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Todays Date: 06/28/22
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Long Island City, NY    11101

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Bad Ass Shorts - A Night of Short Plays and Film  | Open: 02/15/07 Close: 03/03/07
Ratutu Collaborative, fresh from the success of their November effort, ‘Keepingabreast', begins the new year with a night of short plays, spoof commercials, and film. The plays featured in the ‘BAD ASS SHORTS' festival all tackle odd situations and over-the-top circumstances. In the musical 'Finding the Wonder', book/lyrics/music by Gwynne Watkins, Betina Hershey and Denver Casado, a super hero goes on a quest to regain her super powers and her relevance. 'Dummy', by Tanya Ritchie, finds a ventriloquist struggling to sustain a tumultuous love affair with his dummy. Carl Danielson's 'Welcome Home, Molly DeCandia' explores what happens when a teenager discovers she is living in an alternate universe. Adrian Quihuis details the unbelievable results of bumbling secret servicemen in 'Secret Service'. In 'Not What Not to Wear' by Serena Makofsky, a suspicious barista gets the surprise of her life. Then Shanara Teumba McKeever makes an argument for why everyone should skip breakfast in the black comedy 'The Spring Slips'.
Return to The Grand Guignol  | Open: 05/03/06 Close: 05/20/06
The Queens' Players proudly present 4 plays in the classic French horror style. The Grand Guignol genre of horror plays dates back the late 19th Century. For almost 60 years this pioneering form of drama terrified and exhilarated audiences at the original Theatre du Grand Guignol which was on the Rue Chaptal in Paris' Monmartre district.

We present 3 classic plays and one entirely new one act play in a unique evening of suspense, horror and eroticism.

Sextangle  | Open: 03/08/06 Close: 03/25/06
Mix the Marx Brothers, Shakespeare, Abbott and Costello, Oscar Wilde, and Rowan Atkinson and what do you get?

Madness. Mayhem. Totally zany comedy the way it used to be: funny.

Introducing Sextangle, a fast-paced farce about love, sex, and marriage. Loosely based on the comic tradition of commedia dell'arte – plus any other comic tradition worth stealing from – it is the story of a rich old miser and his dottering old friend. The daughters and son they're trying to marry off. And the clowns who get in the way.

A Midsummer Night's Dream  | Open: 02/01/06 Close: 02/12/06
Shakespeare's timeless comedy of love, lunacy and magic comes alive in modern
day NYC. There's something for everyone in this latest production by the Queens
Players – SOHO hipsters, club-hopping ravers, Wall Street Execs, blue-collar
tradesman and passionate baseball fans abound in a wonderful mélange of modern
day sensibilities and classical text that's suitable for all ages. So give us your
hands if we be friends....
Cinderella: An English Pantomine  | Open: 12/11/05 Close: 12/18/05
Once upon a time, long ago a classic story that has been told by various cultures from East to West became the embodiment of the outrageous styles and fashions of the reign of Louis XIV, The Sun King. During that time, Charles Perrault took the story and fashioned it into the story that we recognise and know.

The new version by Richard Mazda gives the classic tale a new spin. The Ugly Sisters are played by men, Prince Charming and his servant, Buttons are played by a girls playing male character and Dobbin the Panto horse morph's into the King and Queen. Prince Charming seems a little fastidious and obsessed with shoes. The Fairy Godmother is a wanna be rapper whose reluctant use of her magic wand helps Cinderella bag her camp Prince.

Lysistrata: Revenging The Bush  | Open: 10/05/05 Close: 10/22/05
What if women used their bush to defeat President Bush? What if men found out that they had to withdraw from Iraq in order to cum? Aristophanes taught us that sex was more powerful than bloodlust and The Queens Players' production of Lysistrata: Revenging the Bush proves that it is still true today. Dildos, lingerie, and cunning linguistics make it clear that sometimes sex is theanswer to violence.
Cyrano de Bergerac  | Open: 08/31/05 Close: 09/16/05
The classic tale about unrequited love
Pirate Pete's Parrot  | Open: 06/04/05 Close: 08/01/05
Pirate Pete's parrot, Polly, is sick of birdseed. She runs away in search of pancakes and a nice conversation. Pete and and pirates sail away to Treasure Cove where they meet a friendly lion, Bruce who wants to become a standup comic. The evil landlord Baron Bigbutt takes Polly prisoner because Pete and his mum, Pam are behind with the rent. The musical features 7 original songs and is suitable for all ages. Inspired by English Panto
7 Stories  | Open: 03/23/05 Close: 04/02/05
An original play by 13 different writers.

The play is a collaborative effort based on an original idea by Queens' Players artistic director, Richard Mazda which features 24 actors from one of New York's largest non-union theater companies. From the homeless to the hopeless and sometimes the bizarre this play reflects the diverse, the comical and occasionally plain weird experiences that all subway riders will