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FOLIE A DEUX-Insanity in Pairs  | Open: 10/26/06 Close: 11/12/06
In 1933, two sisters, Lea and Christine Papin, are found naked in bed after brutally slaying their employer. The remarkable case – in which the defense claims that the women suffer from ‘folie a deux', insanity in pairs – prompts noted attorney Clarence Darrow to recall the case of Leopold and Loeb from a decade earlier, two young men in Chicago who were found guilty of murdering a teenage boy as a bizarre social "experiment." Are the worst crimes representative of the worst elements of society – and how does a society's reaction to a horrible crime define who they are? David Stallings' new play Folie a Deux follows Darrow as he intertwines the story of these bizarre and brutal cases, revealing troubling assumptions that might be made about violence, madness and forbidden love. Can two people really share a madness that turns deadly – or is society itself partially to blame for its failure to understand those who are different?