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At The Hand Of My Mother  | Open: 01/12/08 Close: 04/05/08
Set alternately in mid-19th and late-20th century Ireland, At The Hand of My Mother presents interwoven stories of the deaf community's ongoing struggle to communicate and exist on its own terms. Whether being forced to abandon the language of signing her mother taught her or fighting to liberate herself from the "signing-only" home from which she came, our young heroine finds herself at the mercy of those in the hearing world who claim to know what's best for her.

At The Hand of My Mother is the story of a child's desire to fit in, a mother's anguish at losing her daughter to the hearing world and an unsentimental portrait of mother-daughter commitment in the midst of this adversity.

I Wish You A Boat  | Open: 09/23/06 Close: 01/28/07
I Wish You A Boat, which opened on September 23 and runs through January, 2007, is living proof that live theater can provide passage to the human experience in ways that the big screen cannot. In bringing the story of a 19th century shipwreck to a space as intimate as your living room, director Wendy Ward boldly asks the audience to personally witness the sinking of a ship where only the privileged survive.

The Ward Studio Company performs with a tenderness and esprit de corps rare among young theater companies today while their original storytelling style soars with imagination and surprise.

Act One, viewed from the perspective of first-class survivors, was built from 19th century sources while Act Two, developed entirely through improvisation, is told from the steerage point of view. While the entire play is visually striking and set to an enchanting musical score, it is the startling about-face in the second act that surprises, saddens and delights audiences most. Through this delicate telling of a monstrous story, we are reminded of our common immigrant ancestry and the sacrifices that were required for the journey. As one audience member has remarked, "We are all steerage!"