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Address: 92 7th Ave. South
New York, NY   

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Special Event , Music, theater, cocktails  | Open: 05/03/06 Close: 05/17/06
Juan J Martinez Productions is proud to present in the west village one of his productions of cabaret, music and theater

10.30 pm. THEATER SOLO PERFORMER with Gilda Konrad

She is a unique stand up comic and actress who has been delighting audiences in and around NYC for many years, and is best known for her surrealistic comedy performances featuring her little friends Mr. Towel and Mr. Milk. She has appeared in films shown on Bravo and the Independent Film Channel as well as sketches on Comedy Central and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. It has been said that if Betty Boop and Samuel Becket had a child who did stand up, it would be GILDA KONRAD.

11.30 pm. LIVE MUSIC with Mike Presta

"A bit farther west" is a solo musical project created and performed for Mike Presta. It combines pre-recorded sounds such keys, drum machines and samples with live acoustic guitar, voice, and drums to create a musical landscape. It's a musical styles of folk, experimental and singer/songwriter into an experience that is both energetic and introspective