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Normal Ave and Leigh Honigman will present the World Premiere of Of the Woman Came the Beginning of Sin and Through Her We All Die, written by Lily Houghton and directed by Kylie M. Brown at the Medicine Show Theatre (549 W 52nd St, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10019), October 3-20. Performances will be on Thursday, October 3 at 8pm, Friday, October 4 at 8pm, Saturday, October 5 at 8pm, Sunday, October 6 at 3pm, Thursday, October 10 at 8pm, Friday, October 11 at 8pm, Saturday, October 12 at 8pm, Sunday, October 13 at 3pm, Thursday, October 17 at 8pm, Friday, October 18 at 8pm, Saturday, October 19 at 8pm, and Sunday, October 20 at 3pm. Tickets ($20-$30) are available for advance purchase at The performance will run approximately 90 minutes, with no intermission.

Of the woman came the beginning of sin and through her we all die is a dynamic new play about the dangers of commercializing millennial femininity. The play follows Bluebell, Sweet Pea, Pumpkin and Bleeding Heart, four femmes bound together by their workplace, the windowless basement of a Free People store. Allegiances are formed and spells are cast in this hilarious, poignant and topical take on how we navigate femininity and expression in a political and economic climate that are at constantly at odds with each other.

The cast will feature Ianne Fields Stewart (#Blessed with Semicolon Theatre Company; The Feels web series), Carolyn Kettig (A Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Public; Athena with The Hearth), Sabina Friedman-Seitz (The Boy Downstairs on HBO; Book Club with Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda), Kirsten Harvey (Nothing is the End of the World with Waterwell; Dick: After Melville at Dixon Place), Starr Kirkland (Hottentotted at The Tank; AliceGraceAnon with New Georges), and Bear Brummel (Anne Washburn and Dave Malloy’s Little Bunny Foo Foo at Actors Theatre of Louisville) with Set Design by Brittany Vasta (Associate Design, Lifespan of a Fact on Broadway; Happy Birthday Wanda June at The Duke), Costume Design by Alice Tavener (Lunch Bunch with Clubbed Thumb; Suicide Forest at The Bushwick Starr), Lighting Design by Catherine Clark (The Woodsman at New Word Stages; Koalas Are Dicks with Randomly Specific Theatre), and Sound Design by Ash Zeitler (Bartschland Follies at the McKittrick Hotel).

About the Company: Normal Ave
Normal Ave believes in redefining normal by nurturing an inclusive community of fresh, diverse voices and inviting collaborative freedom at every stage of the artistic process. Our accessible programming of new and existing works spark curiosity, challenge perception, and welcome our artists and audiences to think, listen and respond in radical ways.

HENRY VI  | Open: 01/04/18 Close: 01/13/18
The smallest worm will turn being trodden on, And doves will peck in safeguard of their brood.

Following up our successful run of Robin Hood, What Dreams May Co in partnership with Queens Shakespeare are pleased to present Henry VI by William Shakespeare (All 3 parts combined into a 2 part repertory production). Join us as we continue our season of badass women, boys who play at kings, and politicians who would be kings…Oh and did we mention swords. Lots and lots of swords.    

Director Stephan Bloo Rodriguez (part I), and Christina Sheehan’s (Parts II and III) modern dystopia inspired design transports audiences to a land at war with itself. An England torn apart by personal squabbles and petty jealousy. A place where ineffectual leadership, incompetence, and a lack of compassion lead to a people divided by greed, lust, and hatred and give rise to the worst of humanity’s nature.  

We invite you to stare thru the looking glass with us at a world burning unawares, as we play witness to Henry’s fall, Richard’s rise, and what triumphs only when good people do nothing.

For more information on the production contact Jonathan Emerson at or visit

Featuring: Kristin Bellamarie, Jordan Cobb, Natalia Cuevas, Jonathan Emerson, Leana Gardella, Nick Grabowski, Samantha Leigh, Larissa Marten, Steven Michael Martin, Erik Olson, Chris Rivera, Christina Sheehan, Emily C.A. Snyder, Gabriel Stephens, Cameron A. Tubbs, Lauren Wilmore


Performances of Henry VI are
January 4th – January 13TH (Part I Thursdays at 7PM and Saturdays at 2PM/Part II Fridays and Saturdays at 7PM)

The Medicine Show Theatre
549 W 52nd St

New York, NY 10019

Tickets are $20.

To purchase tickets, please visit or call 1-800-838-3006


About the Company: What Dreams May Co

What Dreams May Co. is dedicated to making the classics accessible to all. Simple, minimalistic productions leave the focus on the language and characters, challenging the actors in the company to reach new levels and expand their knowledge of the classics. Passionate performances delve to the heart of the text, bringing the story to life in a way that connects with and immerses modern audiences. After all, "What dreams may come, when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause." With our productions, we hope every person has a chance to experience that moment to pause, be touched by the beauty of the language, and carry that experience with them into the world.

BROOKLYN QUARTET  | Open: 03/18/15 Close: 03/29/15
Rock WILK, playwright and performer, is combing the city for fifty survivors of gun violence who are willing to share their stories with the general public.  This search is the root for the campaign, ‘50ShotIn10Days’, coinciding with the performances of his new play, Brooklyn Quartet, which deals with many subjects, including race, privilege, relationships, and the Sean Bell shooting by the NYPD on November 25, 2006. 

The ‘50ShotIn10Days’ campaign symbolically represents the fifty shots that were fired at Sean Bell, killing him and wounding two of his friends.  Each ‘50ShotIn10Days’ participants’ story will be documented and summarized.  “‘50ShotIn10Days’ will tell not only the details of each shooting, but will also give us a window into who these fifty people are; to their families, to their friends, and most importantly,  who they are to themselves, all in their own words.” says Rock WILK,  “My hope is that raising awareness in this way will lead to a more understanding and a more compassionate world, so that no human being is ever reduced to being a ‘victim’, or an ‘incident’, or simply a ‘statistic’.”  The fifty survivors and their families will also be invited to the play. 

“I was inspired to write Brooklyn Quartet after the Sean Bell incident in 2006, because when it happened, it just occurred to me that something like that could pretty much never happen to me, because let’s face it, I don’t think anyone has ever heard a story about a white person being shot at fifty times by the police, let alone by anyone. Unfortunately, I would even go as far as saying that it is a fact, that the world is a much safer place for someone who looks like me than it is for any of my friends of color, especially my friends who happen to be black males, and as sad as that fact is, I think the statistics, and some of these now infamous names like Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo, and most recently Michael Brown, and many, many more who never even get to the news, pretty much support what I’m saying.” explains Rock WILK. 

Brooklyn Quartet  | Open: 05/22/14 Close: 05/22/14
A unique opportunity to see an industry performance of a theater piece that is also open to the public. “Mashup” performer (as his director calls him), actor, storyteller, playwright, musician, poet, composer, activist, provocateur and someone who seems to obliterate all the lines of trying to define or describe him, Rock WILK will be sharing his new work, Brooklyn Quartet, directed by Stephen Bishop Seely, at The Medicine Show Theatre in NYC on Thursday night, May 22nd, at 7:30pm.   After a 6 year journey of his first play, BROKE WIDE OPEN, which culminated with a highly regarded Off Broadway run at The 45th Street Theatre to great reviews, Rock’s next journey is well underway.  Brooklyn Quartet has already seen a series of solo readings all over the United States over the past year, has been explored as an ensemble piece, and is fresh off a great solo performance as part of the Downtown Urban Theatre Festival in New York City just a few weeks ago, Brooklyn Quartet is now ready to step out into the world. 

“BROOKLYN QUARTET is about the resilience of the human spirit; that no matter what we do to one another, that we somehow find it in ourselves to forgive and to remain hopeful; that this is the most meaningful, powerful and important part of us; that this is what true love is, and that true love is the only thing that can save us.”

"There are no songs in BROOKLYN QUARTET, and very little poetry, but I hope it reads like a symphony, like a beautifully tragic opera, like Miles soloing over My Funny Valentine, like Keith Jarrett floating furiously in stream of consciousness improvisation, like a beautiful love story that is drowned in reality, dark like a night filled with a million stars and storms and it feels beautiful but just a little bit dangerous, and sad, and angry, and friendship, and loyalty, and narcissism, and trust, and pure, vast like the ocean, unadulterated love. I hope it reads like that."-Rock WILK

An actor, a playwright and a poet, New York City's own Rock WILK is also a socially and politically charged vocalist and an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. He creates all of this art while riding the subways of NYC. Along with being a Nuyorican Poet's semifinalist and 2010 runoffs qualifier for The Nuyorican's national team, Rock also was recently a featured performer for Amnesty International at an event for human rights. Rock appeared in his first feature film, Jamesy Boy, starring James Woods, Mary Louise Parker and Ving Rhames, which was released in early 2014.  He has worked as a studio and touring background vocalist for many years, most recently singing with the legendary Patti LaBelle and contributing vocal and horn arrangements to the Grammy Award winning Les Paul compilation album, LES PAUL AND FRIENDS.  Rock's music can also be heard on such TV shows as MTV's The Real World and Making The Band, among others.

Rock's first play, BROKE WIDE OPEN, was presented in July of 2010 at undergroundzero, as part of the Playgroundzero Festival at PS 122 in Manhattan. Rock also toured BROKE WIDE OPEN “unplugged” all over the United States, a “stripped down” version of the show that is simply Rock on stage, telling his story in various different types of venues such as art galleries, schools, community centers, public parks, street corners and small theaters.  BROKE WIDE OPEN was presented in August of 2011 as part of The Camden Fringe Festival in London, England, and had a sold out performance a few months later at The United Solo Theatre Festival on Theatre ROW in New York City. BROKE WIDE OPEN was also a part of the 2012 main stage season at The Passage Theatre in Trenton, NJ, and after six years of this amazing journey, BROKE WIDE OPEN finally had it's opening Off Broadway in October of 2012, and ran for over 3 months at The New Theatre at 45th Street in New York City to great reviews. Rock is currently developing his second play called Brooklyn Quartet.


Superspy  | Open: 02/07/14 Close: 02/23/14
A young spook wonders, since everything's so secret, what he's doing, or even who he is - "I Am I, Or Am I?" and his devoted secretary wonders "Why Do I Love Him When I Don't Even Know Who He Is?" Scientists, Senators, the Master Spy, an Intrepid Reporter, and a Femme Fatale go round and round, and no one knows what anyone else is doing. But they all get to a Happy Ending.

New Opera"

Opera.New Opera

Ten Blocks On The Camino Real  | Open: 01/12/14 Close: 01/26/14
American wanderer Kilroy, a former boxing champion, arrives by accident in a fantasy of a Mexican coastal village where Marguerite the Lady of the Camellias, Jacques Casanova, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, a gypsy fortune teller and her daughter, and several other mysterious characters also abide. Williams describes the piece as a cartoon, and also specified a great deal of music, songs, and dance; Medicine Show's production follows his lead.



Exit 27  | Open: 11/07/13 Close: 11/17/13

In celebration of its fourth season, Sanguine Theatre Company will produce EXIT 27, a new work by award-winning playwright, Aleks Merilo and directed by Mark Karafin. Based on a true story, EXIT 27 combines the themes of rejection, survival, and redemption in exploration of the human experience. As the overwhelming winner of Sanguineʼs highly competitive playwriting competition, EXIT 27 brings a stirring perspective of raw human nature in its NYC premiere.



Since the year 2000, the citizens of one town have abandoned nearly fourteen hundred boys in the Utah Desert. Deemed the “Lost Boys of Utah”, EXIT 27 is based on their true stories. Merilo’s play follows the journey of four of these “lost boys" to the edge of the desert. Exiled by their families from the only world they've known, the boys are forced to rebuild their lives as outsiders. Their only hope for survival? Each other.



Sanguine provides new experiences for its audiences is by producing unique, unheard stories. The theatre company’s annual Project Playwright competition encourages emerging artists to submit their new work. After highly selective rounds of preliminary judging, audiences at the annual event choose which finalists’ play will be produced in Sanguine’s upcoming season. This year EXIT 27 won the hearts of both the theatre’s audiences and Sanguine’s artistic team.


 EXIT 27 will run November 7-17, 2013 at the Medicine Show Theatre on West 52nd Street between 11th and 12th avenues. Performances are November 7-9 at 8pm, November 13-16 at 8pm, and November 10 and 17 at 3pm. For more information about the show, visit, or call: (281) 946-9563. For questions about tickets, email: To purchase tickets, visit Tickets are $15 online, $18 at the door. 

This is the play that inspired the Lord Chamberlain's Office to censor plays; it is said to have made Jonathan Swift laugh for the second time. Henry Fielding was the Jon Stewart of the 18th century! The little hero Tom Thumb prevails by wit and cunning against superior strength and power, and Fielding's satire punctures the very serious pretensions of eighteenth century tragedy. This was the time of John Gay (we did his Beggar's Opera last season), Alexander Pope, Laurence Sterne, and Hogarth, Rousseau, Locke, Voltaire and Hume. All of whom pointed the grubby finger of outraged innocence at the constructs of pomposity, and laughed out loud. Fielding is right there with them.



The Mummers bring huge laughs and merriment for adults and children alike. As dark nights grow colder and longer, a ritual battle, a resurrection and a riotous marriage ceremony ensue, bringing Spring back in bloom. Based on the ancient tale of Prince George and the Dragon, this production is called "anarchic and lots of fun" (New York Theatre Review) and "a great roar of laughter" (L'est Republicain).



Fifty Million Frenchmen  | Open: 10/24/12 Close: 11/18/12
Medicine Show artistic director Obie-award winner Barbara Vann will appear in and directs the production. Other cast members are Jarrod Bates, Cari Bell, Robert Bellsey, Mark J. Dempsey, Beth Griffith, Richard Gross, Michael Levi Harris, Renee Hermiz, Maria Hoffmann, Evan Kaplan, Richard Keyser, Gulshan Mia, Marvin Riggins, Becca Shimkin. Andrew Sotomayor is musical director, conducting a live band including Jake Lloyd on keyboards.


This was Cole Porter's first successful full-length score. It includes hits like You Do Something to MeYou've Got That Thing and Find Me a Primitive Man. The show originally opened at the Lyric Theatre on Broadway in November 1929, just one month after the stock market crash, and was designed to be enormous fun. At the time, fellow great song writer Irving Berlin called it, "The best musical comedy I've seen in years." Medicine Show staged a version back in 1983, which reviewers said was "highly effective" filled with "antic cheerfulness" and "knocking over wisecracks." The title is a reference to a hit, not by Cole Porter, called Fifty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong. The plot revolves around the tale of an ex-pat American millionaire in Paris who, on a bet, must woo a young woman he adores while pretending to be penniless.


Medicine Show's most recent Cole Porter musical, last season's Paris, garnered rave reviews. The Travalanche website called it "funny and farcical" and Talent in Motion magazine said, "We loved the show."

Cole Porter's Fifty Million Frenchmen  | Open: 11/03/12 Close: 11/07/12
Cole Porter's 1929 musical comedy. A group of Americans escape America, the home of Prohibition, the stock market collapse, segregation and censorship, and whirl about Paris, singing. As one of the characters says, "They have the liberty, we have the statue."



Tiny Bubbles  | Open: 07/12/12 Close: 08/13/12



King's River  | Open: 05/23/12 Close: 06/10/12
King's River is an original full-length play which tells the intertwining stories of individuals living in the town of King's River, a fictional town in the American South. We watch the trials and tribulations of a jazz trio struggling to define themselves, in both their own lives and in their art. We watch the rise of a young politician, as he begins to brave the turbulent waters of modern American politics. We see the loneliness and yearning of an eager young Marine, soon to be deployed, searching for a connection of any kind. And we watch the tension seethe between a father and son, as they vie for the same woman. These are just some of the stories of King's River...


King's River  | Open: 05/22/12 Close: 06/10/12
In the style of Thornton Wilder’s OUR TOWN, KING’S RIVER tells the intertwining stories of individuals living in the fictional town of “King’s River,” a small town in the American South. From the struggles of a jazz trio to the yearning of an eager young marine to the struggles for love and survival – these are the stories of a restless America, these are the stories of KING’S RIVER.

Directed by David Delaney, the cast of KING’S RIVER will feature Gwynneth Bensen, Jasmine Carmichael, Ean Miles Kessler, Mara Gannon, Tim Giles, Ruffin Prentiss, Andrew Rosenberg, Terrell Wheeler and Landon Woodson. Design team for KING’S RIVER will be Courtney Wheeler (costume design) and TBA (lighting design).

Andrew Rosenberg’s recent acting credits include: SOUTH BEACH BABYLON (Arsht Center in Miami, Fl); OUR TOWN (Chatham, NY); BROTHERLY LOVE; IN THE BLOOD directed by Eric Ruffin, and HAMLET (The Globe Theatre in London).   He was featured recently in “Celebrity Ghost Stories” on the Biography Channel.

Ean Miles Kessler is a graduate of Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts.  He has studied and performed on the Globe stage in England, and his one act BROTHERLY LOVE received its debut as a part of Manhattan Repertory Theater’s Summerfest 2010, and was subsequently published by Random House Publishing, in their anthology “Shorter, Faster, Funnier,” alongside works by David Ives, Theresa Rebeck, and Christopher Durang.  Ean is a lead writer for the New York City based theater company Inertia, and others. 

David Delaney recently received his B.F.A. from Rutgers University's Mason Gross School of the Arts. Since moving to Brooklyn, David served as assistant director for Inertia Productions’ deconstructed Macbeth titled The B-cam.  He directed the world premieres of BROTHERLY LOVE and BEAUTIFUL HANDS (Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival Finalist), and recently wrapped production on his first short film project “Plastic Jesus.”

Foxhole Entertainment recently wrapped up production of its first original short film “Plastic Jesus” – shot locally in 2011 in New Jersey. Their first play BROTHERLY LOVE was produced at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre in the summer of 2010 and has since been published by Random House in the “Shorter, Faster, Funnier” anthology.

The Beggar's Opera  | Open: 04/29/12 Close: 04/29/12
John Gay's 1728 comic masterpiece sends up maudlin love stories, ornate opera, political corruption, & mocks the "arrangement" of criminal classes with those of law & disorder. The music is folk songs with new words (our arrangements go from baroque to folk.)This is the play Brecht adapted for Threepenny Opera, but the jokes here, having been written in English, are funnier. The corruption among all classes of society is the same, however.Macheath the highwayman, generous to a fault, shares his money with everyone and the gambling table, and his love-making with as many women as he can find. Peachum is the fence and sells criminals to Lockit the warden, who gets kickbacks from both Peachum and the criminals. Peacum's daughter Polly and Lockit's daughter Lucy each thinks Macheath will marry her. Jenny the whore sells Macheath out; he is to be hanged, and it looks as though his philandering has backfired, for he sits in Newgate waiting to be hanged. But of course there's a happy ending, and everyone sings.Gay's music is eighteenth century folk tunes with new lyrics; we've kept those tunes and lyrics, and our arrangements go from baroque to folk to country and western. The play runs 3 hours, including two intermissions.



The Beggar's Opera  | Open: 04/29/12 Close: 04/29/12
John Gay's 1728 comic masterpiece sends up maudlin love stories, ornate opera, political corruption, & mocks the "arrangement" of criminal classes with those of law & disorder. The music is folk songs with new words (our arrangements go from baroque to folk.)This is the play Brecht adapted for Threepenny Opera, but the jokes here, having been written in English, are funnier. The corruption among all classes of society is the same, however.Macheath the highwayman, generous to a fault, shares his money with everyone and the gambling table, and his love-making with as many women as he can find. Peachum is the fence and sells criminals to Lockit the warden, who gets kickbacks from both Peachum and the criminals. Peacum's daughter Polly and Lockit's daughter Lucy each thinks Macheath will marry her. Jenny the whore sells Macheath out; he is to be hanged, and it looks as though his philandering has backfired, for he sits in Newgate waiting to be hanged. But of course there's a happy ending, and everyone sings.Gay's music is eighteenth century folk tunes with new lyrics; we've kept those tunes and lyrics, and our arrangements go from baroque to folk to country and western. The play runs 3 hours, including two intermissions.



Play/war  | Open: 07/15/10 Close: 08/14/10
PLAY/WAR is a highly physical, rhythmically structured exploration of contemporary masculinity through original songs, movement, and text. The heart of the performance is the intense contact between the performers and the shifting dynamics between the two characters, soldier and civilian.

"On a bare stage with only basic lighting, the bodies and voices of the actors are the only instruments, and Spatz and Balduzzi are masterful." -


Nize Baby  | Open: 06/04/10 Close: 06/26/10
NIZE BABY is a comic celebration of the brilliantly mangled English of immigrants in the Bronx in the 1920's.  At the time, the New Republic said that Milt Gross' accents were "all the more hilarious for being phonetically accurate."  Michael Chabon calls Gross "a lost wonder of the American literary funhouse."  Gross was extraordinarily popular in his day, and enthusiastically engaged the conventions of low genres like slapstick comedy, vaudeville, comic strips and silent comedies, which perhaps accounts for his slipping from the critical view; his work was, at times, as insanely inventive as James Joyce, as outrageous as Ionesco, but also resolutely populist.

Milt Gross, an extraordinarily popular humorist of the early 20th century, is now experiencing a revival as a profound influence on everything from Art Speigelman to Philip Roth to television comedy.  NIZE BABY was almost turned into a big budget movie in 1927, but Gross' anarchic surrealism resisted interpretation... until now.


The Trestle At Pope Lick Creek  | Open: 10/15/09 Close: 10/25/09
A poetic non-linear narrative of two teens, a trestle and a decision that changes the world that surrounds them.

A sobering look at one's worth when they are on the verge of having nothing and going nowhere. As two teens, Pace and Dalton, are trying to out-run a train and the future they know is quickly approaching.... one moment changes everything. An in-depth look into the Great Depression-era, that has an eerie echoing effect mirroring these modern times. This play begs the questions: What is a father to do when society tells him he is worthless? What is a mother to do when she is desperately trying to hold her family together? What are children to do when they look toward tomorrow and it is nowhere in sight? The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek.

Featuring: Alejandra Escalante, Robert Gilbert, Libby G. Collins*, Henry Wright, and Kevin Pinassi

Director: Christophe Anderson
Stage Manager: Alexandra Duerr
Lighting Design: Henry Borriello
Costume Design: Reynold Hewitt
Set Design: Christophe Anderson

*These actors are appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association. Equity Approved Showcase.


The Wendigo  | Open: 02/05/09 Close: 02/28/09
Four hunters, lost in the Canadian woods, begin losing their minds and battling a gigantic, unseen creature in this adaptation of Algernon Blackwood's classic tale of supernatural horror.

In this adaptation of THE WENDIGO, playwright Eric Sanders has tried to preserve the almost unbearably tense atmosphere of Blackwood's story while injecting moments of stark and visceral terror. Sanders, along with director Matthew Hancock plan to create a world that envelops the audience so deeply that they almost feel the snow on their shoulders. Just as important as the surroundings, the show focuses on the five men trapped within this nightmare; for this is a moving story about people, shattered beyond belief by what they have experienced, trying to put their lives back together and move on.
THE WENDIGO features Erik Gratton*, Nick Merritt, Graham Oute

Hurt So Good  | Open: 08/31/06 Close: 09/16/06
Meet Tom, boy next door and aspiring documentary filmmaker. Meet Cecily, the girl of his dreams and loving submissive who wants Tom to be her erotic Master... Wait, what?!?

Hurt So Good is a new two-act original play that follows the journey of one man exploring the world of BDSM. Tom and his crew embark on a touching and humorous journey into the city's kinky subculture as Tom rediscovers who he is and what he's capable of becoming for the woman he loves.

Point of You Productions aims to enlighten and entertain in an effort to dispel negative stereotypes surrounding the subculture. Hurt So Good is an honest look at love within the lifestyle - an S&M ‘coming of age' story for both novices and seasoned practitioners. Love, laughs and leather.

Featuring: Maggie Cino, Jessie J. Fahay, Marlise Garde, Sonia Gardea. Hailey Giles, Nicole Godino, Cedric Jones, Chris Keating, Amy Kersten, Tehila Kronfeld, Johnny Blaze Leavitt, Doralyn Leone, Alyssa Mann, Perryn Pomatto, Minna Richardson, Gerard J. Savoy, Marc Adam Smith, Courtney Tisch, Tina Trimble Savoy, Felicia Eugenia Velasco, Paul Weissman