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Hounds of War  | Open: 03/21/14 Close: 04/05/14
Looking for a fresh start, a veteran and recovering alcoholic, Jim, moves his wife and two sons from New York City to a small cottage in the woods. As they each struggle to overcome their past and present, secrets are revealed, leaving their future in question. With the road ahead unclear and everyone desperate to find their place, Hounds of War incites us to explore the conflicts within ourselves.

Mark Cirnigliaro directs a cast of five, including Christopher LaPanta, Margaret Curry*, Tony Head, Justin Hofstad, and Patrick Massey.

About the Company: Wee Man Productions

Wee Man Productions is a theater company based in the New York City area interested in developing high quality, new work, by emerging playwrights. Work that aims to engage and involve multiple communities in the artist process. Our goal is to give artists a home and a professional environment where they can feel safe while experimenting without repercussions. One of our highest commitments is to pay all the artists on our team. We are currently producing the Equity Showcase, Hounds of War by Bill Holland, Directed by Mark Cirnigliaro, opening at the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre March 21st and running through April 5th. Our next show, Craftsman, by Josh Beerman is slotted for Late Summer/Early Fall - date to be announced.  Visit us at


A Brief History of the Soviet Union  | Open: 01/16/14 Close: 02/01/14
 The Hive Theatre dares to bring you the entire lifespan of the world’s largest country!  The mysteries of Lenin’s tomb!  The secret of Stalin’s death! The spying techniques of the KGB!  All shall be revealed! 100 years of history in 100 minutes! Four actors navigate between an array of juxtaposed Soviets who are living in the thick of some of the most pivotal moments of the past century. Farcical, approachable, sometimes sentimental, and always hilarious – “A Brief History” explores how similar people really are, regardless of how their regime may want them to live.

Manhattan Fable-the Actress Who Cried Wolf!  | Open: 01/08/14 Close: 01/12/14
Written & directed by Bobby Holder, Manhattan Fable is a dark comedy about what happens when an actress begins to believe her own lies.    Andrew, a young southern playwright, is loving and  living in a small mid-town Manhattan  apartment with his girlfriend  Carla, a troubled struggling actress.  Their relationship is devastated by love and lies on the anniversary of the day they met.  A stranger with secrets, Acantha,  befriends the couple, but her "burning" secrets cannot compare to what haunts Carla.  Andrew's drunk and dead mother, Anna,  arrives to torment Carla into insanity and murder. 

About the Company: The Actor's Project NYC

Assisting Actors Land Agents and Get Work through Quality Industry Showcases and Quality Original Plays!

Luft Gangster  | Open: 08/13/13 Close: 08/24/13
Based on a series of interviews between the playwright and his cousin, Louis Fowler, LUFT GANGSTER follows the story of Lou from the time he had to bail out of his B-24 Liberator in March, 1944, through the 13 months he spent as a prisoner of war in Stalag Luft VI.

Margarita and Max  | Open: 07/23/13 Close: 07/28/13
Margarita and Max,a new play by Manuel Igrejas

      Starring Kim McKean and Craig Fox. Directed by David Hilder

    A Co-Production with the Midtown International Theatre Festival

 Three perfs: Tuesday, July 23rd, Saturday, July 27th & Sunday, July 28th

                At the Dorothy Strelsin Theater, 312 West 36th St.  


                     A lonely woman           A windy day     A plastic bag:  A love story


Margarita is having a rough time.  She’s unemployed, broke and newly unattached.  She’s on her way to catch a bus to New York City to interview for a menial job she probably won’t get. She could use a miracle. A strong spring breeze blows one of those ubiquitous black plastic bags into her path…and into her life. This is no ordinary bag and this is no ordinary day.


Manuel Igrejas’ previous plays include Shrinkage, Kitty and Lina, Miss Mary Dugan and Hassan and Sylvia (both Fresh Fruit Festival Best Play winners.) Margarita and Max is directed by David Hilder who won the 2009 Best Director Award at the Fresh Fruit Festival and directedHassan and Sylvia. His other NYC credits include Blogologues and Daddy.


Margarita and Maxstars Kim McKean and Craig Fox. A recent transplant to New York, Kim McKean has extensive theater credits in Chicago and California and has appeared on HBO’s “True Blood” and ABC’s “Private Practice.” Craig Fox has performed with the Texas Shakespeare Festival, the Lark Theatre and NY Stage and Film. He won the Best Actor Award in the Fresh Fruit Festival for Miss Mary Dugan in 2009 and reprised the role of Kevin Pecinka in 2012. He can be seen at HA! Comedy Club and clubs all over NYC. 


The Midtown International Theatre Festival’s 2013 Season runs from July 15 – August 4, 2013.  John Chatterton created the MITF in 2000, a Midtown alternative to other theatre festivals, as a way to present the finest Off-Off Broadway talent in convenience, comfort, and safety.  The MITF’s artistic emphasis is on the script itself, and therefore the Festival focuses on effective but minimal production values. For more information, visit


Margarita and Maxby Manuel Igrejas, part of the Midtown International Theatre Festival

Starring Kim McKean and Craig Fox. Directed by David Hilder

Schedule:Tuesday, July 23rdat 7:30pm, Saturday, July 27that 6pm, Sunday, July 28that 8:30pm

Dorothy Strelsin Theater, 312 West 36thSt.(1stfloor) Running time: 60 minutes

Admission: $15. For tickets: Or call: 866 811 4111.     

Falling Awake  | Open: 07/21/12 Close: 08/05/12
Ticket 2 Eternity Productions Inc. In Association with Midtown International Theatre Festival is proud to present Falling Awake by Matthew Ethan Davis.  Falling Awake will be performed on Sat.,  July 21 @ 8pm, Sat., July 28 @ 6:30pm, Sun., July 29 @ 3pm, Wed., August 1 @ 4pm, Sat., August 4 @ 4:30pm, and Sun.,  August 5 @ 5pm in the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre, 312 W 36th st, 1st floor, btw 8/9th ave.

The Downtown Village News, on the verge of closing, is a place Suzanne, Denise, Phoenix, and Jeremy all call home. But, when Phoenix and Jeremy suddenly die, Suzanne and Denise must join forces to find the men in the afterlife and save the newspaper. Their lives are turned inside out as the men start reemerging through mystic channelers, boisterous blues divas, mysterious messages, and a myriad of other characters who all seem to be Jeremy and Phoenix reborn. Can the love the women seek in the afterlife save them in reality?

Falling Awake stars  Sara Minerd*, Brendan Wahlers, Julia Kelly and Jay Rivera.  Directed by Adyana de la Torre.  Stage Management by Jackie Filer. Set/Lighting Design by Sarah Cogan. Sound Design by Andy Cohen.  Costume Design by Sherry Martinez.  Production team includes Brett Thomas Miro and Dennis Yueh Yeh Li. Please visit for more info about cast and crew.

Ticket 2 Eternity Productions Inc was formed in November 2010, and since then has produced 4 one –act play festivals featuring original works by local playwrights, and over a dozen readings and events. Ticket 2 Eternity Productions was originally formed by Company Director, Adyana de la Torre with Jay Rivera & Brendan Wahlers to bring actors, writers, and directors together to produce works that inspire hope, illuminate reality and tickle the heart strings. Matthew Ethan Davis, Writer in Residence.

The Midtown International Theatre Festival’s 2012 Season runs from July 16 – August 5, 2012 at the June Havoc Theatre, 312 W. 36th Street, 1st floor and the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre, 312 W. 36th Street, 1st floor, NYC. Tickets are $18-15 and are available at or by phone at 866-811-4111.

John Chatterton created the MITF in 2000, a midtown alternative to other theatre festivals, as a way to present the finest Off-Off Broadway talent in convenience, comfort, and safety. In 2003, the MITF moved its activities to their current location, the Theatre Building on W. 36th St., where it has been successfully ensconced since. The MITF’s artistic emphasis is on the script itself, and therefore the Festival focuses on minimal production values.

*Appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association.

Multiple Plotchanalities  | Open: 07/18/12 Close: 08/03/12
The Midtown International Theatre Festival presents Multiple Plotchanalities, one woman’s comedic and poignant journey into adulthood.  Leslie Collins directs comedienne Dina Plotch in her own unique biographical comedy.

Multiple Plotchanalities is the modern day runaway bride story for the infantilized, indecisive 30 year-old in all of us. Through a multitude of kooky characters, we watch the story of Leah unfold, as she tries to find her own voice, while shutting out all the crazy. A light-hearted and poignant tale of growing up, moving on and, of course, bikini waxes.

About the Company: Midtown International Theatre Festival

The Midtown International Theatre Festival, now in its eleventh year, celebrates the diversity of theatre.  The MITF welcomes theatrical storytelling across a broad spectrum of genres, forms, identities, cultures, and appetites.  The MITF seeks to nurture these new ideas, perspectives, and stories on its stages, with an eye set on guiding these productions toward future success and longevity.  The festival, traditionally held in summer, represents a fantastic, often paradoxical, adventurous and intriguing cross-section of the forefront of the theatre world.  The MITF proudly hosts production companies from across the country and around the globe, uniting talent in one of the biggest theatre capitals in the world.

Mr. Chatterton created the MITF, a Midtown alternative to other theatre festivals, in 2000 as a way to present the finest off-off Broadway talent in convenience, comfort, and safety.  In 2008, the Festival added two 99-seat theatres and inaugurated the Commercial Division for upwardly mobile shows with commercial ambitions.  The MITF's artistic emphasis is on the script itself and therefore the Festival requests minimal production values.

Left & Right  | Open: 07/21/12 Close: 07/29/12

The notion of being physically connected to another human has long fascinated us and been fuel for great entertainment, whether it’s two convicts chained together in The Defiant Ones or Lucy and Ricky handcuffed to each other on I Love Lucy. There’s something about the loss of independence coupled with forced physical connection that speaks to us deeply. And when it comes to the comedy of conjoinedness, nothing wrings more laughs out of too much closeness than the hilarious, family friendly, “Left & Right,” which, though brand spanking new, has already been awarded the Producer’s Award for Best Show at the New England Fringe Festival and been top seller at The Seacoast Fringe Festival in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

"Left & Right" takes place in three parts: home life, work life and social/love life. Combine Mr. Bean, Blue Man Group, and The Three Stooges, throw in some of the “sexiest” dancing these conjoined twins can muster and you have Left & Right!

It’s the combination of dance and comedy within their strange world that sets Left & Right apart from the pack. As the authors, two wunderkinds fresh from conservatories, note: “We want nothing more than for audiences to leave our show with sore cheeks from smiling and a warm heart that will stick with them for days.”

Jay’s and Nate’s creation of Left & Right was a reaction to the growing dog-eat-dog mentality that is often reflected in the arts, particularly live comedy, which has become increasingly satirical. “While there is undoubtedly value in being able to laugh at ourselves, we find that innocent and sometimes even "meaningless" laughter can be more satisfying and longer lasting.” As such, they stop at nothing to help you leave happier than when you came in.

Jay plays “Right.” Nathaniel plays “Left.” Together, they present to the New York audience – this multifaceted new creation: Left & Right. Fresh from a triumphant run in Boston, these conjoined brothers are not to be missed! Twitter  Facebook

About the Company: Pension Punches Production

 Our Mission

August Wilson wrote, "All you need in the world is love and laughter." We have made it our mission to bring you both! We want nothing more than for you to leave our show with a sore jaw from smiling and a warm heart that will stick with you for days. It has been our observation that the social and political environment we live in has become increasingly "dog eat dog," and that this mentality is often reflected the arts, particularly live comedy, which has become increasingly satirical. While there is undoubtedly value in being able to laugh at ourselves,  we find that innocent and sometimes even "meaningless" laughter can be more satisfying and longer lasting. As such, we promise to be both innocent and meaningless, and will stop at nothing to help you leave our show happier than when you came in.
Lost On The Natchez Trace  | Open: 02/03/12 Close: 02/26/12
When slave auctioneer Malcolm Jeters falls from his mule in Mississippi's Natchez Trace, he is left stranded, injured and starving. Tom, a runaway slave, discovers him, offering a sliver of hope in the vast swampland. The meeting triggers a desperate negotiation for Malcolm's rescue. Who will pay the highest price?

LOST ON THE NATCHEZ TRACE co-stars Peter Brouwer, previously seen at Abingdon in MY DEAH, GOD'S DAUGHTER and Ms. Buttram's GLORY GIRLS, as Malcolm Jeters; and Leopold Lowe, Audelco Award winner for his work in Classical Theatre of Harlem's revival of MA RAINEY'S BLACK BOTTOM, as Tom.

The production has scenic design by Andrew Lu; costume design by Catherine Siracusa and Sidney Levitt; lighting design by Travis McHale; and sound design by David Margolin Lawson. The Production Stage Manager is Genevieve Ortiz.

Peter Brouwer has appeared in several Abingdon productions, including Jan Buttram's GLORY GIRLS, BEACHWOOD DRIVE, MY DEAH, and GOD'S DAUGHTER. He appeared in the recent remake of "Arthur" (as an auctioneer) and is best known for his role in the original "Friday the 13th." He also works as an auctioneer at fundraising benefits for numerous organizations, including Abingdon, of which he is a founding member.

Ethan's People  | Open: 07/13/11 Close: 07/31/11
In the wake of unspeakable horror, little Ethan writes a nursery rhyme. His parents and their friends struggle to hold on to each other as the world around them falls apart.   

Sex Curve  | Open: 07/21/11 Close: 07/31/11
Can a science control who you might fall in love with?  Brilliant biochemist, Marissa, has had a nasty break-up and decides that in order to prevent it from happening again, she’ll have to take matters into her own hands.  So, she develops a serum to block the oxytosin hormone in women (the hormone that supposedly causes the ‘love’ emotion) and she and her two roommates, go-go dancer, Lucas, and sex how-to writer, Robyn, test out the effects of the oxytosin-blocker.  Told through the structure of the scientific method, what follows is a struggle between heart and head, science and intuition, gender roles, and relationship rules.  Can Marissa find love on her own terms?


"Everyone falls in love and no one had much say in the matter, which is why it's such a delicious idea to think, hmm...what if I could control that?, stated playwright Merridith Allen.  “In Sex Curve, a multi-ethnic cast with varying sexual preferences deals with this question, which I believe evidences one of life's Universal, ironic and funny mysteries."

Dad Doesn't Dance  | Open: 07/12/11 Close: 07/30/11
A fateful quest. Dubious characters. Her biological father. Our heroine crosses the continent from the wilds of Winnipeg to the haze of Hollywood as she encounters five mysterious men and the clues they reveal. She had lived without a past. An infidelity caused her to look at her life, leading to the revelation of the existence of a biological father. As she found clues, the mystery unfolded, until she faced her BioDad's door in Hollywood. Did she have the courage to knock?


“Before I knew this story existed, I always questioned my own identity,” stated Nora Brown. “I escaped from life with my mother to the ballet stage, where I truly knew who I was and why I was there; that was my real world, and I loved it deeply.  As I made up before the performance, I didn’t know that dark haired woman in the mirror.  The make-up finished, I knew the image.  I was that dancer, that character in the ballet being danced that night.  On stage, I felt close to God, to the audience, to the other dancers, to myself.”

Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead  | Open: 06/03/11 Close: 06/12/11
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Hamlet’s hapless college pals, recruited by the king to kill their depressed friend, even though Hamlet is always a step ahead. Tom Stoppard brings their plight to center stage, following the pair as they are thrown again into their strange and eternally brief roles. Big Rodent’s production of this classic show brings these two hopeless dreamers straight into our lives, where their struggle to understand parallels our oversaturated, overstressed society's constant battle for a glimpse of meaning.  Set in the Victorian age of illusion and excess, this simple & intimate production of features all of the obscure 1890's folk hits and vaudevillian magician's routines you need.  Presented in a 50-seat black box, this production might be your only chance to see Stoppard's work so up close and personal. Watch these two dreamers disappear right in front of your very eyes...

Directed by Cora Weissbourd.

Featuring Adam Aguirre, Jordan Gray, Ian Heitzman, Nick Monroy, Leigh Poulos, David Sanchez, Kym Smith, Katie Rose Spence, and Jeremy Weber.

Cait Keane - Stage Manager
Andrew Lu - Lights
Jessa-Raye Court - Costumes
Chrissy Farrell - Sound
Jen Rogers - Production Manager

Produced by Joe Gallagher & Big Rodent

The Girl From Nashville  | Open: 12/03/10 Close: 12/18/10

The Girl from Nashville tells the tale of a high school football coach who inexplicably murders his star quarterback in the middle of playoff season. Fading between present-day interrogation room drama and moments from the coach’s past hiding out in a motel with a young female student, The Girl from Nashville explores questions of right and wrong, good and evil, and the nature of redemption.
Written by award-winning playwright Steven Michael Walters (NBC's "Friday Night Lights"), The Girl from Nashville is directed by Kristine Ayers (EBE Ensemble's Julius Caesar) and features Brad Makarowski* (The Flea Theatre’s Design Your Kitchen), Jessica Renee Russell (Houston Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing), Dan Sharkey* (Broadway: The Music Man); EBE Ensemble member Montgomery Sutton* (White Horse Theater Company’s Clothes for a Summer Hotel), and Erin Wilhelmi (Manhattan Theatre Source’s Likeness).
The stage manager is Andrea Herbert*, with scenic design by David Ogle, costume design by Amanda Jenks, lighting design by Tsubasa Kamei, sound design by Joshua B Jenks, and fight direction by Turner Smith.
Steven Walters (playwright) is a founding ensemble member of Second Thought Theatre in Dallas, TX. His plays have been produced by Second Thought Theatre, Casa Manana, Project X, Water Tower Theatre’s Out of the Loop Festival, the Festival of Independent Theaters, and Firebone Theatre (NYIT Award Winner-2010). In 2005, Steven was named “Best Local Playwright” by the Dallas Observer. Acting credits include work at the Dallas Theater Center (including a co-production with the Public Theatre ofThe Good Negro), Second Thought Theatre, Peterborough Players, Lost Nation Theatre, Kitchen Dog Theatre, as well as television work on Friday Night LightsMy GenerationTraumaPrison BreakCase Closed. Steven is also a screenwriter and he is currently represented by the Agency for the Performing Arts in Los Angeles.

* denotes membership in Actors’ Equity Association. An Equity Approved Showcase.
The Gospel According To Josh  | Open: 07/16/10 Close: 08/01/10
Small Pond Entertainment and Joshua Rivedal in association with the Midtown International Theatre Festival are pleased to announce the world premiere production of Rivedal's The Gospel According to Josh, directed by Josh Gaboian. The Gospel According to Josh, a thirty character, twelve song, comedic tour-de-force of a one-man show, will play a 3-week/6 performance limited engagement at Off-Broadway’s Dorothy Strelsin Theatre.

The Gospel According to Josh is a 30 character one man Josh-apalooza, centered around a small town Jersey boy, as he follows his dreams to Hollywood despite the great obstacle of his life: the tempestuous relationship with his pious father. This coming of age tale chronicles Josh’s religious upbringing and escape to New York, including a look into his starring roles in not one but two reality TV shows, and ending with a final showdown between him and his father.

Featuring cameos by Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr., Moms Mabley, a gaggle of flamboyant gay men, and Elvis Presley; “The Gospel...” will leave you praying for more.

The production stars Joshua Rivedal* (FilmFakers/AMC; Seven Card Draw/Dixon Place).

*AEA member

For more information, please visit

Peking Roulette  | Open: 07/15/10 Close: 07/31/10
 The Beijing Olympics are over, but this intercultural May-December faux-mance has only just begun. Her desire for a child and his desire for her finds them pitted against fate in a game of chance. Each roll of the dice puts them face to face with questions of love, cultural morés, family, freedom, and sex. Peking Roulette is a quirky look at life (and love) for an aging expat in Beijing.


Jim Williams as TOM
Kristen Hung as JESSICA

Directed and Produced by Anna Grace

Written by Ben Thompson
Original score by Michelangelo Sosnowitz
Production Stage Manager, Kelly Vieau
Assistant Stage Manager/Tech, Chad Helmer

Approaching America  | Open: 07/16/09 Close: 08/02/09

A desire to escape the routine of their daily lives leads to constant bickering for two brothers stuck in their parents' rarely visited country store, until the arrival of a pretty and flirtatious neighbor drastically changes everything. Competition for the young lady's affections soon tumbles into hilarity of disastrous proportions.

The dramatic comedy Approaching America, written and directed by James Evans, is opening on July 16th as part of New York’s Midtown International Theater Festival.

The play was last performed in New York exactly 10 years ago on the third floor of an old building on the corner of Canal and Varick which has since been torn down.   Despite the less than ideal setting, the play was honored with glowing reviews and quickly sold out. 

TimeOut New York gave the show a “critic’s pick” and wrote “expert design, confident direction and tremendously watchable performances…The play resonates beautifully.”

TheatreScope wrote “a compelling new play…The actors gave the impression that they had been playing their characters so long, they were not giving performances but simply exposing themselves.”

Approaching America now returns with two of the original three actors, the original director and the original designer.

Original cast member Tom Bartos reprises the role of Florida, the older brother of Toby, played by Erik Saxvik.   Each brother is stuck with a desire to escape the routine of their daily lives—stuck in their parents' rarely visited country store, until the arrival of a pretty and flirtatious neighbor, Mary, drastically changes everything.   Tate Evans, who ended up marrying writer/director James Evans after they met on the original production, reprises her role of Mary.

Pizza Man  | Open: 07/19/09 Close: 07/31/09
 Sex. Love. Pizza. How far would you go for a slice?

Begin with one woman on the verge of a late-twenties breakdown, whisk in a neurotic roommate; pepper with broken hearts. Knead in one cocky pizza man, bake at 400 degrees and watch the hilarity sizzle in this laugh out loud dark comedy by Darlene Craviotto.


Couldn't Say  | Open: 07/19/08 Close: 08/03/08
The play explores the worst thing that can happen to a marriage on the edge, when a couple, Ethan and Liz, become stuck in a car one winter on a deserted highway. Forced to cooperate until help arrives, they confront the issues that have undermined their marriage: his long hours at work, her history of depression, their emotional and physical estrangement, and the recent death of their son and who, ultimately, is to blame for it. At times droll, at times savage, Couldn't Say shows two characters in a battle for their lives, trying to survive until help arrives.
Out of Control (A Dark Comedy)  | Open: 07/18/08 Close: 08/02/08
Out of Control (dark comedy)
Written by Bridget Harris
Directed by Leah Bonvissuto
Featuring: Kat Ross, Beverley Prentice*, Dorothy Frey, Marca Leigh*, Danaher Dempsey, and Maria Portman Kelly*
*Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association. AEA approved showcase.
Running Time: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes
The Dorothy Strelsin Theatre at Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex, 312 West 36th St., 1st Fl.

Potheads, alcoholics, shopaholics and chocoholics--
who can save these women from themselves?

A dark comedy, which explores a women's support group called Overindulgers Anonymous.

Peter Quick, a popular motivational speaker, comes to town as a guest lecturer to help the women overcome their various addictions, bringing more than just his astute instruction. When he begins to woo single-mother and group member, Sweetie, he faces the skepticism of her over-protective reading tutor, Brenda, a lesbian and fellow overindulger.

Krankenhaus Blues  | Open: 10/05/06 Close: 11/05/06
"KRANKENHAUS BLUES" is a frightening and funny play about disability issues, genocide, and the grim realities of show business. A playwright, an actress and a clown are locked in a Nazi asylum for reasons beyond their comprehension. Moving effortlessly between 1930's Berlin and present day New York City, the characters make great efforts to connect with each other as they confront their existentially bleak surroundings.