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Mark Twain's Blues  | Open: 02/16/08 Close: 03/08/08
"MARK TWAIN'S BLUES" opens with the 65-year-old Mark Twain preparing for another of his many lecture tours. But this one will be different, because soon after Twain begins to speak, he's surprised by a voice from the audience: it's Huckleberry Finn, now a full 20 years older than he was in Twain's book. He's soon joined by escaped slave Jim--now 50 years old--and together the two accuse their creator of betraying the truth of their lives in order to boost book sales. Determined to set the record straight once and for all, Huck and Jim act out some of the scenes in Twain's book...but this time, the way they should have happened.

Featured in the cast: BONNE KRAMER, LANCE OLDS, BARRY PHILLIPS and BILL TATUM as Mark Twain.

2.5 Minute Ride  | Open: 01/18/08 Close: 02/09/08
Brooklyn, Sandusky and Auschwitz collide in one woman's hilarious and poignant journey on the
roller coaster that is family.

Starring Nicole Golden

VBAC PRODUCTIONS is pleased to announce the world premiere production of He's Having a Baby, directed by Cosmin Chivu. He's Having a Baby will play a 3-week limited engagement at Off-Broadway's Altered Stages (212 W. 29th St., 2nd Fl.). Performances begin Monday, December 3 and continue through, Sunday, December 23 Opening Night is Monday, December 3 (8 p.m.).

He's Having a Baby is about the trials and tribulations of young couple's attempt to start a family. Through fun-loving and thought-provoking dramedy, the audience experiences the male point-of-view of the problems, anxieties, and stress of a process they expected to be easy and was supposed to be fun.

This autobiographical journey begins when the young man is six years old and follows him on the many chapters of his quest. The innocence, the attempts, attempts, and more attempts, the worries, what the sperm must be thinking, pregnancy, miscarriage, incompetent doctors, pregnancy again, what the fetus must be thinking, three months of bed rest, emergency c-section and finally elation.

The production features scenic and lighting design by Evan O'Brient. Kevin Swanlund is the sound operator and Jillian Zeman is the stage manager.


ANDREW KAPLAN (Playwright/Performer) has appeared in musical theatre (Pippin in Pippin, Dan in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Motel in Fiddler on the Roof), Off-Broadway dramas (David in Dry Rain), movies (Restless), TV ("Wings" and "Family Matters") and voice-overs (Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers, No Moon - No Milk, Cuddly Dudley). His writing credits include the TV movie With Friends Like These… purchased by Fox, original screenplays and teleplays.

COSMIN CHIVU (Director) has worked as a stage Director and actor in Romania, Austria, England, Germany, and America, and has received multiple awards for his work. Until 1999 he acted and directed for theatres in Europe (including the National Theatre of Bucharest, French Institute, Brouhaha Festival- UK, Mistelbach Festival- Austria). In America he directed over 30 plays in New York City, New Jersey and Massachusetts. He has an MFA in Directing from the Actors Studio Drama School. In 2004 he was granted with a lifetime membership of the Actors Studio in NYC and a membership of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab. He is the founder of InterArt Theatre Group. In July 2007 Chivu completed a fellowship with Jack O'Brien at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. Cosmin Chivu currently teaches theatre courses and workshops at Pace University, New York. In recent years he was a Guest lecturer for Tisch School of the Arts (NYU), Actors Studio Drama School, and Ramapo College (NJ).

True Genius  | Open: 09/23/07 Close: 10/07/07
TRUE GENIUS tells the unfolding story of a boy genius named Scooter who also happens to be a pathological liar. As Scooter falls in love with another pathological liar named Lila, and an eccentric psychologist pries at his past, Scooter's bizarre family history begins to unravel and he comes to question everything his mother has led him to believe is real. In the end, we're forced to ask, "Is Scooter crazy?" Or is his love for Lila breaking through to his sanity? Is she curing him? Or worse, is she not even there?
North Of Providence  | Open: 05/24/07 Close: 06/03/07
On the last day of their father's life, Bobbie and Carol the two youngest children in their family of five, make an attempt for reconciliation and peace in their lives. The year is 1984, and the place is North Providence. NORTH OF PROVIDENCE deals with topics ranging from Bobbie's self-destruction to Carol's fight to be somebody. The piece relentlessly uncovers the deep and secretive issues of a family turning to shambles.
Mommies' Boys  | Open: 05/09/07 Close: 05/20/07
The coming of age story comes of age in this comedy/drama featuring three high school seniors and their 40-something mothers dealing with issues of coming out, abusive family members and trying to avoid the mistakes of an earlier generation. As the clock ticks toward graduation day, decisions are made, risks are taken and hidden passions are revealed. Through it all there are the various bonds that mothers, sons and friends share. Bonds which may not be enough to withstand the realties of what life has in store. A World Premiere.
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea  | Open: 10/16/06 Close: 10/22/06
The setting is a rundown bar in the Bronx, where two of society's rejects, Danny and Roberta, strike up a halting conversation over their beer. He is a brooding, self-loathing young man who resorts more to violence than reason; she is a divorced, guilt-ridden young woman whose troubled teenage son is now being cared for by her parents. Danny, whose fellow truck drivers call him "the beast," seems incapable of tender emotion, while Roberta, who is still haunted by the memory of an ugly sexual incident involving her father, is distrustful of men in general. And yet, as their initial reserve begins to melt, and they decide to spend the night together, the possibility of a genuine and meaningful relationship begins to emerge—the first for both of them.
Why We Shot John!  | Open: 09/07/06 Close: 10/01/06
Why We Shot John is an earnest and controversial new piece of journalistic theatre. After years of research, playwright Walt Stepp has pieced together a plausible addition to the JFK conspiracy cannon. Told by the five conspirators themselves who are now in their eighties, they assume the 25 roles in the play including Jack Kennedy himself. Although their personal account is murky after so much time has passed, the evidence is clear. They feared the power of the Civil Rights Movement with Jack Kennedy as its Great White Messiah. The specter of the resulting Kennedy Dynasty was too much to bear.
Down The Road  | Open: 05/18/06 Close: 05/27/06
Dan & Iris Henniman are a husband & wife writing team hired by a publisher to help a convicted serial killer write an account of his crimes. The killer, William Reach, has admitted to the murders of nineteen people, but there might have been more. Over manyweeks of interviews, Dan & Iris grow increasingly uncertain of the ethics of their work. Are they simply relating terrifying events, or are they helping readers consume rape, murder & mutilation as common products of our society? Are they helping to turn Reach into a celebrity? Is that, in fact, just what Reach wants? Lee Blessing's provocative piece, Down the Road' travels down a dark and frightening road into the mind of a serial killer.
Cupid and Psyche  | Open: 04/07/06 Close: 04/30/06
Cupid and Psyche is a contemporary comedy adapted from the ancient mythological story. When the goddess Aphrodite has her mojo stolen by the most beautiful woman in the world, Psyche, she begins to age, and decides to, er, eliminate the problem. She calls on her son, Cupid, to destroy the princess but he hits a snag when he does what he has never done before – falls in love with Psyche himself. What ensues is a zany and exciting game of love and sacrifice worthy of the gods. A World Premiere
The Dickens  | Open: 12/01/05 Close: 12/17/05
The grimiest of criminals gather together for a holiday season meeting called by a mysterious character, named Lightbearer. The true meaning of the holiday spirit is brought to light in The Dickens, a holiday Western and comedy.

The cast features: Brian Shaer, Rich Renner, Johanna Bon, Shaka Malik, Jorge Luis Casanova-Alvarez, Izzy Ruiz, and Jessica Pagan. The play is directed by Jaime Robert Carrillo, and written by Michael Scott-Price. The show includes Bill Pierce as set designer, Chris Manning as light designer, Kit Stolen as Costume Designer, and the sound design by Matt O'Hare.

Equity Showcase of two rpograms in repertory presenting eight new, original one-act plays developed from PACT's spring 2004 reading series, "Lightly PACT". "Honest, Amusing, Wacky, Fantastic"

PACT (Playwrights/Actors Contemporary Theater) is a non-profit theater company dedicated to discovering contemporary playwrights and creating new plays that will enlighten and entertain audiences; to develop plays – from readings to full productions – in collaboration with some of the finest actors, directors and emerging theater professionals in New York, all from diverse backgrounds - multi-ethnic, multi-national, multi-talented; to tell stories, whether exciting dramas or belly-laughing comedies, that connect the characters on stage with each audience member; to challenge audience members to reflect on our common humanity for the betterment of the communities in which we live.

The Caterers  | Open: 10/06/05 Close: 10/30/05
In 1977, a group of Islamic radicals brought the Nation's capitol to a two-day stand still, storming several buildings and holding 120 people hostage. The act of terrorism was in response to Mohammed, Messenger of God, a film that the radical group, Hanafi, had deemed profanely offensive and sacrilegious. Twenty people were injured and a reporter was killed before hostage negotiators were finally able to end the siege. Not a single member of Hanafi had ever viewed the film.

In THE CATERERS playwright Jonathan Leaf re-imagines these events in the present day, telling the story of two caterers who become trapped in a screening room the night of the film's premiere. Cornered by an Islamic radical, whose mission is to steal the blasphemous film, the couple, held hostage along with the film's screenwriter, try to hold onto their lives and convince their captor that the film is not what it would seem. For a tense 80 minutes, the cat and mouse game ensues, as each of the four struggle to protect their art, their religion and their lives.
The Chosen Wife  | Open: 06/03/05 Close: 06/18/05
After 27 years of a loving marriage, they're now enjoying sex, lobster and a cozy empty nest. But that's all about to change. Norman is becoming ultra-Orthodox. Forget about shrimp salad or jogging in Spandex! Ruth has to compete with God for Norman's love and affection.

Shadow Productions and Liquid Productions present The Chosen Wife, one of two finalists for the prestigious 2005 Stanley Drama Award. This comedic drama explores how even a happy couple can be divided by a common religion.