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Sunrise at the Quarry  | Open: 04/24/08 Close: 05/11/08
Sunrise at the Quarry is an evocative collaborative effort between the members of Black Door Theatre Company and playwright Nick Sanzo. Sunrise at the Quarry was conceived out of a series of improvisations (improvs) created by the members of Black Door Theatre Company . Half-way through the process playwright Nick Sanzo was brought on board to help translate these improvs into a story fit for the stage. The end result of this collaborative effort is a rich and vibrant story. Following the lives of five friends through high school into their late twenties Sunrise at the Quarry represents a unique approach to a traditional medium.
The House of Yes  | Open: 10/03/07 Close: 10/21/07
Marty arrives home for Thanksgiving with his fiancee, Lesly. What should be just another holiday homecoming becomes a perfect storm of family secrets and long-standing deceptions. Samsara Theatre Company opens its "Season of Sin" with this darkly comic play.
A Marriage Proposal & He Said, She Said  | Open: 07/25/07 Close: 07/29/07
Two Comedic One Act Plays About Love & Relationships

A Marriage Proposal tells the story of the efforts of a nervous and excitable man who starts to propose to an attractive young woman, but who gets into a tremendous quarrel over a boundary line.

He Said, She Said – After several years of being together, most couples begin to figure out what type of person they have by their sides. Or have they always known? This one-act is a comedic look inside this puzzling question. After all, what is the truth when it's based on what he said and what she said?

The Red Lamp  | Open: 07/25/07 Close: 07/29/07
The Red Lamp is a comedy that explores fast, furious, and unexpected complications that occur when three family members decide to use one red lamp as a signal to alert three very different people for three very different reasons.
A Guy Adrift in the Universe  | Open: 04/12/07 Close: 05/06/07
Every experience in every guy's life from birth to death... in an hour and a half.

A Guy Adrift in the Universe is a dark, loopy, riotous journey. From birth to death, A Guy deals with a doctor who refuses to put him back in the womb, parents who befuddle him, a boss who doesn't have a clue about his job, a wife who demands he be responsible, a lesbian daughter who thinks she's so cool, a son who reminds A Guy of someone he's not sure he likes, and lots of other people who don't seem to accept that A Guy is the center of the universe. What will he learn from his terrifying and hilarious odyssey?

Imagine.....nation  | Open: 12/03/06 Close: 02/25/07
Discover the power and pure bliss trough imagination

Join Spatz Donovan for the innovative fun !!!

A serendipity experience of whimsical zanyism !!

This show emphasizes how laughter can be a healthy learning experience,
and how a positive sense of humor is able to strengthen your
relationships with people. Sprinkled with comedic voice impressions: jngle and
farm animals, clowns and classic vintage cartoon characters, we will
explore through your own individual imagination and your own sense of
humor, how to lighten up, and stir up whimsical harmony through fun antics
with theatrical stage participation.
Children and adults get ready to win with a grin........ and LAUGH !!!!
A ... My Name Will Always Be Alice  | Open: 12/12/06 Close: 12/16/06
A ... My Name Will Always Be Alice is a sophisticated, bawdy, funny and insightful musical revue that celebrates the pleasures and frustrations of growing up female. It features music, poetry and comic sketches that will be sure to remind you of yourself, your mother, and your crazy kindergarten teacher!
The Adventures Of Wilemina And The Modern Mythmaker  | Open: 11/05/06 Close: 11/26/06

A mythosCONCEPTS production written and directed by Erick Zambrano.

The Adventures of Wilemina and the Modern Mythmaker is the umbrella title for this delightful collection of short plays that follow the exploits of the Modern Mythmaker, a mysterious story teller, and his best friend, Wilemina, as they journey trough the Forest of Ai. Their adventures range from hunting for the Mythmaker's Soul, to confront their own shadows.

Exploring the power of myth and the need for it in our lives. The Adventures of Wilemina and the Modern Mythmaker is bound to surprise, delight, and challenge children to relate these stories to their own experiences so that they may too participate in the mythic structure that binds all humans together.

Pre show activities include: Painting faces and tattoos for children and adults
1 hour before the show

Supreme Art, Terror And The Secret Cause  | Open: 11/12/06 Close: 11/19/06
Stand-up comedian Brian Morris welcomes you into your world.
Come see several comics, without an apostrophe, who never digress,
except in their routines, prepared to tell you what EVERYTHING is. -All
the answers ain't shit, and this show has them, cause it's sleepin'
with the teacher, and you can, too.

Anything that will happen does, nobody's safe, everything is sacred,
and we're still here.
Come and explore the hearts and minds of men and women behind all the
mirrored walls of earth, ...and come prepared to laugh. Because this
show cuts deep, and this diverse cast of characters will leave you in
stitches, begging for more, ...or less!

Tape  | Open: 11/03/06 Close: 11/05/06
New York Metropolitan Collaborative is proud to open its second season, inaugural New York debut with Stephen Belber's "Tape". Cast: Stephen Seidel, Franco Bulaon, and Barika Taheer Edwards. The limited run production will run November 3rd- 5th, 2006 at Times Square Art Center, Payan Theatre, 43rd Street, Suite 506.

Vince, a drug dealing, volunteer firefighter, opens "Tape" with a secret, which he uses to manipulate his long-time best friend, Jon, at the height of his film career. Jon confesses to Vince that he date raped Vince's high school sweetheart, Amy. Jon is caught in a trap when he learns not only did Vince taped their entire conversation, has already arranged a dinner date with Amy for that night. Belber forces his characters to question their motives, perceptions and identity.

New York Metropolitan Collaborative refreshes this highly popular play with diverse casting and the use of live-action film. Action on stage is shown through the eyes of a hand-held camera acting as a fourth character mediator. The projected live filming shows the real life eccentricities and explosive relationships exposed in "Tape" on stage.

New York Metropolitan Collaborative is a collective of actors, directors, designers and playwrights striving to present new diverse works and adaptations. NYMC acts as an innovative outlet providing a platform for the emerging artist; and empowering artists to challenge and expand creative limits. NYMC is dedicated: in bridging art through intercultural and diverse casting to audiences of all cultural and social-economic backgrounds, to reach out to the culture are deprived, and to impact the next generation of artists by influencing the world through great art. NYMC is a theatre for the artist thus stimulating creativity in all audiences.

The False Servant  | Open: 08/17/06 Close: 08/27/06
A wealthy woman disguises herself as a man in order to investigate a potential suitor— and finds the truth is not what she expected. If a man is set in his ways, how far should the woman go to prove him wrong? In this game of sexual manners, the roles of master and servant intertwine, and nothing is as it seems. What is really true— and who is false? Lust, deceit and avarice run rampant in Martin Crimp's translation of Marivaux's great comedy, The False Servant, given a fresh rendering (set in 1950's Paris) by TimeSpace Theater Company.

Martin Crimp's new translation has been hailed by critics: "Thrills, chills and belly laughs- this addictively adult comedy has got the lot...What a superbly elegant, erotic, and chillingly cold-hearted play this is..." wrote the Daily Telegraph. And according to the British Theatre Guide: "In Martin Crimp's new translation, the language is as sharp and witty as one would expect, packed with double entendres as the plot is with double the incisive investigation into love and money, many of Marivaux's well-aimed arrows hit home." The Pittsburgh City Paper raved: "The False Servant is no Moliere. It's better...much, much better."
Dessert with Durang  | Open: 02/23/06 Close: 02/25/06
TimeSpace Theatre Company will present DESSERT WITH DURANG, a collection of six short one-act plays and sketches by critically acclaimed satirist playwright Christopher Durang.

Dessert with Durang consists of some of the playwright's funniest and lesser-produced short plays, including Medea, a short play co-authored with the late Wendy Wasserstein, and For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls, a character gender-switching parody of Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie." Other plays in the show are: DMV Tyrant, The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From, The Book of Leviticus Show, Medea, Entertaining Mr. Helms, and For Whom the Southern Belle Tools. These pieces present a broad spectrum of Durang's social and political comedies, as well as some of his best parodies.