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New York, NY   

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GALAS  | Open: 06/13/19 Close: 06/28/19
The first ever revival of Charles Ludlam’s production of GALAS, starring and directed by Everett Quinton is being presented in celebration of Stonewall 50 and World Pride. GALAS will play a limited engagement from June 13th through June 28th at the Theatre at St. John’s (81 Christopher Street),  a stone’s throw from the Stonewall Inn and the play’s original home, Ridiculous Theatrical Company. In this madcap production of GALAS, Everett Quinton portrays opera diva extraordinaire Maria Magdalena Galas (rhymes with Callas) and once and again storms into the West Village with style, flair, and a whole lot of high comedy. From her dramatic star turns in opera houses around the world to her turbulent off-stage antics, Maria Magdalena Galas is a force to be reckoned with. Expertly navigating melodrama and satire, GALAS paints a hilarious yet honest portrait of a deeply-troubled diva from the days of her highest praise to the last spent in lonely despair.  Tickets are $25 and are available online at

In the mid-Twentieth Century, when naturalistic conventions and societal preconceptions dominated the theatre, Ridiculous Theatrical Company came along and rocked the New York stages with critically acclaimed  radical, gender-bending, yet classic and bold, theatrical works. As New York City gears up to welcome the world to simultaneously commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall uprisings and celebrate World Pride, Theatre at St. John’s hails the return of legendary actor, director, playwright, and designer Everett Quinton to its stage in this production. An icon of New York theatre, West Village history, and LGBTQ+ culture, Everett Quinton brings to life one of the world’s most demanding artists in this uproarious combination of pop culture and high art.

Joining Everett Quinton in the title role are Shane Baker, Beth Dodye Bass, Maude Lardner Burke, Géraldine Dulex, Mark Erson, Christopher Johnson, and Jenne Vath.


HAMLET: A NINETIES TAKE ON THE CLASSIC TRAGEDY  | Open: 11/06/16 Close: 11/13/16
A new contemporary take on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, set in a 1990's evangelical charismatic Christian church. The setting teases out parallels between the shifting spiritual landscape and new energy of the mid-90's and the theological tensions occurring in England at the time the play was written.  Alexandra Kuechler Caffall directs a cast of eleven including Tyler Caffall, Luke Forbes, Jeff Gonzalez, Lindsey Trout Hughes, Kelly King, Danielle Purdy, David Riley, Leif Steinert, and Barbara Weetman, with more to be announced.  

Pastor Hamlet is dead.  His congregation has found a replacement. His widow has taken a husband. Everyone is trying to move on. Except his son.  And...there are rumors a spirit has been walking the sanctuary at night.

Bonneville Theater Company's production of Shakespeare's greatest work sees a Hamlet set in an American evangelical charismatic Christian church in the 1990s during which was born a spiritual shift, including the rise of the mega-church, the "cool" pastor, the increasing popularity in Christian rock, and the revitalization of Youth Ministries. Shakespeare's England at the time of Hamlet's writing was not without its own fluctuating theological scene, where the masses struggled to find their spiritual identity in the wake of the great Reformation which establishment of the Church of England two generations prior. These very tensions are embedded in the play as Hamlet navigates personal dilemmas surrounding theological and spiritual unease.  Bonneville Theater Company turns Shakespeare’s royal family into a church family. King Hamlet becomes Pastor Hamlet. Gertrude becomes a pastor's wife. And Hamlet, a man who returns home from school to find his uncle leading the congregation his father once led.

About the Company: Bonneville Theater Company

Bonneville Theater Company is a performance ensemble based in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Founded by Alexandra Kuechler Caffall, Lindsey Trout Hughes, and Tyler Caffall, Bonneville uses research, collected pastiche, and nostalgia to build theatrical experiences that have been deemed altogether joyous, intimate, and innately celebratory. Of Lindsey Trout Hughes' play Chop Your Own Wood, nytheatrenow said, "Bonneville Theater creates a closeness that so much theater can only hope to achieve."

Romeo and Juliet  | Open: 07/06/05 Close: 07/16/05
The Shakespeare Classic