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New York, NY   

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LIBERTY THE MUSICAL  | Open: 10/14/14 Close: 11/25/14
Liberty the Musical

 A Celebration of the American Dream!

This new musical about The Statue of Liberty and Immigration. LIBERTY will be opening at Theatre 80 on October 14th and runs to November 25th. 

Liberty: A Monumental New Musical                                   

A young, French immigrant arrives in New York Harbor in 1884 – there’s something different about her, something larger than life. But she arrives amid a divisive national immigration debate, as well as a recession. Powerful political forces align to send her home. LIBERTY tells the story of her inspirational battle to gain acceptance and emerge as the enduring symbol of our ever-evolving country.  Join her journey in this inspiring and unflinching 90-minute pop musical. 

Book & Lyrics by Dana Leslie Goldstein ~ Music by Jon Goldstein

Adapted original material by Dana Leslie Goldstein, Jon Goldstein and Robert Bruce McIntosh

In an entertaining, yet poignant manner, Liberty addresses the issues of race, class, politics and history. It has been described as "Stunning! A Powerful and Amazing production! (Naugatuck Patch, World Premiere). Scott C. Sickles of Workshop Theater Co. says this show is "urgent, relevant, topical theatre." It's a new musical for both young and old.


 Limited Run

October 14th - November 25th 

Tickets are $69 - Purchase at - 

Groups 10 or more $59

For groups - Contact Toni Isreal at - or call 609-532-3930

Show Times - Sundays at 6pm, Mondays at 2pm, Tuesdays 11am and 2pm.


Theatre 80, 80 St Marks Place (btwn 1st & 2nd Aves), NYC, NY





Sam Eaton's The Quantum Eye - Mentalism and Magic Show is an entertaining and fascinating exploration of mentalism, magic, perception and deception, where extraordinary ability and humor blend with the audience to make for a unique performance every time. Join Sam on a interactive journey past the limits of possibility in a show that you will never forget.

Magician and Mentalist Sam Eaton has been dazzling New York audiences with his show since 2006. The Quantum Eye has proudly been awarded the world record as the longest-running one-man Off-Broadway magic show!

The show is sophisticated and family-friendly, but may not be visually entertaining for children under 7 years of age. No children under age 5 admitted.


"Amazing feats of memory, mental agility and apparent mental telepathy Dazzling! Undeniably impressive!"
New York Post

"Chillingly weird and so real you might want to have your cardiologist on hand, but still family friendly"
New York Press

"Sure, David Copperfield can walk through the Great Wall of China but can he read your mind? Sam Eaton can."
Village Voice

"Irresistibly enjoyable. Eaton deserves a full house every night."

"I found myself sitting with my mouth hanging open and simply saying 'What?!' "

"Open your mind and get ready for a magical journey an evening of thought-provoking entertainment"

"A smart, fast-paced mental magic show that is suitable for the entire family."
The Villager

"The Quantum Eye - Magic Deceptions is a fun filled, yet sophisticated magic show to enjoy in New York City."
Citysearch New York Editor

"How did he do that?"

"Great fun for the entire family. Sam Eaton is a consummate showman and a modern day Houdini. I couldn't get enough."
Joe Franklin, talk show legend

"Sam Eaton was more than a mentalist; this man was a master performer."

"A lot of enjoyment to be had in the very engaging The Quantum Eye - it stays in one's mind long after the performance! A smart, fast-paced mental magic show that is suitable for the entire family."
Epoch Times

Long Island Pulse

"Theatergoers with a taste for the mind-boggling can take an intimate sojourn into the world of illusion"
Behind the Scenes: Theatre Blog

"If you're looking for entertainment that's off the beaten path, you'll find it here"
New Magic Source

"Mind Blowing"


Tesla  | Open: 05/23/13 Close: 06/08/13
Tesla is a theatrical journey into Nikola Tesla’s unlimited imagination in the final years of his life. Living alone and in relative obscurity in a hotel bedroom, he desperately develops his particle beam to save his beloved Yugoslavia from the Nazi Luftwaffe. He draws on the intellectual strength of his youth when he was the most celebrated and controversial inventor in America. Even back in the Roaring Nineties, when New York was aglow with electrical invention and his beloved Katherine was alive, could he have had the power to fight man’s combative instinct? Is the only difference between war and the nineteenth century robber barons that people suffer and die more quickly?


Tesla Featuring: James Lee Taylor as young Nikola Tesla

Jack Dimich as old Nikola Tesla

Tom Cappadona as Thomas Edison

Luka Mijatovic as Luka and King Peter

Anthony Guerino as Marconi and Mark Twain

Alessandro Colla as Westinghouse

Adam Pagdon as JP Morgan

Quest For The West: Adventures On The Oregon Trail!  | Open: 08/11/12 Close: 08/26/12
No.11 Production in association with FringeNYC presents Quest for the West: Adventures on the Oregon Trail!, an interactive musical comedy.

1848. Oregon fever has swept the nation. Jebediah and his wagon party embark on a 2,000-mile journey West.  On the trail, the party encounters a river (how will they cross it? You decide…it’s interactive!), animals to hunt (“get out your balls, it’s time to go hunting”), prickly pear cacti (help them jump over these dangerous succulents!) and the ever present danger of dwindling water rations…and dysentery!  Along their quest, the pioneers’ journey is filled with more than dirt trails.  Romance develops; deep secrets & betrayals are revealed; and Jebediah’s darkness gets…darker. 

This musical comedy is a scored interactive game for the audience which works together as a team to determine the events that occur.  Play well and you may just make it onto the Top 10 Score Board!  2,000 miles.  90 minutes. 11 songs.  8 games.  6 characters.

From Writer/Director Ryan Emmons:  “We’re used to games and apps at our fingertips on a daily basis - this musical leans into those sensibilities, but the laughter and interaction that come along with live theatre could never be achieved on a computer screen. Manifest Destiny and the courage of the pioneers remind us of the outrageous trek men and women took west, our ability to make our own opportunities and the notion that it is in working (and playing) together that extraordinary things can be achieved.”

To Kill A Kelpie  | Open: 04/13/12 Close: 04/15/12

'To Kill A Kelpie' is about the unfolding and sharing of a secret between two adult brothers that has never been spoken of before. A „Kelpie‟ is widely known as a devious creature lurking in the depths of highland lochs. When two grown brothers reunite, following the death of their uncle, they realize that his gruesome tales of a child-devouring monster were simply a climate of fear created to ensure their silence and cooperation during years of sexual abuse. In this unconventional drama, we meet two men talking to the children they were. Still unsure whether there might be any truth in the Kelpie stories, they face one another like a mirror to open painful boxes of sexual confusion, self doubt, and shame, while endeavoring honestly to end the silence and open their minds enough to consider what it would take to kill a Kelpie.
Macbeth, A Musical  | Open: 01/19/11 Close: 01/23/11
Pipe Dream Theatre presents Macbeth, an original musical retelling of Shakespeare's classic play set in a Retro-Future/Steampunk world. This timeless story of one man's struggle between duty and desire in a war-torn country is an exciting and passionate theatrical experience. Through thrilling fight and dance sequences, modern dialogue and captivating music, Macbeth captures the essence of Shakespeare's play, presenting it in a relevant, mesmerizing and accessible format.

About the Company: PiPE DREAM theatre

PiPE DREAM theatre is dedicated to the creation of meaningful productions that change the way people view theater.

Amerissiah  | Open: 06/03/10 Close: 06/28/10
Riding high from their last two wildly successful productions of Happy In The Poorhouse and The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side, The Amoralists present the Off-Broadway Premiere of Amerissiah, written and directed by Derek Ahonen.

Something beyond comprehension is happening in a Marble Hill, Bronx apartment. Barry Ricewater, a perfectly healthy 37-year-old businessman is purposefully dying of a treatable disease. He’s become convinced that he’s God and must return to heaven to save his corrupt family from prison. The Ricewater clan thinks that he’s crazy . . . until a slew of strange, supernatural phenomena begin to occur. Amerissiah is a new American ghost story about the thin line between ambition and corruption, faith and insanity.

The cast includes William Apps, Selene Berreta, Jennifer Fouche, James Kautz, Nick Lawson, Sarah Lemp, Matthew Pilieci, Aysha Quinn and George Walsh.


Stars in a Dark Sky  | Open: 08/19/08 Close: 08/24/08
Hopes, fears and courage. Join Hans and Sophie Scholl inside WWII Germany as they turn from forced service in Hitler Youth to organizing student resistance against Nazi atrocities--challenging the silent majority. Is their choice worth the price?

"Extraordinarily moving . . . The Scholl's story, especially when told in their own words, has great power." ~Brooke Allen, The New Criterion

"Very Relevant Today." "Compelling." "A Must-See." "Great Performance."

Presented by Red Fern Theatre Company
Directed by Melanie Moyer Williams
Featuring Dana Berger, Walker Hare, Nathan Johnson, and Annie Keating

Lighting Design: Zach Shephard
Stage Management: Laura Lucian
Assistant to Director: Lara Berns
Assistant to Producer: Andrea Wong

Noche Flamenca  | Open: 06/07/06 Close: 07/30/06
Theater 80 @ 80 St. Mark's Place
June 7, 2006 - July 30, 2006

"Soledad Barrio . . . danced as if possessed by the spirit of a Gypsy encampment, or even the shivering horrors of a Goya painting . . . she breathed the essence of flamenco." -- John Rockwell, New York Times

"Noche Flamenca achieved the miraculous. Within four or five minutes, they took me into another world -- their world . . . it is the depths of the soul and its unfathomable mystery to which these fine artists aspire. They confront nothing less than the mystery of life." -- John Heilpern, The New York Observer

After touring the globe for the last 11 years, the acclaimed eight-member Spanish troupe Noche Flamenca burns up the summer stage in its beloved New York, as the company brings its pure, authentic brand of flamenco to the intimate setting of Theater 80. Noche Flamenca, led by flamenco phenomenon Soledad Barrio and artistic director Martín Santangelo, returns for the ninth season to present a world premiere. The company, known for its transcendent and deeply emotional performances, also includes two of Spain's most renowned dancers, Alejandro Granados and Juan Ogalla, performing in communion, live with five of Spain's most spell-binding musicians and singers.

Founded in Spain in 1993 by Barrio, winner of the highest international awards for flamenco, and her husband and artistic director Martín Santangelo, Noche Flamenca has developed into one of Spain's most successful and respected flamenco companies.