Downstairs at the Monster

Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 11/24/05 01:31:51 PM
Address: 80 Grove Street
New York, NY   

Location: Near 7th Avenue South and Christopher Street
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Subway Info: Take the 1 or 9 train to Christopher Street

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The Lady In Question  | Open: 12/05/05 Close: 12/07/05
A special benefit staged reading.

A free wheeling satire of patriotic 1940's thrillers such as Notorious and Escape, The Lady in Question tells the suspenseful tale of Gertrude Garnet, the most glamorous concert pianist on the international stage. On tour in 1940 Bavaria, her colossal self-absorption is challenged when a handsome American professor engages her aid in rescuing his mother from a Nazi prison.
Downstairs at The Monster
80 Grove Street at Sheridan Square

All proceeds of the benefit shall go toward the upcoming production of Constance Congdon's
Dog Opera. Contributions to TOSOS II are tax deductible.

Apathy- The Gen X Musical  | Open: 10/21/05 Close: 11/01/05
entertaining and provocative musical of APATHY first premiered in 1995 at the Florida Playwright's Theatre in Hollywood, Florida and was the longest running production in the history of that theatre. Just this past July, a revival of the show played to sold out houses during the 6th Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival here in NYC. Now the production has proudly joined the Spotlight On Halloween Festival at the Monster for a very special CONCERT presentation featuring members of both the original 1995 and the 2005 revival casts. It's the "HAIR" of the 90's that bit you. F*CK RENT!
The Cobra Lady Strikes  | Open: 10/17/05 Close: 10/29/05
"The Cobra Lady Strikes" is a hysterical spoof of 1940s movie serials. The diabolical Cobra Lady has secured the plans for a weapon of destructive power called The Dynamic Vibrator. With the aid of a mad scientist, she hopes to build the device to fulfill her dream of world conquest. Can a wisecracking girl newspaper reporter and a Broadway musical theatre leading man stop the Cobra Lady in time? To be continued....

This play will be appearing in the 2005 Spotlight On Halloween Festival, presented by Spotlight On Productions and Frank Calo.