Studio B

Todays Date: 06/27/22
Last Update: 05/06/05 06:43:51 PM
Address: 154 Christopher Street
New York, NY   

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Transit  | Open: 06/02/05 Close: 06/25/05
Three one-act plays all set in the same seedy airport bar, exploring the connections, whether true or false, between old friends and complete strangers, in a peculiar atmosphere where time means both everything and nothing at all.

On Approach – an off-duty pilot and a mysterious woman engaged in the tentative, elaborate ritual of the getting-to-know-you conversation, only to find surprising depth truths – and lies – revealed

Pacifica – a directionless young woman running away from her future has an odd encounter with a middle-aged cultist reconsidering her past.

A Whole New Ballgame – a veteran college basketball coach and his former protégé reunite to has out the harsh feelings left in the wake of their parting