La Plaza Cultural

Todays Date: 11/26/22
Last Update: 04/21/09 02:35:05 PM
Address: 9th Street
New York, NY   

Location: (between Avenues A & B)

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Measure For Measure  | Open: 05/07/09 Close: 05/23/09
Fresh from a successful run of their rock-and-roll, hipster TWELFTH NIGHT at the KIRK THEATRE on Theatre Row, NYNEO presents a wickedly comic, site-specific FREE production of Shakespeare’s most controversial play. The Duke of Vienna skips town leaving his second-in-command free to outlaw sexual misconduct. A young man is arrested and sentenced to death for fornication, and his only hope of survival is his sister giving up her virginity.

And she's a nun.

NYNEO’s MEASURE FOR MEASURE is a darkly funny comedy about corruption and mercy, monks and pimps, and finding love and lust in the places we least expect.

All performed outdoors FOR FREE in a magical East Village setting.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream  | Open: 10/16/08 Close: 10/17/08
New York Neo-Classical Ensemble's definitive outdoor production of Shakespeare's most performed comedy. With edgy vaudevillian humor, a propulsive indie folk score and a uniquely East Village venue, this Midsummer is guaranteed to be unlike any other you will ever see. Free refreshments will be served. A perfect theater going experience for Autumn in New York.
A Midsummer Night's Dream  | Open: 07/14/05 Close: 07/30/05
When tempers flare and hearts beat wild there is no place for actions mild. A love quarrel between the Fairy King, Oberon and his Queen, Titania, sends a rippling affect through the world at large and especially the court of Athens, where its conservative laws come between the true love of Hermia and Lysander. When the impetuous youth escape the forest, followed by the lovesick Helena and rival Demetrious, they come upon a Burning Man type festival, triggering a dream like coming of age. The sexy, furry, neon clad fairies, led by the mischievous Puck, spin their magic on the unsuspecting humans and with the help of a famous purple flower, grant them the gift of Radical Self-Expression.