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Todays Date: 11/26/22
Last Update: 10/02/08 12:13:05 PM

Address: 270 W. 36th Street
New York, NY   

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Peep Show Male  | Open: 10/08/08 Close: 11/15/08
PEEP SHOW MALE, A New Dirty, Filthy Musical Comedy by Dave McCracken, Will Open on October 8th At The Dionysus Theater's L'il Peach, 270 West 36th St. (at 8th Avenue), NYC
At "Lip Service," A Gay Bar With Go-Go Boys And Back Rooms, A Group of Lovable Regulars Meet Nightly To Pump Each Other Up And Tear Each Other Down Along With Any New Faces That Dare To Enter And Play.

"How weird is tonight going to get? I guess the sky's the limit!!!"

PEEP SHOW MALE, a new musical comedy set in a gay New York City go-go boy bar, features an original book by Dave McCracken and musical gems mined from the heyday of Vaudeville and Burlesque. The bar is filled with a crazy collection of regulars that really let loose, derisively ripping into each other and anyone else who crosses their neon doorway, including a young shy guy just looking for a drink and a lost newlywed couple from Minnesota. The Act 1 dance highlight is "The Senator Craig Stomp," an homage to the illustrious Senator from Idaho who put a whole new spin on "potty training." You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to go in the back with a go-go boy! Wanna watch?

Playwright Dave McCracken's new play, Fever, was described by Martin Denton of NYTheare.com as "Heady, inspiring, fascinating and important. A little subversive but also timely and resonant. Potent and necessary stuff. Well worth the time of any theatre-goer in search of some intellectual stimulation." Back Stage hailed Fever as having "compelling notions on good and evil." McCracken's recent adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts was described by Prof. Marvin Carlson in the annual journal of the Ibsen Society of America as "Truly outstanding. I felt myself deeply moved." The Norway Times wrote that DJM's Ghosts was "a fascinating experience. This adaptation is truly riveting." McCracken has also written for the stage with the New York productions of Tune In Tomorrow, a new theater-of-the-absurd play, and the drama I Owe You My Life. McCracken is a proud member of The Glines.

PEEP SHOW MALE is directed by Dave McCracken and presented by DJM Productions, a twenty-four year old production company whose recent productions have included Fever, Tune In Tomorrow and a new adaptation of Ibsen's Ghosts. Playwright Bill C. Davis wrote new dialogue specifically for DJM's 2000 production of Mr. Davis' hit play, Mass Appeal. DJM has also produced revivals of Chicken Delight and Body and Soul with The Glines, the legendary production company responsible for the Tony-Award winning show Torch Song Trilogy and As Is.

Fever  | Open: 05/21/08 Close: 07/05/08
FEVER is set on a scorching desert landscape. Under a relentless sun, two great warriors and mortal enemies, Atrox and Bonitas, have momentarily retired to their corners. Atrox enlists a handsome young soldier to his cause, the seduction and capture of Bonitas.

FEVER is about the battle between good and evil for the very souls of mankind. Loosely based on a classic by Sophocles, FEVER tells the story of two legendary Generals who clash in a desperate struggle to win the soul and affections of a young man while determining whether the fate of all mankind will continue in light and truth or wither in darkness and deception.

Chicken Delight  | Open: 06/21/05 Close: 08/27/05
CHICKEN DELIGHT is about the pleasures of cheating. The action takes place during a hot summer night on a terrace of a Tribeca loft where the characters learn that the thrill of anticipation inevitably outdistances the fulfillment of desire. Who's cheating who? The boys are waiting.
Body and Soul  | Open: 05/11/05 Close: 07/10/05
What do you do when the love of your life returns - and you wish he hadn't? For all of those times you've walked away from love and wondered what might have been, there's BODY AND SOUL.