Mazer Theatre

Todays Date: 07/02/22
Last Update: 10/11/06 03:24:44 PM
Address: 197 East Broadway
New York, NY   

Location: (Enterance at Jefferson Street)
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Subway Info: Take the F train to East Broadway

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The Brothers Karamazov  | Open: 10/14/06 Close: 10/29/06
"The company is thrilled to present this powerful new dramatization of the Russian master's story of three brothers coming to terms with themselves and each other in the midst of a crossfire of greed, lust, and suspicion that seems destined to destroy their family," said Tal Aviezer, director of this production and Artistic Director of RMTG.
Legend of the Gypsy Bride  | Open: 08/14/05 Close: 08/27/05
In Legend Of The Gypsy Bride the 15-member Sacred Clowns Performance Orchestra assumes all the roles, unfolding an exciting and electric evening of sensorial theatre. A modern day Beggar's Opera, the story follows an alcoholic writer who stumbles upon a band of quarrelsome Gypsies under a highway in Queens. Seeing the writer as their ticket to Hollywood riches, they weave a darkly comic tale for him about a depressed Gypsy dancer and her suitors. Filled with passion, intrigue, and the joyous celebration of a Gypsy wedding, the story turns very real for the writer as he becomes involved in the Gypsy Bride's search for meaning.

Gypsy melodies from Transylvania and Hungary are adapted by George Kalan, additional music by David Jenness, George Kalan, Aron Szekely and Raven Solano, Gypsy choreography by Andrea Kalan, with additional choreography by Chemda