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Chamber Opera Project  | Open: 05/06/06 Close: 05/06/06
The Theatre of a Two-headed Calf inaugurates its CHAMBER OPERA COLLABORATIONS PROJECT with a concert featuring the Scenery Ensemble. This project is an unprecedented pairing of four of the most innovative playwrights of today with four truly exciting composers:

#1: Anne Washburn/Sam Hillmer
#2: Lisa D'Amour/James Saunders
#3: Gordon Dahlquist/Mary Bellamy
#4: Mac Wellman/Brendan Connelly

The concert on May 6th is PHASE ONE: a performance of the "initial ideas" of the four composers. The playwrights, who will be in attendance, will hear for the first time their partners "voice". They will then go away, and in the Fall will have a chance to respond to their composer at PHASE TWO. PHASE THREE is a secret.

For more information on this and other Twoheaded Calf projects,

To reserve tickets please email s1gna7@yahoo.com.
HIGHLY recommended as seats are limited!