Bric Studio

Todays Date: 06/26/22
Last Update: 04/23/06 01:05:14 PM
Address: 57 Rockwell Place
New York, NY    10011

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Twelfth Night  | Open: 06/14/06 Close: 06/30/06
The production will be set in 17th century England.
In Full Bloom:Wildflowers  | Open: 06/02/06 Close: 06/04/06
Movement for the Urban Village (MUV) Dance Company will be premiering two major works, which address issues of heritage, legacy and progress. Bearers , is an exploration of women's relationship to each other and to the legacy of struggle against oppression viewed across several generations and set to the Blues, Rock and Funk of Parliament and Funkadelic. Ghetto Rock, sets Traditional African Dance into the surprisingly fitting, urban soundscape of its Hip Hop, Punk, House and No Wave score. In addition to these new works MUV will be reprising Mackall's Thembi, and Canon for 4 Dancers, as well as, Sista Goddess, which was created in collaboration with Tilishia Bradley from MUV's 2005 season.

Sharing the stage with MUV each performance will be a special guest. On Friday, June 2, the guest artist will be Lenelle Moise, self-identified "culturally hyphenated pomosexual poet," who creates personal political texts about the spirits in sexuality, masculinities, being bicultural (Haitian-American), and the intersection of race, class, gender & resistance. She recites from scrolls, from memory and with movement. On Saturday, June 3, the guest artist will be, Celeste Doaks a poet and journalist originally from the "crossroads of America," South Bend, Indiana who, "balances Midwest sensibilities with her newfound urban flow." On Sunday, June 4, the guest artist is Yaya, a women's collective dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural legacies and African-based musical traditions of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Every Day Above Ground  | Open: 05/05/06 Close: 05/07/06
With the creation of Every Day Above Ground, SaBooge advances their collective interest in history, storytelling and the grotesque through the exploration of Billy the Kid, a character whose mythology is his grotesqueness. Inspired by Michael Ondaatje's (The English Patient) virtuoso shifts in narrator and narrative form (poetry, photographs and dime novels), SaBooge will recreate history and myth in all its brutality and splendor. Consistently startling, graphic, and unsentimental, Every Day Above Ground will peel back the layers of madness surrounding Billy to seek the revelatory shafts of lucidity in his own mind after death.