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Valentyne and Orson  | Open: 09/08/06 Close: 09/17/06
"The History of Valentyne and Orson" tells the story of Valentyne, found as a baby in the forest and raised by King Pepin. Years later, when a ferocious wildman threatens Pepin's domain, the courageous Valentyne sets out to deal with him. Their encounter turns from a battle into the beginning of a friendship, and the wildman is given the name Orson because he was raised by bears. Our two heroes join forces to determine the nature of Valentyne's origins, and along the way meet villains and fools, charming ladies, an ornery giant and a hungry bear.

Lee adapted the text from two major sources: a 1505 English translation by Henry Watson of the 1489 French original prose version, and an early 18th century English ballad that tells the story in rhyming quatrains.