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The Tales of Custard The Dragon  | Open: 11/02/08 Close: 12/07/08
Music by Brad Ross, lyrics by Danny Whitman, book adaptation by Mary Hall Surface, and directed by Bob Bartley.

This autumn, parents and children will be enchanted by "The Tales of Custard the Dragon". This musical by Brad Ross, Danny Whitman and Mary Hall Surface brings to life a quintet of Ogden Nash's warmly whimsical characters. Join Custard the Dragon along with his friends Ink, Blink and Mustard as they embark on a musical journey, in which Custard - a most unlikely hero - finds the courage to rescue his beloved Belinda from a menacing pirate and a wicked knight.

The Tales of Custard the Dragon was originally produced at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and has also appeared at the 92nd Street Y's Makor Center, in the New York Musical Theatre Festival and at the Algonquin Theatre. It is part of the DR2 Kids Membership program.

The cast of The Tales of Custard the Dragon features Tiffan Borelli, Jen Faith Brown, Ethan Cadoff, Jeff Essex, Michael McGuirk and Spencer Moses.

For further information about The Tales of Custard the Dragon, please visit http://www.daraseitzman.com/people/bradross/custardthedragon/
or contact Daniel Gallant at gallant.arts@gmail.com or 212-477-7397.

A Perfect Couple  | Open: 06/17/08 Close: 07/12/08
A PERFECT COUPLE is a story about three best friends -- Amy, Issac and Emma -- and their young next door neighbor, Josh. After fifteen years of dating/living together/taking breaks and now, moving upstate, Amy and Isaac are finally tying the knot. Emma, their single best friend, has decided to get out of the city and join them for a summer weekend in the country. Over the long weekend, secrets are revealed and bonds are tested, forcing these friends to discover who they are now, versus who they thought they would become. Brooke Berman's newest play raises pressing questions about loyalty, partnerships, and modern love.
Art Fuckers  | Open: 02/08/08 Close: 02/19/08
Following its sold-out limited run at Theater for the New City, Michael Domitrovich's shockingly topical and extravagantly seductive new play Artfuckers, directed by Eduardo Machado, will begin previews at the DR2 Theatre (103 East 15th Street) on Friday, February 8, with an Official Opening night set for Tuesday, February 19 @ 7:00pm.

Artfuckers is a new play about the second generation artistic elite of Downtown Manhattan, the children of the money-art scenesters of the 1980's. It follows a group of young, hot, creative twentysomethings standing at the top of the Celebrity Art World, who are collaborating on their friend's debut showing at New York Fashion week. As they slash through egos, careers and relationships, the real question on everyone's mind is: Are these people successful because of what they do or who they are? Sometimes the line between life and art is blurred beyond recognition.

Bff  | Open: 02/22/07 Close: 03/17/07
BFF tells the story of Lauren and her "best friend forever" Eliza. Lauren is a New Yorker who is split in two by time. Haunted by her adolescent past, she is desperate to catch up with the life her new boyfriend is offering her. But when Lauren accidentally tells a lie, she is forced to complete a story that, until now, has remained cruelly unfinished.