Inwood Shakespeare Festival/Moose Hall T

Todays Date: 06/25/22
Last Update: 04/30/06 01:45:06 PM
Address: 218th Street and Indian Road
New York, NY   

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The Hunchback of Notre-Dame  | Open: 07/19/06 Close: 08/05/06
Victor Hugo's gothic classic of a deformed bell-ringer's devotion to a beautiful gipsy girl.
Much Ado About Nothing  | Open: 06/07/06 Close: 06/24/06
Friends conspire to bring an unlikely pair together; enemies conspier to take a likely pair apart. Two couples journey to express their love. . . in very different terms.

It's suggested those attending bring a blanket and or back-rest.

The Three Musketeers  | Open: 07/20/05 Close: 08/06/05
Inwood Shakespeare Festival brings Romance & Swashbuckling to the great outdoors! Need we say more? Remember the Beatles; see them while they're free! Get those up-front seats (grass) "every man/woman for him/her self"!

Fight choreography by Ray A. Rodriguez, Costumes by Marie Gallas-Suissa. Music by Luke Francis, Technical Director Catherine Bruce. Adapted and directed by Ted Minos. Produced by Moose Hall Theatre Company

Photo by Minos:Left to right:
Aaron Simms (Porthos), Ray A. Rodriguez (Athos), E. Calvin Ahn (Aramis), Michael M. McGuire (D'Artagnan)

Henry V  | Open: 06/08/05 Close: 06/25/05
1414; England's Henry claims France and its Queen. Battles ensue, without further ado, Henry pitches his woo. Fiery stuff. (And they called him the Cold Bath King!)

Fight direction by Ray A. Rodriguez
Costumes by Marie Suissa
Music by Luke Francis
Directed by Ted Minos