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The Imaginary Invalid: By Prescription Only  | Open: 06/12/09 Close: 06/27/09
She's got the symptoms... But her doctors are the real disease. Arganne is a woman past her prime; a wealthy, aging hypochondriac preyed upon by a gold-digging husband and a rebellious daughter who copes by downing pills prescribed by a sexy, writhing chorus of drug-peddling incompetent doctors. Together, her maligned assistant and exasperated sister must figure how to get rid of the doctors and save Arganne's life before it's too late. This exciting new show combines the current issue of prescription medication abuse with Molière's classic hypochondriac story, using sexy rock music and vivid movement and dance to create a hilarious and dark comedic tale. (A previous version of this show premiered as part of the Looking Glass Theatre's Writer/Director Forum.)

Born and raised in New York, Playwright and Director ALIZA SHANE most recently wrote and directed THE SPANISH WIVES, A GROOVY TALE OF PEACE, LOVE & RESTORATION at The Looking Glass Theatre. Before that, she wrote and directed the Looking Glass's popular children's show THE THREE SILLIES, which won Ms. Shane a New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Short Script. An artistic associate of The Looking Glass, she has also directed four new works as part of the theatre's Writer/Director Forum, garnering multiple artistic awards from the theatre. Ms. Shane also serves as the Producer of the Looking Glass Theatre Writer/Director Forum. Other directing experience includes: THE ACOUSTIC NERVE (Groove Mama Ink) at the Gene Frankel Theatre, HAMLET, THE FIRST QUARTO at Genesis Repertory, and CABARET: A NEW WORLD (Towards Truth Prod.). Ms. Shane also co-directed THE BACCHAE (Cypreco Theatre Co.), which was performed at the Cyprus Consulate and the HBO Summer Stage. She ! earned a BA in Theatre from Queens College.


Sodom's Wife  | Open: 11/11/05 Close: 11/13/05
A city punished. A woman torn.
The story of a people destroyed, and she who heard their voices. Combining movement with fearless storytelling, SODOM'S WIFE weaves the Biblical story of Sodom's destruction with a modern sensibility.

Who were the people of Sodom? Were their sins so grievous? Who are the righteous? And what about Lot's wife? Who was she? Why did she turn around? What did she see?

Assistant Directed by: Maximillian Davis

The Transformation of Dr. Jekyll  | Open: 09/23/05 Close: 09/25/05
A new take on the classic story "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde."
Directed by Edward Elefterion