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Dumbo, NY   

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Deadline  | Open: 11/24/13 Close: 11/24/13

The Dirty Blondes announce their third one-day-play festival, DEADLINE on November 24, 2013 at renowned Galapagos Art Space. The Brooklyn-based company will bring together the best of New York’s avant-garde playwrights, directors, and actors to work intensively on creating a night of original work over the course of only one day. The culminating performance will feature six original 10-minute plays centered on a newspaper headline from that day. Founding member and playwright Ashley Jacobson will create commercial interludes as a sneak peek into the development of her next work, The Tunnel Play. After-party featuring DJ Idlemind "The Appropriate Agent" immediately following the performance.

The mission of The Dirty Blondes is to develop beautiful and subversive new works of theater and foster a community of diverse artists dedicated to creativity and collaboration. This is the third one-day play festival for the group with previous events bringing in more than 1000 audience members, garnering a listing in The New York Times and as a Critic’s Pick in The L Magazine. Currently in the application process, each participating artist will be chosen for their outstanding merit, eclectic resume and proven ability to create dynamic works that function outside conventional thought. Interdisciplinary and diverse artists are encouraged to apply. The final line‐up for DEADLINE will be announced on November 18.

DEADLINE will focus on the writing and rehearsal process as an extremely fruitful, efficient development period where individual artists randomly come together to collaborate and create an unpredictable new play. The writing prompt will be pulled straight from the headlines - encouraging the artists to confront topical stories in a creative way. The goal is to encourage artists to produce their best work possible in a very short amount of time. The final result will be a performance based on raw emotion, first instincts, and uncensored creativity. The evening will be filled with drinks, spontaneous theater, and a jumping after-party.

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About the Company: The Dirty Blondes

THE DIRTY BLONDES is a new Brooklyn based theater company focused on creating productions that subvert national stereotypes with an edge of intellect and maturity – to present works using techniques that are identifiable yet unexpected. Founding members include director Alexandra Siladi, manager Elizabeth Sarkadyplaywright Ashley Jacobson, associate producer Matt Yeager, and lighting designer John Wilder

Start the Car: Getting Lost  | Open: 10/10/13 Close: 10/10/13
 Start the Car Multimedia Storytelling Series presents Getting Lost on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY.  Tickets are $8 in advance ($12 at the door) and can be purchased at  Doors open at 7pm, and stories will begin at 8pm.  This event is 21 and over; seasonal drink specials will be available for purchase.

Getting Lost features storytelling from Zefrey Throwell (Whitney, MoMa), Hollis Witherspoon (Comedy Central, The PIT, WBAI), Elena Megalos (The Moth), Jenny Zhang (LMCC, Rookie Mag), Chris Stackhouse (Poet, Art in America), Benaifer Bhadha (Narativ), and Nathaniel Sullivan (Flux Factory, This Red Door).

Start The Car is a multimedia storytelling series featuring a diverse panel of writer/artist/performers at Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The event brings together artists, writers, and performers that may utilize various creative multimedia to support an “alternative presentation” of a narrative structure. A rotating line-up of storytellers offer up diverse essays, non-fiction and fictionalized stories based around a loose theme and are encouraged to use sound, pictures, written and spoken word, video, music, images, collaboration and any other modes to creatively enhance the narrative.

Common Performs @ Farewell Summer 2012  | Open: 09/27/12 Close: 09/27/12
Our annual end of the summer celebration to benefit the E3: Education, Entrepreneurship Entertainment Scholarship awarded to students who demonstrate academic achievement and a desire to work in the arts entertainment industries through entrepreneurial pursuit.


Suspended Cirque Presents "under The Tree"  | Open: 12/22/10 Close: 12/23/10
  Under The Tree is the latest show by Suspended Cirque, New York City’s only Aerial Theater company.  The story begins under the tree, when all the toys come to life by flying over head and flipping across the stage exhibiting their own strange set of predilections and neuroses.

Under The Tree uses all parts of the venue as performance space – the stage, the aisles, among the seats, and over the audience’s heads.  While sipping cocktails, the audience literally gets swallowed by the show.  This ability to perform all around the audience is unique to the Galapagos Art Space and makes for a unique and intimate New York experience.

This show is for New Yorkers by New Yorkers with its sophistication, wry wit, and raw nerve.  Barbie gets dizzy in a spinning hoop, a snarky candy cane explores what it means to be fresh, and the angel on the tree loses her wings.  At first the toys enjoy discovering their unique abilities, but soon come to realize that the holidays are not all about the gifts we receive (which in this case happens to be them!).  

About the Company: Suspended Cirque

Suspended Cirque has created a new genre of aerial performance, integrating breathtaking aerial acrobatics, Their site-specific performance is inspired by the dramatic and unique qualities of the Galapagos Art Space — the audience sits on several large steel islands, surrounded by water on almost all sides. The performance takes place above, around, below, among the audience — no part of the performance space is left unexplored, and the audience is an integral part of the entertainment.

Swingin' At Jack's: An Aerial Circus Cabaret  | Open: 04/04/10 Close: 04/25/10
The year is 1947 and Jack’s gin joint is the hottest place in town. From the moment you walk in, you realize you are in another era.  The saucy French maitre-d orders you to take your seat as the flirty cigarette girls try to sell you a jujubee along with your cigarette. Above, the strapping stagehand rigs apparatuses for the show when suddenly the sultry songstress who stole Jack’s heart shows up.  The party goes into full swing (so to speak) as this cast of saucy characters kicks up their heels to the best jazz ensemble this side of the river. Watch their personal dramas unfold in the air (on ropes, trapezes, and hoops) and below (dancing, singing, and playing instruments) all with a little sass, class, a wink, and a smile. Dress up in your 40’s best and be swept into a decadent swing-time era where everything unfolds practically in your lap. You know you’ve found real intimacy when you can reach out and touch it

Orpheus & The Plastic Masquerade  | Open: 02/13/10 Close: 02/20/10
On the heels of a nearly sold-out concert at Joe’s Pub, BUILT FOR COLLAPSE is proud to present the music of Minq Vaadka in ORPHEUS & THE PLASTIC MASQUERADE, a feverish new theatrical rock spectacle featuring Minq’s latest album THE PLASTIC MASQUERADE as a live score set to a violent re-imagining of the Orpheus & Eurydice myth.  Get ready for a ‘communal celebration’ that will barrage the senses physically, emotionally, and intellectually with innovative choreography, mind-blowing acrobatics, bold design, and a rocked out cast. It’s sure to be a show of mythical proportions.  

In addition to a live music performance by Minq Vaadka as Hades, ORPHEUS stars Ben Hobbs in the title role alongside a company of dancers featuring: Erica Ackerman, Fernando Contreras, Eddie Gutierrez, Maggie Lockhart, Katie Palmer, Deb Silver, Dante Sterling, Sean Tibangin, Lauren Ullrich, & Inna Yureneva. Costume design is by Matt Rodrigues and the lighting design is done by Andrew Neisler. Produced by Built for Collapse in association with Alexander Greenfield.



Floating Brothel  | Open: 11/16/09 Close: 11/16/09
London, 1789. A whirlpool of filth, thievery and political unrest. Jails overflow with petty criminals, many of them women forced out of work and onto the streets as jobs are reclaimed by soldiers returning from the American war. The penal code hasn't been updated in more than a century, and crimes as trivial as pickpocketing are hanging offenses. Faced with a legal system in crisis, and a growing humanist movement opposed to executions, the courts hit upon an innovative solution: ship the woman convicts to Australia to revive the failing all-male penal colony in New South Wales.

Adapted from historical accounts, FLOATING BROTHEL follows three of these womenâ€"a down-on-her luck country girl, a thirteen-year old prostitute and a high-class con artistâ€"on their harrowing year-long voyage from the underbelly of London to the underside of the world. Performed by five actors on a 3 x 6 platform, the epic tale unfolds in a radically reduced space that functions as a camera lens, enabling cinematic shifts in time, scale and location. Through the course of an hour, using only their bodies and a handful of props, the ensemble creates myriad characters and locales, transforming the raw platform into the bustle of London, the din of the courtroom, the dank bilge of the ship, and the rolling expanse of the ocean.

Urbanopolis  | Open: 08/14/09 Close: 08/16/09
 URBANOPOLIS is the newest creation of the dynamic troupe Suspended Cirque, who have been packing the house at Galapagos Art Space. This new show follows a young man as he falls into a futuristic urban labyrinth where sirens crawl along steel girders, a dying phoenix plays her violin, women float on chains, a mechanical doll comes to life, and everything spins out of control. With the help of a mischievous pan-like creature, our young man tries to find his way back home. This tale plays out in the air, on the walls, and in the water, inviting the audience to become a part of the action, toasting the bacchanalian feast and feeling the heat of the performers. Spectators will delight in never quite knowing where to look or what to expect as anything is possible in this urban jungle.

SUSPENDED CIRQUE is a talented and experienced group of performers who integrate breathtaking aerial acrobatics with theater to create performances that are unique to the space in which they take place. They perform on traditional circus apparatuses as well as new and innovative aerial equipment such as frames, chains and chandeliers. They also sing, dance, and play a variety of instruments. Suspended Cirque’s “Across the Water” was lauded for the “poignant intimacy in the daredevilry.” --Leigh Witchel, Dance Writer (NY POST, Ballet Review)

Suspended Cirque: Across The Water  | Open: 05/28/09 Close: 05/31/09
 Across the Water packed the house at Galapagos April 3rd.  Because  so many  people were not able to get in, Suspended Cirque is extending their run of Across the Water.

This event may have been met with such overwhelming enthusiasm, because it is different.  It happens in intervals, around the audience-above them, in front of them, behind them- always engaging, never overwhelming.

Suspended Cirque, a talented and experienced group of performers are taking aerial work and acrobatics to another level, creating an evening that is unlike any other Friday night out.  The pieces seen throughout the evening are site specific to Galapagos, using the space and the theme of water as artistic guides. Sensual without being burlesquey, artsy without being obscure, entertaining without trying too hard, Suspended Cirque presents an evening that is a little "De la Guarda" meets "O" done Brooklyn style.

This dynamic aerial troupe will perform on silk, trapeze, hoop, and just about anything that can be suspended. Cast of Suspended Cirque include: Joshua Dean, Ben Franklin, Michelle Dortignac, Angela Jones, Kristin Olness and Jennifer Avery. Members have been seen on Broadway in Cabaret, The Joyce Theater, Lincoln Center, National and International Touring Companies and performed with such names as Twyla Tharp. They have also been featured on the Sundance Channel, Good Day New York, an American Express Commercial, and soon to be featured on NOVA.  Reviews have included "powerful stage presence" New York Times, and "compelling images" Backstage

Across The Water  | Open: 04/03/09 Close: 04/03/09
 Across the Water is not a show, but a world! You enter the space to see bodies suspended above the water dancing with their own reflections. You take a seat on the couch on one of the small urban islands and look up to see a girl. She spins above you occasionally dipping her toe into the water that surrounds your island. She disappears over one of the bridges and the Friday night chatter starts up again until two men take the stage.  They play with water in a languid dance and the evening has just begun. Across the Water happens around the audience-above them, in front of them, behind them- always engaging, never overwhelming.

Art Jam  | Open: 12/20/05 Close: 12/20/05
Julie Goldman, Joseph Keckler, Collective Opera Company and More!

December's ART JAM is thicker than jelly with an eclectic line up of comedy, performance art, opera, burlesque and drag! The evening begins with COLLECTIVE OPERA COMPANY's presentation of "LAXmas," a fantasia that re-imagines the holidays in Southern California. Dubbed "the new Gilda Radner" by Curve magazine, JULIE GOLDMAN takes a break from touring nationally to bring her brash, bold and uproarious comedy to a hometown crowd. Following a successful run at Ars Nova earlier this year, "Planet Banana's" SILVIA blends the silly and the sophisticated. Whether she's smoking a "blunt" while hula-hooping, or crooning a bassa nova tune, Silvia is pure enchantment. Musical performance artists JOSEPH KECKLER and ERIN MARKEY are sure to make their Michigan mothers blush with their twisted take on the typical Midwestern Christmas. And if this weren't enough, ART JAM is pleased to present the New York City debut of WANG NEWTON! Sporting a post-modern race and gender-bending take on the iconic Vegas showman, Wayne Newton, this Philadelphia-based lounge lizard wants you to "ruv" him. Stick around for a post-show cool down in the Galapagos black box featuring a special screening of NEGATIVLAND's "Mashin' of the Christ."