Black Specturm Theatre

Todays Date: 11/26/22
Last Update: 02/04/11 12:17:15 AM
Address: 177 Street & Baisley Blvd
Jamaica, NY   

Location: Located in the Roy Wilkins Park
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Take the E Train to Parsons/Archer Avenue's then take the Q85, Q5 Bus to Roy Wilkins Park and Merrick Blvd.

History of Productions View Current and Upcoming

A Tribute To Mae Jemison  | Open: 02/01/11 Close: 02/10/11
Mae Jemison is a an African American physician and a NASA Astronaut.  Come and see the journey of her life from a young girl until present day.

Kingfish, Amos and Andy  | Open: 01/06/06 Close: 03/26/06
The play is a take off from the first Black television sitcom Amos and Andy, a comedic series which aired once a week in the 1950s. Now Kingfish, Amos, Andy, Sapphire, Mama-Queen Bee, Lightning and Calhoun are all on stage and they are stirring up a Good Time at Black SpectrumTheatre. Carl Clay has introduced a few new characters to the historic comedy and the setting is now in Harlem. The entire cast interacts with the audience and this makes for great fun, as the audience takes a trip down memory lane.