Pier 25

Todays Date: 06/27/22
Last Update: 10/19/05 09:48:58 PM

Address: West Side Highway at North Moore St
New York, NY   

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William Shakespeare’s Haunted Pier  | Open: 10/29/05 Close: 10/31/05
An Interactive Halloween event featuring 20 performers leading audiences on a walking tour around Pier 25 and onto the docks of the historic Yankee Ferry. As the audience travels through the "haunted pier," characters such as Macbeth and the Witches, Hamlet, Caliban and Romeo & Juliet will appear, each speaking words penned over 400 years ago. Crowds will be lead through the Hall of Fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream, examine Julius Caesar's wounds, dip toes into Ophelia's Riverbed of Death (Hamlet), journey through a Shakespearian Chamber of Darkness and dine at the table of Titus Andronicus.

There will be a special section of the pier for youngsters – where the action isn't quite so scary