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Todays Date: 12/03/22
Last Update: 08/17/06 02:03:35 AM
Address: 3 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY    10014

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COMEDY SHOW!!!! FRIDAY, AUGUST 18 at 10.30 pm  | Open: 08/18/06 Close: 08/18/06
She is a unique stand up comic and actress who has been delighting audiences in and around NYC for many years, and is best know for her surrealistic comedy performances featuring her little friends Mr. Towel and Mr. Milk.
She has appeared in films shown on Bravo and the Independent Film Channel as well as sketches on "Comedy Central" and "Late Night" with Conan O'Brien. It has been said that if Betty Boop and Samuel Becket had a child who did stand up, it would be GILDA KONRAD.
3 Comedy Shows 3  | Open: 08/13/06 Close: 08/18/06
"Angry Bob lifted both arms high and flicked all 10 thick fingers wide toward the ceiling. He walked off the stage to thunderous applause."
-The New York Observer.

Angry Bob, Joe Pontillo and Bob Bell scare and walk throngs of proto-humans - c'mon down and watch the spectacle!!

Barbara...The Belle on Greenwich Avenue  | Open: 08/13/06 Close: 08/13/06
"Gayle Robbins is very proud to be performing in her very own Barbra Streisand Impersonation show! You are sure to have a great time as you get swept away by some of Barbra's classic tunes. With Gayle's voice and New York jewish accent, you will think that Barbra was only inches away from you".

Running time: 60 Minutes