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Macbeth  | Open: 06/01/13 Close: 06/15/13
Following a January workshop and 6 April performances at schools and professional venues in Istanbul, the Tempest Ladies return to NYC with their take on the classic Scottish Play. Directed by Lindsay Tanner, this dark tale is told from the perspective of five mysterious witches (Stella Berg, Stacey Bone-Gleason, Laura Borgwardt, Julia Giolzetti, and Holly Hart), who portray more than twenty-five characters--though no one stays in the same role for long: the actors seamlessly change characters from scene to scene.

In Macbeth, the legendary Scottish thane and his powerful wife murder their way to the top, only to later suffer the devastating consequences. More complexity is added to the story by having women portray both genders: wives, warriors, children, and kings. Using instruments, fabric, song, movement, and imagination, the audience is fully immersed and incorporated into the experience. Macbeth is 90 minutes with no intermission.

About the Company: The Tempest Ladies, LLC

Spirits to enforce; art to enchant.

Beyond Therapy  | Open: 05/02/07 Close: 05/20/07
NEW YORK DEAF THEATRE (Aaron Kubey. Artistic Director) presents "BEYOND THERAPY," a revival of the classic 1981 comedy by CHRISTOPHER DURANG (Adrift In Macao, Miss Witherspoon) about two mismatched singles who try to navigate a relationship despite the involvement of their crazy therapists.

"BEYOND THERAPY" traces the precarious romance of Bruce and Prudence, two hapless singles who initially meet through a personal ad. After an utterly disastrous first date, the dejected pair retreat to their respective analysts. Prudence's therapist (a lecherous bully with designs of his own on her) insists that she learn to accept imperfection, while Bruce's scatterbrained analyst gleefully suggests another ad with a much-revised personal description. But again Prudence answers the call. Chaos ensues as the bisexual Bruce's live-in boyfriend becomes jealous of the budding lovebirds and takes matters into his own hands. Is their relationship star-crossed, or can Bruce and Prudence find happiness living "beyond therapy?"

The play will be performed in American Sign Language (ASL), but non-deaf audiences will be able to enjoy the show as well, thanks to two voice actors who are incorporated into the world of the play. According to Artistic Director Aaron Kubey, "The technique we use when we incorporate our voice actors on the stage with our deaf actors is a seamless one, in which we place them in the scene as background actors. For instance, in the opening restaurant scene, our voice actors would be another couple enjoying a dinner while the lead characters meet for the first time. It's our goal to try and incorporate the voices into the scene as closely as possible, but allow the focus to remain on the deaf actors."

Valpraiso  | Open: 10/20/05 Close: 11/05/05
Following Michael Majeski as he recounts a series of comical and endearing mishaps on a seemingly simple business trip to Indiana, it is a trip backwards to startling revelations. Michael offers his story to radio hosts, talk shows, and filmmakers, but the spotlight requires a little more; his marriage, his past, and his soul become sacrifices to the satellite skies.