Bennigans in Times Square

Todays Date: 06/27/22
Last Update: 10/26/05 05:51:38 PM
Address: 771 8th Avenue
New York, NY   

Location: At 47th Street, 2nd Floor
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Take the A, C E train to 42nd Street or the E or C train to 50th Street

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Three Children  | Open: 11/04/05 Close: 11/21/05
The play deals with timely issues of displacement and identity as three Chinese immigrants journey back to a childhood growing up within the harrowing world of post-colonial Malaysia where baby girls are sold for five dollars each and where lost souls roam the earth.
Most Happy  | Open: 10/07/05 Close: 10/24/05
A deliciously subversive and thought-provoking drama set in Henry VIII's Tudor Court where Anne Boleyn and her sister Mary conspire to topple the wave of Catholic imperialism with the aid of poet Thomas Wyatt. A sexy, proto-feminist romance based on real historical events.