Notre Dame Theatre

Todays Date: 06/26/22
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Address: 237 W. 13th Street (near 8th Avenue
New York, NY    10011

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The Winter's Tale  | Open: 10/14/05 Close: 10/16/05
Jealous rage. Senseless loss. Beautiful redemption. Funny noses.

Shakespeare's Winter's Tale is a tragic comedy of abandonment, madness, sheep-shearing, and bears, with a magical conclusion. This production, directed by Julia Whitworth, is a wild ride featuring clowns, hippies, stuffy Boston bureaucrats, music and dancing.

The Magis Theatre Company has been training, teaching, and developing as an ensemble over the past two years. The members of this actor-driven company have come together to create heightened text performances that draw on techniques from the ancient theatre and the timeless world of Clown.