Jackson Avenue Theatre

Todays Date: 06/25/22
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Address: 12-23 Jackson Avenue
, NY   

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The Jackson Ave Theatre is between 45Rd and Vernon-Jackson subway stops on Jackson Ave and can be reached via the 7, E, V, F and G trains.

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A Most Peculiar Thing…  | Open: 10/18/06 Close: 10/31/06
An evening of 5 fascinating plays from the 1940's, featuring suspense, eroticism and horror from the British Grand Guignol ...

Directed By Richard Mazda, Ali Silva and Derik Boik
Written by Frederick Whitney and Richard Mazda

To Hell With You
Directed by Richard Mazda

When respectable socialite, Linda, wakes she findsherself transported to the first level of Hell.
Beelzebub croons whilst a heavenly announcer comments on the beguiling turn of events. Can one's thoughts and fantasies be considered morally inappropriate?

Coral Strand
Directed by Derik Boik

John Hallam and Emily are shipwrecked and thrown into each other's arms. During a lovers quarrel John accidentally knocks Emily unconscious, he spies a tramp steamer on the horizon. In a panic he hides Emily's limp body in the bushes. When the seamen put
ashore the 1st Mate, Mr. Smith, and suspects that John is hiding something from them...

The Bloomsbury Butcher
Directed by Richard Mazda

In a working girl's lonely garret in Bloomsbury, Violet and Madame ‘Boudoir' discuss the string of grisly murders that have been making the King's Cross area a dangerous place for women such as them. Business is understandably slow when a knock at the door causes them to break off their conversation. ‘At least business is picking up' says Madame ‘Boudoir' ... but is it?

Nuit de Noces
Directed by Ali Silva

When the grotesque Marquis enters into marriage with a bride provided by the local convent he doesn't reckon on his frisky young bride running away before he can consummate the union. The neighbor, Count Gervais de Polisson, is a handsome and dashing Samaritan who
offers sanctuary and a glass of champagne to the teenage runaway bride. The Marquis arrives and challenges the Count to a duel. Antoine, the Count's manservant is always at hand, which turns out to be rather a lucky situation for Antoine ...

Coals of Fire
Directed by Richard Mazda

The blind wife and her young companion spend their rainy afternoons in the parlor. The young companion reads biblical passages to her employer. Today however is different. The Companion is coerced in subtle manner into a confession of her affair with the wife's
husband. Through a veneer of politeness and unshakeable manners the Wife is secretly plotting her revenge ...

The Kinight of the Burning Pestle  | Open: 07/12/06 Close: 07/23/06
As a troupe of young actors begin The London Merchant, a quaint play centering on middle-class characters, a pair of rough-and-tumble peasants and their servant Rafe interrupts the action and demands to see a play about a Grocer-Errant battling bloodthirsty giants, wooing exotic princesses, and leading armies into battle. The players do their best to maintain their dignity and continue their play as they are forced to perform impromptu scenes with the Rafe, the quixotic knight.

The play was most likely written entirely by Francis Beaumont in 1613, although his sometimes collaborator John Fletcher is often credited as a co-author. Knight... was one of the first (if not the very first) play to parody it's contemporaries and to break the forth wall by bringing the groundlings up onto the stage. "This play is unique in that underneath the various bisecting plots, the real story is about the interplay between audience and artists," says director Kevin Dodd.