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Address: 500 West 52nd Street
New York, NY   

Location: (near the corner of 10th Avenue & 52nd Street)

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The Storm  | Open: 04/13/12 Close: 05/07/12
Called the most poetic of all Russian plays, The Storm is a dangerous fusion of romance and immorality unleashed as its heroine attempts to escape her loveless marriage through forbidden passion while living in a small town full of hypocrisy and righteousness. The intensity of Ostrovsky's story along with Wickens's choice of language, rhythm, and scene structure, combine to create a play that is resonant, moving, and surprisingly funny.

About the Company: Blessed Unrest

Blessed Unrest is committed to producing dynamic, disciplined, and exuberant new works for the stage by training and collaborating as an ensemble of artists, building original pieces, and reconstructing established texts.

The Storm  | Open: 04/13/12 Close: 05/07/12

Time speeds up and thunder rages as Katrina escapes her stifling marriage through forbidden passion. The residents of this small town bracing for the deluge include her oversexed sister-in-law, a prophetess with a musical harem, and the lovelorn inventor of a time machine.

Called the most poetic of Russian plays, The Storm is a dangerous fusion of true love and immorality unleashed. Blessed Unrest's physically dynamic world-premiere is electrifying, blatantly romantic and wickedly funny.

Featuring Sora Baek, Zenzelé Cooper, Andrew Dahl*, Dave Edson, Tim Eliot*, Jason Griffin, Terria Joseph*, Darrell Stokes*, Laura Wickens*

Production Stage Manager Jaimie Van Dyke
Lighting and Set Designer Benjamin C Tevelow
Costume Designer Summer Lee Jack
Sound Designer Damen Scranton
Composer and Arranger Dave Edson
Violence Director Matt Opatrny
Associate Set and Costume Designer Rachel Gevelow
Technical Director Lance Harkins
Production Assistant Maria'alehandra Marrero

About the Company: Blessed Unrest

Blessed Unrest is committed to producing dynamic, disciplined, and exuberant new works for the stage by training and collaborating as an ensemble of artists, building original pieces, and reconstructing established texts.

Music Mélange  | Open: 06/12/10 Close: 06/12/10
French for “a bit of this and a touch of that”, Music Mélange asks the question, what happens when you get a bunch of musicians to pick their own repertoire?

The bar will be stocked so come party and listen to performers with passion playing whatever their hearts desire.

Featuring: Ervin Dede, Carol McGonnell, Boris Shpitalnik, Matt Muszynski, Danny Famiano, Sean Statser and Paul Brill with Nuno Antunes and Katie Scheele

DJ Assterism and live special guests to spin after the show until LATE LATE LATE!

And in the lobby…

A Silent Auction to support the work of Blessed Unrest

Items on the block include a selection of hand-crafted infused vodkas, private Pilates lessons, intriguing books, and more!

Can't make the show? Come late to hear DJ Assterism and party at the theatre.

Tickets are $5 after 10pm

About the Company: Blessed Unrest

Blessed Unrest is committed to producing dynamic, disciplined, and exuberant new works for the stage by training and collaborating as an ensemble of artists, building original pieces, and reconstructing established texts.

Viva Patshiva  | Open: 03/06/09 Close: 05/16/09
A clan of Roma musicians and dancers have settled in a seedy section of Brooklyn. The man who smuggled them into the US is demanding payment, and their only hope lies in a romance between a sizzling exotic dancer and a wealthy motivational speaker who is infatuated with her. The plot hinges on the moody Gypsy dancer who lives at the speed of emotion. When she actually falls for the American, the cross-cultural affair becomes a matter of life and death.

The lead roles are a powerhouse of vocal dexterity. The Israeli singer and comedienne Chemda (“Conjure One,” and the heavy metal singer Ray West (“Spread Eagle”) are matched note for note by the soulful wail of Raven Solano and Lauren Hennessy. The highly athletic Gypsy choreography is by Aaron Haskell and Andrea Kalan.

Viva Patshiva is a seriously hilarious musical that explores themes of love, trust and triumphing over sadness through a time-honored ritual. The Interart Annex has been transformed into an underground party space where anything can happen. The evocative costumes are by Polina Roytman, the moody lighting is by Solomon Weisbard, and Paul Ruest’s sound design highlights the band’s ebullient sound.

Stormy Weather: Tornado/Avalanche  | Open: 11/13/08 Close: 11/22/08
The Women's Interart Center presents Stormy Weather: Tornado/Avalanche, two comedic fables of love and natural disaster.
In Tornado a young girl's show and tell presentation explains how her parents met and fell in love through the divine (if you believe in such things) intervention of a pair of tornadoes. Avalanche takes us to the alpine village of Bodenlos, where unrequited love threatens the entire population with the inundation of a snowy death!
YOU PEOPLE (Short Plays about Those People)  | Open: 11/30/07 Close: 12/16/07

Award-winning, innovative theater company The Shalimar presents a thrilling evening of brand new short plays and full scale musical numbers -- You People (Short Plays about Those People). Emerging playwrights Nastaran Ahmadi, Princess Grace statue winner Michael John Garcés, Hilly Hicks, Jr., Josh Liveright, Sharyn Rothstein; and Tommy Smith riff on what it means to be "the other" in America today. What happens when we attempt to shine a light on the outsider and end up finding ourselves?

The Shalimar received the Best Ensemble award at the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe Festival for its production, LA FEMME EST MORTE or Why I Should Not F%!# My Son. The show was heralded "a loud and furious blast of pure pop entertainment" by The Stage and "a must see" by The List.

Short Plays:
Blanco by Hilly Hicks Jr. | directed by Sam Buggeln
Deseret Desire by Josh Liveright | directed by Camilo Fontecilla
Miss Morely's Revenge by Sharyn Rothstein | directed by R.J. Tolan
Splinter by Nastaran Ahmadi | directed by Jessi D. Hill
Tostitos by Michael John Garcés | directed by May Adrales

Songs by Tommy Smith and Davide Berardi
directed by Shoshona Currier and Joey Williamson

Starring: Matt Bridges, Chip Brookes, Blaire Brooks , Devin Dunne Cannon, Barrett Doss, Dawn Evans*, Nina Freeman*, Edwin Lee Gibson*, Jenny Gomez, Kelli Lynn Harrison, Heather Lamb, Lizzie Moore, Andres Munar*, Laurie Naughton*, Justin Okin*, Allison Jill Posner, Charles Semine*, Jen Taher*

Producers: Kim Gainer & Shoshona Currier
Lighting Designer: Lucas Benjaminh Krech | Sound Designer: Ien DeNio
Costume Designers: Ariella Beth Bowden | Fight Choreographer: Lisa Kopitsky
Musical Director: Joey Williamson | Stage Manager: Shani Colleen Murfin

Illumination Rounds  | Open: 10/04/07 Close: 10/15/07
Set in a totalitarian state during the final days of a violent civil war, a cynical and opportunistic journalist finds himself trapped in an abandoned apartment with a teenage sniper determined to keep fighting to her last breath. Suspicious at first, each eventually learns the other is quite different from their initial impressions. Slowly, as the world continues to explode outside, the two attempt to move beyond their deep-seated fears and prejudices. As the play "illuminates" previously hidden sides of these two people, it also shines a spotlight on the conditions that have brought them to this point in time. In the end, each is profoundly changed by the other.

Cast: Mark Schulte and Freya Fox.

This production is NOT open for review

stirring  | Open: 03/16/07 Close: 03/25/07
"Riveting..Provocative, hip and beautifully put together." – Three Weeks

"Highly stylish...perceptive about a generation." - The Guardian

Drawing inspiration from Ovid's classic tale of Pygmalion and the enormous online personals community, stirring takes us inside the lives of seven lonely New York hipsters as they navigate their desperate fantasies and grim realities all from the safety of their laptops. Are these strangers one click away from happiness?

Following the March 17, 23 and 24 shows, local celebrities will host speed dating events for single members of the audience and the cast.

Written by Shoshona Currier & Charles Forbes.

A Thousand Words: 7 Short Plays On Photography  | Open: 07/07/06 Close: 07/16/06
PHOTO PLAYS features new work from acclaimed playwrights Nastaran Ahmadi, Alex Dinelaris, Charles Forbes, Michael John Garces, Kirk Lynn, Deb Margolin and Sharyn Rothstein as well as a photography exhibit by Israeli Reichman. The seven plays are loosely informed by Susan Sontag's seminal examination of photography, On Photography. The provocative program reveals what it's like on both sides of the camera. From a cheeky beefcake calendar shoot to a chance meeting with a former lover, from grieving parents left with only a photo of their deceased son to Internet dating expectations gone awry, PHOTO PLAYS looks at the medium from a variety of angles and offers searing, heartfelt and even funny riffs on Sontag's commentary. What power do photographs hold? What can they tell us? Are Internet dating profiles true to life? Can looks be deceiving?

Lying  | Open: 05/05/06 Close: 05/08/06
Lying tells the story of Lauren, a precocious girl with a compulsion to lie, as she comes of age in a grownup world. Along the way she encounters a gaggle of teenage girls, a flock of nuns, adoring doctors, and a very famous lover. Lauren bends truth and uses metaphor in the telling of her playful, impish tale, shaped, if it could be, like a question mark.

Directed by Damen Scranton

Hades/Pluto Aspect  | Open: 03/08/06 Close: 03/11/06
HADES/PLUTO ASPECT is a multi-media dream-play about the death of the ego. Filled with inflamed fear and animal instinctual living, Billy Shade, our hero, navigates the depths of his psyche in search of instant gratification. Instead he is confronted with his own duality which leads him on a path of self-destruction. This is a dark comedy about waking up or being asleep (or both). With cool video projections.