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Character Forum: A Thesis  | Open: 09/07/05 Close: 10/02/05
The comedy CHARACTER FORUM: A THESIS features Katie as Columbia student Rayna Bernham, who must present her thesis project to the graduate committee. For her presentation, she brings in an eclectic panel of folks from all walks of life, from Kathy Kapooshioke – an entrepreneur from Minnesota – to a butcher named Butch, among others. Rayna's first crack as a talk show host treats audiences to outlandishly funny results. But as Rayna attempts to get this motley crew to become more self-introspective, it becomes painfully clear that she is the one really in need of some self-awareness.
Stars In My Eyes  | Open: 09/04/05 Close: 09/06/05
Stars In My Eyes is about the movies and movie stars of Hollywood's Golden Era. Michael Boothroyd directs and adapted the play based on the poetry of Edward Field. While the poetry is named after real films and actual film stars, the poems are a fusion of many films, many film stars and many Hollywood folk tales.

The performance concept for Stars In My Eyes combines the traditions of oral interpretation, or spoken word, performance with traditional theater staging. Each poem has a narrator, essentially a person watching the film or telling a story. While the narrator speaks the words of the poetry, the other members of the ensemble will act out the snippets of the scenes being described.
The costumes featured in Stars In My Eyes are vintage designs from the Goldern Era of Hollywood. Part of the Fashion PlayFest.