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Address: 312 West 36th Street
New York, NY   

Location: (between 8th & 9th Avenues)

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Tru 2011 Audition Event  | Open: 04/02/11 Close: 04/03/11

Theater Resources Unlimited, in association with Actors Access, Actors Connection, Back Stage, The Barrow Group Theatre Company & Acting School, Paul Michael's The Network, The Players Theatre, Precision Photos/36th Street Studio, Ripley-Greer Studios, Shakespeare Mailing and Weist-Barron Studios, presents the TRU 2011 Audition Event on Saturday and Sunday, April 2 and 3, 2011 from 10am to 6pm at The Barrow Group TBG Theatre, 312 W. 36th Street, 3rd floor, NYC.  Registration is $45 (postmarked before February 28) and $60 (February 28-March 18).  Applications are available at 
More than 40 New York area producers, theater companies, writers and directors will sit in on two days of auditions.  Actors can sign up to be seen by them and by at least two top New York agents and/or casting directors in this unique Combined Audition open to Equity and non-union actors. The venue is handicap-accessible, and actors with disabilities are encouraged to apply and inspire attendees with the possibility of greater diversity in casting.
2010 Auditors included 13th Street Rep, Abingdon Theatre Company/Cabaret, Aching Dogs, Acme Theatre Factory, The Actor's Project NYC, Animated Theatreworks, The Artists’ Playground Theatre, Civil War Voices, Cross-Eyed Bear Productions, Fully Flighted Productions, Inc., Hudson River Repertory Company, Janazak Productions, John Montgomery Theatre Company, The Killing Kompany, Looking Glass Theatre, Manhattan TheatreSource, McCarter Theatre Centre (Princeton), Milk Can Theatre Co., NY Artists Unlimited, Oberon Theatre Ensemble, Off the Leash Prod., Original Theatre Works, Peccadillo Theater Company, PIM Repertory Group, Premiere Productions, Pulse Ensemble Theatre, Rebellious Subjects Theatre, Rising Sun Performance Company, The Simon Studio, Small Pond Entertainment, Terrence Montgomery Productions, TheaterSmarts, Theatre East, Threshhold Theatre Company, Triangle Theatre, Trinity Players, TRU Voices Play Reading Series, Turtle Shell Productions, Wildfire Productions, Wildly Productive Productions, WorkShop Theater Co. plus independent producers, writers and directors.
Registration is $45 (postmarked before February 28) and $60 (February 28-March 18).  Applications are available at  There is a $5 discount for any current paid member of TRU, as well as AEA members (does not apply to Membership/Audition package).  In addition, there is a free INFORMATION/MEET THE COACHES session on Sunday, March 6 from 5pm to 9pm to prepare actors for the TRU Audition with a seminar led by TRU Actor Program Director Jaye Maynard and Audition Event Coordinator Clyde Baldo.  Actors will meet a dozen audition & vocal coaches, followed by a wine & cheese reception, plus Q&A about the event.  FREE with registration for the TRU 2011 Audition Event. 
Fantasy Football: The Musical?  | Open: 10/01/09 Close: 10/08/09
September 1991, NYC. “The Golden Girls” and “Arsenio Hall” are duking it out for ratings supremacy, and stonewashed jeans and sideways ponytails are making everyone look “totally awesome.” Matthew Berry was the greatest sports journalist his college had ever seen. Unfortunately, he's finding adult life to be not nearly so accepting. Apparently an amazingly comprehensive knowledge of all sports statistics is not enough to land his dream job as an anchor on ESPN’s “SportsCenter.” Meanwhile, his old pal Bill Simmons is running a small, underground gambling operation and is barely able to keep it afloat. Together they find their salvation in “the ultimate sports fan experience” fantasy football. Fantasy Football: The Musical? features songs including “Sports Is My Religion," "Man Friends," and "The 1980's-Style Movie Montage Song About the Rules of Fantasy Football.”

 Fantasy Football: The Musical? - The Off-Season
Prior to the start of the '08-'09 NBA season,'s "The Sports Guy" Bill Simmons and the "The Talented Mr. Roto" Matthew Berry announced their plans to organize a fantasy basketball league with eight fans. The application was simple: a one-paragraph email stating what you would do in order to get into this league. The applications, many of them hilarious, ran the gamut from the rights to name a first-born child to sob stories about how depressing it is to be a Seattle sports fan nowadays.

David Ingber’s application stated that he would write and compose an original piece of musical theater that paid homage to the fantasy culture, with Bill and Matthew as the main characters. The real Bill and Matthew spent a couple minutes on their podcast/XM radio show discussing the idea, pushing me through to the "final round." Ultimately, however, they decided to go with what they admitted had shades of affirmative action: one Seattle fan, one member of the US Military, one female fan, etc. David’s application was excluded on the grounds that they did not know me, and that it was entirely possible my musical would be an absolute train wreck. Fair enough.

Having been locked out of the "SimmonBerry Fantasy League," motivations changed. Ingber no longer cared about joining the celebrity league but rather to create a piece of theater that would celebrate the world of sports fandom, create a show that would open the world of musical theatre to the masses of sports-lovin’-non-theatre-goers that are out there and introduce the theatre-lovin’non-sports fans to the reasons being a sports fan is fantastic.

The cast includes: Nick Spangler (Winner of “The Amazing Race”, Off-Broadway: The Fantasticks! GIANT ) will star along with, Patrick Benedict (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Forever Plaid), Rob Hinderliter (Pinkalicious The Musical College: The Musical), Emily McNamara (starred and co-wroteThe Awesome 80’s Prom, My First Time), Jeff Nathan (film: Almost Normal), Ben Steinfeld (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson), Nick Sullivan (Bway: Footloose Off-Bway: Lone Star Love), Sam Tedaldi (Mrs. Sharp, Naked Angels’ The Black Crook) and Christine Pedi (Drama Desk nomination an LA Ovation award Forbidden Broadway, Broadway: Talk Radio). Creative team includes: Steven Kemp (Set Designer), Emily DeAngelis (Costume Designer), Christian DeAngelis (Lighting Designer), Toby Algya (Sound Designer).

Fantasy Football: The Musical? is produced by Kristin Johnson Productions LLC


The Temperamentals  | Open: 04/30/09 Close: 05/04/09
The Temperamentals" tells the story of two men - the communist Harry Hay and the young Viennese refugee and designer Rudi Gernreich, weaving together the personal and the political to tell a relatively unknown chapter in gay history. It explores the deepening love between two complex men, while they build the first gay rights organization in the United States pre Stonewall. This is the perilous, unpredictable world these men inhabit as their impossible dream of forming such an unheard of organization becomes a reality. They must navigate their relationship in new and surprising ways. "The Temperamentals" is an intimate portrayal of the men who created history and the epic struggles they overcame. The characters consist of the actual men who founded the Mattachine Society, as well as prominent figures of the time such as Frank Tavener of the House Un-American Committee and the director Vincente Minnelli.

Who You See Here  | Open: 03/06/09 Close: 03/23/09
WHO YOU SEE HERE is a four-character comedy about a small town couple whose love is tested when a charismatic but troubled movie star stumbles into their local AA meeting.

OPA! - The Musical  | Open: 07/16/08 Close: 08/06/08
Book by Mari Carras & Laurel Ollstein
Lyrics by Mari Carras & Nick Kitsopoulos
Music by Nicholas Carras & Nick Kitsopoulos
Choreography by Wendy Waring
Greek dance consultant: Athan Karras
Directed by Spiro Veloudos
Musical Direction by Micah Young

OPA! a new musical about life and love on a forgotten Grecian isle.
The tiny Greek island of Elia has been left off the national map since....forever. Come meet the quirky villagers who desperately seek recognition from the outside world and each other. OPA! Let the singing and dancing begin.

OPA! a new musical about life and love on a forgotten Grecian isle.
The tiny Greek island of Elia has been left off the national map since...forever. Today, Costa the newly elected mayor, tries to reinvigorate the dispassionate villagers by announcing his recent discovery of the island on a globe. When a cruise ship is spotted from a distance heading straight for the island, the villagers band together in a desperate attempt to gain recognition from the outside world, and from each other. The mayhem that ensues ends up helping the villagers ‘see' their hidden selves along the way - the main message being to never hide your true self and to always to live a life of "OPA!" Let the singing and dancing begin.

Chekhov & Maria  | Open: 07/07/06 Close: 07/30/06
A new drama about the famed playwright and his sister.

Set in Yalta in the early 1900s, CHEKHOV & MARIA is a bittersweet portrait of the famed Russian playwright. With his health rapidly deteriorating, Anton struggles to complete his masterwork The Cherry Orchard. At his side is his possessive sister Maria, prodding him to write while strictly maintaining her brothers affairs and keeping him away from his new wife Olga.

The American Dream and Other Fractured Fairy Tales  | Open: 10/19/05 Close: 10/30/05
What is "The American Dream?" Is it real? Or is it just an ideal? And how do you get it? Does it inspire us? Or enslave us? "The American Dream and Other Fractured Fairy Tales," highlights a cross section of characters as they struggle to try and find some meaning in their lives, some common sense to hold on to and to attain their "American Dream" in the often harsh, confusing and sometimes, frightening landscape that is today's America.

Combining live music and stories by Jesse Cameron Alick, Erin Blackwell, Cusi Cram, Steven Dietz, Brian Dykstra, Rebecca Gilman, Kristina Halvorson, Allison Moore, Robin Rothstein & Sarah Schulman, their poignant, often hysterically funny and heartbreaking tales bring to life the daily battle against ignorance, greed and overwhelming apathy.

Cast: Stephen Byers*, Cherish Monique Duke, David A. Ellis*, Talene Kelly, Jerome McIntosh, Jessica Myhr, Jack Perry, Grace Savage & Liza St. John*.

Conceived & Directed by: Deborah Mathieu-Byers
Stage Manager: Jessica Pecharsky*
Musical Director: Stephen Byers
Lighting Design: Annmarie Duggan & Christopher Reising for AMD DESIGNS
Sound Engineer: Mike Gonzalez
Stage Design & Poster Art: Deborah Mathieu-Byers
Assistant Stage Manager: Jodi M. Witherell
Box Office & Concessions Manager: Jules Leo

* a member of Actors Equity Association/An Equity Approved Showcase

Medal Of Honor Rag  | Open: 09/23/05 Close: 10/10/05
Based on a true story, MEDAL OF HONOR RAG details the relationship between a psychiatrist and one of his patients, a troubled Vietnam veteran. Dale "DJ" Jackson has been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery in Vietnam. Yet upon returning to the States, his life is soon forced into a downward spiral of depravity and depression. He eventually winds up at Valley Forge Hospital where he plows his way through several incompetent psychiatrists until finally meeting his match with a New York City-based doctor who, in one difficult session, forces him to face his demons. In the course of this first session, DJ's story, both of Vietnam and his homecoming, unfolds, and the audience is allowed to witness the ramifications of a country that throws its young into a chaotic whirlpool and leaves them to fend for themselves upon returning home.
The Unknown  | Open: 09/23/05 Close: 10/01/05
Music and musical director: Shane Rettig
Presented by P73 Productions

At the center of the sleazy sideshow world of THE UNKNOWN stands Alonzo the Armless Wonder, a carnival knife thrower who is madly in love with Joan, his luscious and mysterious target. Alonzo's love gives birth to an obsession so powerful that it tests the limits of sanity and drives him to the brink of madness and murder. Twists and turns come flying at full speed in this freak show of dreams, where nothing is what it seems and where love and be twisted by hatred in an instant. A thrilling carnival ride about that madness that can ensure when love comes your way. Based on the 1927 cult film Freaks by Todd Browning and starring Lon Chaney, Sr. and Joan Crawford.

Reluctant Pilgrim  | Open: 09/25/05 Close: 09/28/05
An Evening Celebrating the Lesser-Known Songs of Stephen Schwartz
The Banger's Flopera - A Musical Perversion  | Open: 09/13/05 Close: 09/25/05
"The Banger's Flopera is the quintessential counter-culture acid rock and rap musical that would render Max Bialystock of Broadway's The Producers or even Brecht and Weill's own version of MacHeath as wimps by comparison." -

Part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival