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The Quiet Volume And Cue China (elsewhere, Offshore)  | Open: 04/29/13 Close: 05/05/13
 UK-based artist Ant Hampton in collaboration with Tim Etchells explore a new type of automatic, self-generating performance (Autoteatro) in two New York premieres co-presented by Performance Space 122 and the PEN World Voices Festival:

The Quiet Volume
Ant Hampton and Tim Etchells

April 29 - May 5
NYU Bobst Library | 70 Washington Square S | NYC

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture | 515 Malcolm X Boulevard | NYC

Reservations recommended - visit
Co-presented by Performance Space 122 and PEN World Voices Festival

The Quiet Volume, a collaboration between Ant Hampton and Tim Etchells, exposes the strange magic at the heart of the reading experience. A self-generated and ‘automatic’ performance, Autoteatro, for two  at a time experienced in the reading room of a library, audience members sit side-by-side taking cues from words both written and whispered – via an iPod and headphones – and find themselves burrowing an unlikely path through a pile of books. Available in English and Spanish. New York premiere supported by the British Council.  Duration: 55 minutes – 1 hour
Cue China (Elsewhere, Offshore)
Ant Hampton
May 1 – 5
NYU Bobst Library | 70 Washington Square S | NYC
Reservations recommended - visit
Co-presented by Performance Space 122 and PEN World Voices Festival
An Autoteatro experience for two, Cue China (Elsewhere, Offshore) asks the pair to face each other through a glass teleprompter, which reveals a video conversation between creator Ant Hampton and a recently injured factory worker from China. This real footage is nestled within a curious fiction: over time the audience’s identities begin to literally merge with someone too often perceived as voiceless, ‘faceless’ and conveniently distant. Duration: 35 minutes
Single Tickets $10 | purchase online
For an audience of two; tickets can be purchased individually or in pairs
Please arrive 10 minutes before your ticketed time
twitter: @PS122
Mrs. Carrol's 3rd Grade Houghton Mifflin Spelling Class  | Open: 05/21/12 Close: 06/28/12
It's September, 1981 at Millard Fillmore Elementary School in Randy Lakes, NJ.  Post it notes have just been invented, MTV has hit the airwaves and Ronald Regan is President.  Follow the students of Mrs. Carrol's Spelling and Vocabulary Class as they improvise their way through the 3rd grade armed only with their Houghton Mifflin primers.

IRTE is heading back to school with their latest long-form improvised comedy. Long form improv is "unscripted theater" focused on developing strong, fun characters and plot. Taking just a few suggestions from the audience, the cast of Mrs. Carrol's will create a new play every night, completely on the fly.

Starring Nannette Deasy, Robert Baumgardner, Alex Decaneas, Curt Dixon, Jamie Maloney, Vicky Mesrie, Isabelle Owens, and Johnny Zito.

After successful runs of vIRTEgoand HINT! which Outerstage called 

"a clever cacophony of topical humor, retro references, and  on-their-feet wit

... a merry chase" ,

About the Company: IRTE: The Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble

IRTE: The Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble, an ensemble of theatrical actors and writers who will develop, produce, and perform a season of original themed improvisational shows and video sketches following the basic model of traditional repertory theatre. 

New York International Fringe Festival  | Open: 08/13/10 Close: 08/29/10
 14th Annual Festival Runs August 13th - 29th
** featuring Orson Welles, Sarah Palin, Jay Leno, Marilyn Monroe, Harvey Milk and Bruce Vilanch**

The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC), the largest multi-arts festival in North America, will present the 14th Annual Festival from August 13th - 29th, 2010. This year, the festival will present programming by 197 of the world's best emerging theatre troupes and dance companies in 20 venues in Lower Manhattan. Attendance at last year’s festival topped 75,000 people, making it New York’s fifth largest cultural event (just behind New York International Auto Show, Tribeca Film Festival, New York City Marathon, and New York Comic Con).

A complete list of productions for 2010 is now available at Among the nearly 200 productions being presented are 183 representing 18 US states including New Jersey, California, Chicago, Alabama, Connecticut, Minnesota, Texas and Louisiana, as well as 14 international productions representing 12 countries including Singapore, Italy, France, Ireland, Norway, India and Australia. A list of venues and performance times will be available in mid July.

Comedie Of Errors  | Open: 07/30/10 Close: 08/15/10
July 30-August 15, 2010

At McCarren, Riverside and Central Parks (see dates/times/directions below) 


Half the time! Half the text! Double the girls! Double the fun!

New Lions Productions presents a “Comedie of Errors” for your kind of summer afternoon: fast, furious and FREE. No lines, no outrageous ticket prices, just some fun in the sun to get your Shakespeare fix and still make it to the bar in time for happy hour. It’s a gender-flip production of mistaken identity, long-lost twins and finding the “F” in “BFF,” with the ladies running the show and the men running after them. We’re invading McCarren, Riverside and Central Parks so grab your friends and a blanket for sword fights, drinking songs, frivolous dancing, girls behaving boldly (and sometimes badly), and a bit with a dog. In one action-packed hour of iambic pentameter, it’s the perfect quick culture fix between your mimosas and martinis. 
*Comedie of Errors is a show for the whole family! You can see the show and make happy hour OR naptime, whichever the law permits.
Adapted and directed by Lauren Keating
Tina Diaz as Antiphala of Syracuse
Claire Morrison as Dromia of Syracuse
Nadia Hulett as Antiphala of Ephesus
and Joyce Miller as Dromia of Ephesus
Matt Lents as Luciano and the Duke
Anna Marquardt as the Goldsmith and Pinch
Meghan Powe as Aemilia
Chris Stahl as Egeon
and Shane Zeigler as Adriano
Medea  | Open: 07/17/10 Close: 07/31/10
Sorceress Medea plots a terrifying revenge on her faithless husband which destroys her as well.

with: Amanda Elizabeth Sawyer, Michael Lawrence Eisenstein, Sydney Allyson Francis, Andrew R. Cooksey,

David Allen Green, Phillip Burke, with Emily Beuchat, Emily Philio and Emily Tuckman as the Chorus

Designed by Dorothee Senechal, music composed by Nick Revel.

The Two Gentlemen of Verona  | Open: 06/18/05 Close: 07/31/05
Shakespeare's comedic tale about the power and effects of love, as evidenced when two lifelong friends fall for the same woman, and the problems that result. Presented Free and Out-Of Doors in various parks around town, the show is reset to the 1920s.