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Guys & Dolls  | Open: 05/12/05 Close: 05/14/05
The Kingsborough Performing Arts Society will present Guys & Dolls, Frank Loesser's musical based on the works of Damon Runyon. This will be Kingsborough's first musical in over a decade.

Leading off the 40-person cast is John T. Bay as the high-rolling Sky Masterson. John stood before Randy, Paula and the acerbic Simon during the first season of American Idol.

Today he is a popular radio host on WKRB.FM in Brooklyn and a member of the Performing Arts Society. He is joined by classical soprano Clara Alal as Sister Sarah Brown, and character actors Dena Mizrahi as the long suffering cabaret chanteuse Miss Adelaide and Jason Santana as her fiancé Nathan Detroit, purveyor of the "oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York."

The principle line-up is completed by Lorenzo Valoy and Eric Fitzgerald as Nicely and Benny, Bryan Sotomayor as Big Jule, Christopher Glitzos as Harry the Horse, Brian Byrne as Lt. Brannigan and Cliff Hesse as Arvide Abernathy, the leader of the Save-A-Soul Mission.

"We are tapping into the original material for this production," says director Jay Michaels; "we are keeping the ideas behind Runyon's characters and 1950s New York in the forefront of this production by giving classic musical theatre just a touch of "film noir." Michaels, artistic director of NYC's Genesis Repertory, was director of the 1997 off-Broadway concert version of Guys & Dolls and worked peripherally on the 1992 Broadway revival.