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Gone Fission, Or Alternative Power  | Open: 07/31/10 Close: 09/12/10
Theater for the New City's award-winning Street Theater Company opens its 34th annual tour July 31 with GONE FISSION, OR ALTERNATIVE POWER, an Operatta for the Street.  The rip-roaring production will tour City streets, parks and playgrounds throughout the five boroughs through September 12. The production, free to all New Yorkers, will have book, lyrics and direction by Crystal Field and musical score composed by Joseph Vernon Banks.

When an out-of-work Account Executive takes a survival job as a Census Taker, he visits a fish restaurant.  A hurricane transforms the place to a Louisiana Bayou, where Father Neptune is conducting a summit with the creatures of the sea.  Our hero's job is to count, but he also listens.  He learns that animals are people, too; they are just like the gay couple in 3E, the single mom in 5D, the gang member in 6A, the illlegal immigrant family in 4B and Lady Gaga in the Lobby.     He sees that the human race is an important part of the Animal Kingdom and learns "dissenting" notions he would have considered fishy, like offshore drilling is disgraceful and that you shouldn't dig for coal by lopping off the top of a mountain.  He even learns there are alternative lifestyles to world domination and empire building.  The operetta features a La Vegas style Can-Can number called "Investors' Russian Roulette" and a Sea Creatures Anthem, "We Are The Animals."

The Census Taker takes his neighbors so seriously that he realizes that grassroots organizing is the way to go.  When he goes to an angry Community Board meeting with a chorus of shrimp, fish, dolphins, a pelican, and a polar bear, led by Father Neptune, to plead the case for Alternative Power, the meeting elects him as a public member. He considers a run for City Council. As Father Neptune says, “You’ve gotta start somewhere!”

The sea creatures are played by actors in gigantic fish costumes made by Hollywood special effects maven David "Zen" Mansley.  The mountain plays itself. There are seven production numbers, a live five-piece band and a company of 50.

Sat, July 31st - 2PM - Manhattan - TNC, East 10th Street at 1st Avenue
Sun, August 1st - 2PM – Manhattan – Jackie Robinson Park, W. 147th Street & Bradhurst Avenue
Sat, August 7th - 2PM - Bronx - St. Mary's Park at 147th St. & St. Ann's Ave
Sun, August 8th - 2PM - Brooklyn - Herbert Von King Park at Marcy & Tompkins
Fri, August 13th -  8PM - Brooklyn - Coney Island Boardwalk at W. 10th St.
Sat, August 14th - 2PM – Manhattan - Tompkins Square Park at E. 7th St and Ave. A
Sun, August 15th - 2PM – Manhattan – Central Park Bandshell, 72nd Street Crosswalk
Sat, August 21st - 2PM - Brooklyn - Prospect Park Concert Grove
Sun, August 22nd - 2PM - Queens – Travers Park, 34th Ave between 77th & 78th Streets
Sat, August 28th - 2PM – Manhattan - Wise Towers at W. 90th St bet. - Columbus & Amsterdam
Sun, August 29th - 2PM – Manhattan - Washington Square Park
Sat, September 11th - 2PM - Staten Island – Sobel Court & Bowen Street
Sun, September 12th - 2PM - Manhattan - St. Marks Church, E. 10th St at 2nd Ave

CityParks Theater presented by Time Warner - Peopled by junkies, pimps, drag queens, sweatshops workers, crooked cops, prisoners, lovers, and dreamers, Melvin Van Peebles' Ain't Supposed To Die A Natural Death is a tradition shattering and trend setting work which reinvigorated artistic explorations of urban life through new forms, including spoken word and rap music. Ain't Supposed To Die A Natural Death was a huge hit on Broadway in its original inception running for 325 performances and garnering seven Tony nominations, including Best Musical. This production, interpreted vividly by The Classical Theatre of Harlem, remains raucous, irreverent, and as participatory as ever. **Ain't Supposed to Die a Natural Death contains adult language and content intended for mature audiences**Ticket Price- FREE, CityParks Theater presented by Time Warner. For more information go to
CityParks Theater presented by Time Warner -Taking inspiration from the legendary speeches, interviews, and private notes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the obscured history of his last days shine with new meaning in this powerful performance. The Last Year in the Life..., directed by Tom Ridgley, succeeds by adding new texture to the untold King history with soulful songs, pithy readings, and stunning performances that will rouse and inspire. Although Dr. King was known as a pacifist, this stunning re-enactment reveals the intensity and fiery determination behind the quiet storm that was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ticket Price- FREE, CityParks Theater presented by Time Warner. For more information go to
Rock, Paper, Scissors  | Open: 07/22/08 Close: 07/31/08
CityParks Theater presented by Time Warner - Rock, Paper, Scissors, three short plays written by Ben Snyder and directed by Kamilah Forbes, explores a relationship between the U.S. Army and the hip hop industry, teamed up to enlist young people who live in depressed areas into the military. Snyder says of this recruiting tactic, "They have a whole hip hop marketing ad campaign that includes driving Hummers, playing hip-hop music, holding freestyle contests, and giving away video games at historically black colleges." The show has intrigued sold-out audiences at Center Stage New York, P.S.122, New York Theater Workshop, and HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. For more information go to
Tap Dance  | Open: 08/05/06 Close: 09/17/06
The title refers to tap as in wiretap. It's a play inspired by the Patriot Act and other recent government shenanigans that have been taking away our freedoms to protect our liberties. Government wiretaps have had our federal administration doing plenty of the Texas Two-Step, and all this dancing and whitewashing is gorgeous material for a musical. In this one, the whole company of 25 performers will tap dance. The whitewashing will all be done with suds.

The company of 25 actors, twelve crew members, two assistant directors and five live musicians shares the challenge of performing outside and holding a large, non-captive
audience. The music varies in style from Bossa Nova to Gilbert & Sullivan.

I'm Gonna Kill the President!  | Open: 05/05/06 Close: 06/24/06
Having just returned from a mind-boggling national tour that saw riots, police infiltrations, and the liberation of many imaginations, the ILF was greeted with a warm reception in Los Angeles. After crashing the Republican Convention in 2004 and gaining national notoriety (see the link to our appearance of Fox News below), the ILF has seized the opportunity to bring guerilla theater directly to L.A.'s diverse communities by switching locations every weekend. The play unites an Angeleno and American population dying to change the
world with fun.

Call the reservation line for location of the show

Social Insecurity  | Open: 08/06/05 Close: 09/18/05
"Social Insecurity" is three soldiers' journey through Operation Iraqi Freedom and their return home, as seen through the camera of a nosy documentary filmmaker who is a combination of Michael Moore and Red Skelton. The soldiers are three New Yorkers, all from different backgrounds, who enlist for different reasons: one to go to college, one because he came from a military family, and one who went through Alternative Sentencing. Sent to Iraq, they share care packages from their families, they see the ugliness of a foreign occupation, the bitterness of the Iraqi citizenry, and the torture and humiliation of Arab prisoners. They support each other emotionally and physically, and when one of them dies from an unexploded missile buried in the roadbed, his two friends are right behind his Hummer, able to take his body away. They are present when his ghost rises to tell them he cannot rest because of the terrible injustices he has seen.

On bivouac, they encounter the eccentric documentary filmmaker, who appears out of the smoke of an explosion: his camera is charred, his hair is on fire, but he is joyous because his film is untouched. They all return home together--including the ghost--to a society filled with insecurity. Affordable housing is gone, CEO's are plundering their companies, Donald Trump's "You're Fired" dominates TV and the Patriot Act is holding the country in handcuffs. With so much subway repair going on, the exits are all closed and people have to ride forever. The only open exit is into the Bling Bling Bros. Circus, where our federal officials are characters of the three-rings. The metaphor is in your face: the world of the three young men has turned into a bizarre circus.

In the climactic act of the circus, the high wires are the strings of corporate greed. Bush, a lion doing tricks, rebels: "I never wanted to go to war--Why do you think I joined the National Guard--to get out of it. And now we're in it. Up to my elbows--You can't make me do this--I'm out of the oil business." He escapes to a community garden on the Lower East Side, where he does public service in a children's puppet show while their parents protest the war, the killing, the lack of civil rights, the corporate greed that has led us down this road. Upon seeing this great protest, the soul of the Dead Soldier finds rest at last.

Sat, August 6th - 2 PM - Manhattan - TNC, East 10th Street at 1st Avenue
Sun, August 7th - 2 PM - Queens - Travers Park, 34th Ave between 77th & 78th Streets
Sat, August 13th - 2 PM - Manhattan - St. Marks Church, E. 10th St. at 2nd Ave.
Sun, August 14th - 2 PM - Brooklyn - Herbert Von King Park at Marcy & Tompkins
Fri, August 19th - 8 PM - Brooklyn - Coney Island Boardwalk at W. 10th St.
Sat, August 20th - 2 PM - Bronx - St. Mary's Park at 147th St. & St. Ann's Ave.,
Sun, August 21st - 2 PM - Manhattan - Harry's Playground, E. 124 St. between 2nd and 3rd.
Sat, August 27th - 2 PM - Brooklyn - Prospect Park Concert Grove
Sun, August 28th - 2 PM - Staten Island - Clove Lake Park
Sat, September 10th - 2 PM - Manhattan - Wise Towers at W. 90th St. bet. - Columbus & Amsterdam
Sun, September 11th - 2 PM - Manhattan - Central Park Bandshell, 72nd Street Crosswalk
Sat, September 17th - 2 PM - Manhattan - Tompkins Square Park at E. 7th St. and Ave. A
Sun, September 18th - 2 PM - Manhattan - Washington Square Park