patient has a bullet in her chest? Will the clock actually strike 12 marking the end of the world...and the end of a love triangle? Can a couple's New York landmark reunion alter a past and shape their future? "Witty" "Inventive" "Bouncy" "Hilarious!" Come see FOUR eclectic one-act plays and find the answers to timeless questions and many others.


No Exit  | Open: 11/19/09 Close: 12/06/09
NUTSHELL PRODUCTIONS is pleased to announce their production of Jean-Paul Startre’s NO EXIT directed by Robert Haufrecht. NO EXIT plays a three-week limited engagement at The Times Square Art Center (300 W 43rd St, 4th Floor. Entrance on 43rd almost corner of 8th Ave). Performances begin Thursday, November 19th and continue through Sunday, December 6th.

Press are cordially invited: Thursday, November 19h at 8 pm, Friday, November 2oth at 8 pm and Saturday, November 21st at 8 pm.
(Non-official press dates may be accommodated upon request)

Three special guests are locked in a room with no windows, no mirrors, and only one door, in what might be Hell. All expect to be tortured until they realize they are there to torture each other, which they do effectively by probing each other’s sins, desires and unpleasant memories. These three new roommates for all eternity drop their connections to the living world and face themselves. Proving that “Hell is other people”.

The production features Richard Hymes-Esposito, Geraldine Johns, Etienne Navarre and Mihaela Mihut.

Set design by Craig Napoliello, light and sound design by Eric Nightengale. Charles C. Casano is the production stage manager.

NO EXIT plays the following performances through Sunday, December 6th:

Thursday, Nov 19th through Monday, Nov 23rd at 8 P.M.
Friday, Nov 27th through Monday, Nov 30th at 8 P.M.
Tuesday, Dec 1st through Saturday, Dec 5th at 8 P.M.
Sunday, Dec 6th at 6 P.M.

Tickets are $2o.00. Advance tickets can be purchased online at www.NoExitThePlay.com. Tickets may also be purchased at the theatre’s box office half hour before the performance.

For more information visit www.NoExitThePlay.com
Images available at http://picasaweb.google.com/kampfirefilms/NoExit#


The Aspern Papers  | Open: 05/02/08 Close: 05/24/08
Turtle Shell Productions presents the world premiere of a new adaptation by Martin Zuckerman of Henry James's novella, THE ASPERN PAPERS. One of James's personal favorites, it features rich characters in a well-crafted story about an American scholar in 1880's Venice who goes to great lengths in order to secure the private letters of a famous poet. See this classic laced with romance and deceit on the New York stage, 100 years since the publishing of the "New York edition" of THE ASPERN PAPERS and 120 years since it first appeared in The Atlantic Monthly.

Starring Kelly King*, Carol Lambert* and Elisabeth Grace Rothan*
*Members of Actors' Equity Association

A Marriage Of Convenience  | Open: 01/16/08 Close: 02/02/08
What happens when an urbane, successful author wants to run for the Senate and happens to be gay? Advised by his PR man that his sexual identity will lead to his defeat he is persuaded to take a wife. Ironically the woman he chooses, his secretary, happens to be a lesbian, just one of the many twists and turns when The TSP Artists' Platform presents A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE, Norman Beim's biting comedy that spoofs sex and marriage, and offers a sparkling commentary on the political scene today.

*Richard Brundage - Miles McKenzie
Bernard Burlew - Patrick Bliss
Tara Gadomski - Diane Stewart
Todd Reichart - Gary Vincent
Meghan Ritchie - Bridget Bliss

Norman Beim - Playwright & Director
John W. Cooper - Producer & Artistic Director
Ryan Scott - Set Design
David Roy - Lighting & Sound Design
Whitney Locher - Costume Design
Denise Blacker - Stage Manager
Jeremy Handelman - Marketing & Publicity Director

*Member Actors Equity Association
An Equity Approved Showcase

Scapin  | Open: 12/05/07 Close: 12/22/07
"Take your kids to this uproarious Scapin" (Jon Sobel - BlogCritics).
"A funny and fun evening of theater for anyone looking for a classic laugh...Scapin is hilarious." (Amy Freeman - offoffonline).
"...an exciting and energetic show." (Byrne Harrison - StageBuzz).
"...brims over with comic invention, joy, wit and lightness." (Jonathan Reuning - United Stages)

Audiences and critics are enjoying Turtle Shell Productions' world premiere of an innovative and very entertaining new translation of Molière's Scapin, with rich language and plenty of laughs. The theater is transformed into a colorful, fantastical cartoon-like version of a festive Italian street festival, complemented by rich and flamboyant costumes. Director Shawn Rosza's innovative adaptation pays homage to Commedia but sets the action in the 1970's in "Itty Bitty Italy," a tiny village whose yearly festival provides the backdrop for a veritable carnival of uproarious characters and their antics, none more outrageous than the rascally Scapin.

Jewel Thieves  | Open: 09/19/07 Close: 10/07/07
Reminiscent of the great screwball film comedies of the 1930's, JEWEL THIEVES adds a clever note of suspense to the laugh-inducing plot twists that are brought to rich life by Norman Beim's extremely witty dialogue. A mysterious stranger is invited into the elegant country home of aging film legend Gloria Desmond, where he encounters a lovely young countess and a substitute butler. But is anyone really who they claim to be, especially when their names are Alfred, Lynne and Harold Busby? Or is it Busby Harold? The intrigue builds as their attention focuses on Gloria's precious jewel, the legendary Mandarin necklace.

The Valley Press called the Santa Cruz production of JEWEL THIEVES "A glittering feast...a hilarious ride to what becomes a full fledged mystery." JEWEL THIEVES features a stellar cast with Broadway veteran Gerrianne Raphael, Davis Hall, Marnie Klar and Adam Raynen.

Written & Directed by Norman Beim
Produced by John W. Cooper
Scenic Design - Ryan Scott
Costume Design - Christina Giannini
Lighting Design - Lisa Weinshrott & Michael L. Kimmer
Dramaturg - Scott McCrea
Marketing & Publicity - Jeremy Handelman

Davis Hall*
Marnie Klar*
Gerrianne Raphael*
Adam Raynen*

*Members of Actors' Equity Association
Equity Approved Showcase

Following the Yellow Brick Road...Down the Rabbit Hole  | Open: 08/14/07 Close: 08/21/07
The award-winning "Following the Yellow Brick Road...Down the Rabbit Hole" features a breath-taking performance by Terri Campion who seamlessly and dramatically leaps from character to character as she traces the heated struggles of Cissy, a young Catholic girl struggling to learn if there is a way to have a fun and happy life and STILL get into heaven when we die.

Recipient of the 2007 Jerry Kaufman Award for excellence in playwrighting, "Following the Yellow Brick Road...Down the Rabbit Hole" is a poignant, witty and skillfully executed exploration of sexuality, Catholicism and growing up a late bloomer. In the course of her journey we meet friends, mothers, nuns, priests, siblings and a jolly janitor, all who have their own philosophy on life, and all brought to life in a remarkable and often humorous one-woman show where the author plays all 18 roles, many of them "on stage" at the same time. "Terri is diverting, touching and illuminating all evening long," says veteran director Aaron Frankel, author of "Writing the Broadway Musical".

Stage Manager & Lighting Designer - TaShawn "Pope" Jackson

Executive Producer - Jeremy Handelman

FRITZ & FROYIM - A New Musical  | Open: 05/30/07 Close: 06/16/07
How does Fritz, a former German SS officer haunted by the ghost of Froyim, a Jewish comedian, end up on a cabaret stage? And what exactly is Froyim trying to prove? The answers will surprise you, along with electric shock treatments and a suspicious exorcist with a magic act. Not to mention brilliant acting and terrific music! FRITZ & FROYIM, a new musical with book and lyrics by Norman Beim and music by Mark Barkan and Rolf Barnes features a stellar cast, thought-provoking themes and terrific music. Directed by John W. Cooper; music direction by Tracy Stark; choreography by Cheryl Cutlip.

Joan Barber*
Erin Cronican*
Matthew Hardy*
Dennis Holland*
T.J. Mannix*
Tracy Stark
Richard B. Watson*

*Members of Actors' Equity Association
Equity Approved Showcase

General Manager - Jeremy Handelman
Dramaturg - Scott McCrea
Stage Manager - Sarah-Dakota Farney
Set Design - Ryan Scott
Lighting Design - Eric Larson
Costume Design - A. Christina Giannini
Technical Director - Jason Shrier

Five By Tenn  | Open: 03/08/07 Close: 03/25/07
For the first time in New York, "Thank You, Kind Spirit" and "Why Do You Smoke So Much, Lily?" will be presented on stage as Turtle Shell Productions & The Terrapin Troupe and Off The Leash Productions present "FIVE BY TENN". The two short plays are among several by Tennessee Williams that were first discovered in 2000 at The University of Texas. The other three plays in "FIVE BY TENN" are "Talk To Me Like the Rain And Let Me Listen", "Hello From Bertha", and "The Lady of Larkspur Lotion".

Set in New Orleans, the musings of Mother DuClos of "Thank You, Kind Spirit" thread their mysterious way through five tales of desperate people who struggle mightily with their suffocating existence. "Five by Tenn" reveals the powerful themes of hope and despair that resonate so powerfully in Williams' later work.

Turtle Shell founder and artistic director John W. Cooper, who will direct "FIVE BY TENN", believes these five plays foreshadow some of the great female characters in the Williams canon and that "this production will provide a window into the early development of one of our greatest American playwrights."

In an inventive staging of these Williams plays, each story unfolds in the mind of Mother DuClos, a spiritualist who may be a fraud or a believer, thus casting the at-times delusional behavior of the other characters into sharp relief.

Directed by John W. Cooper
Produced by John W. Cooper & Jeremy Handelman
Dramaturg - Scott McCrea
Assistant Director - Patrick Mills
Set Design - Ryan Scott
Lighting Design - Eric Larson
Costume Design - A. Christina Giannini
Sound Design - Roman Battaglia
Dialect Coach - Karla Nielson

With Emily Arrington, Kay Bailey, Christie Booker, *Susan Capra, *Natalie Carter, Christina Christman, Jovanka Ciares, Elizabeth Clark, Nina Covalesky, Michael Culhane, *Barbara Ann Davison, Leon Fallon, Chris Ford, *Joyce Feurring, Daniel Kipler, Grace Manzo, Trish Montoya, Sylvia Mincewicz, *Margaret O'Connor, Vincent Oppecker, Candice Palladino, Lennard Sillevis, *Rebecca Street

*Actor's Equity member
Equity Approved Showcase

The Bronx Balmers  | Open: 11/02/06 Close: 11/19/06
Off The Leash Productions presents "The Bronx Balmers," an emotional and compelling new drama by Bronx native Jeremy Handelman, at The Turtle's Shell Theater starting November 2. One long-time director calls Handelman "...a new playwright of great force and promise".

Set in the Bronx during the tumultuous ‘60s, "The Bronx Balmers" explores what happens to the institutions of community and family when unstoppable outside forces impose radical change. The play offers an unvarnished examination of the subtle but complicated role that racism, sex, infidelity, generational conflict and the limits of friendship play in the lives of everyday people who are forced to confront these issues for the first time.

The literal and emotional center of "The Bronx Balmers" is Rose Balmer, whose comfortable Jewish neighborhood is being turned upside-down by the profound social change of the times. In addition to coping with her beloved Yankees being eclipsed by the Mets, Rose must now confront a much bigger crisis: her rebellious teenage daughter is returning from New Mexico with a big surprise, and Rose's family is coming apart at the seams. How far will this strong-willed and caring matriarch go to hold her rapidly changing world -- and family -- together? "The Bronx Balmers" answers those questions with passion, honesty and considerable humor.

More information at www.bronxbalmers.com