New Georges at The Room

Todays Date: 06/26/22
Last Update: 01/09/09 09:31:27 PM
Address: 520 8th Avenue, #326
New York, NY   

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New Georges (Book Club)
Reads James Joyce's
 | Open: 02/07/06 Close: 05/09/06
On Tuesday, February 7th, playwright Sheila Callaghan will read from ULYSSES. This is the first of four book readings scheduled for the first Tuesday of each Month from February through May This is a precursor to New Georges' production of Ms. Callaghan's play "Dead City" later this season. "Dead City" references "Ulysses." In it, a female protagonist journeys around New York City in the course of one long day in June, just as Leopold Bloom traveled Dublin. All sessions will include a special guest, conversation, and drinks.