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The Ladies Of Fisher Cove  | Open: 04/29/09 Close: 05/17/09
The story of three sisters who live in quarantine after all the men in their cove die of a horrible plague - until a mysterious stranger washes ashore and survives to seduce and mesmerize them.  With Tanya Badgley, Martin Ewens, Nadja Hoyer-Booth, Segal Magori & Mandy Nicole Moore.

The Bus Stop  | Open: 03/26/09 Close: 04/19/09
Condemned as "spiritual pollution" by Chinese Communist Party officials and banned from production, the controversial play, which recalls Beckett's Waiting for Godot, earned Gao a reputation as an avant-garde writer to watch. Interpreted as an analogy for ineffective Communist government, the play was described by one eminent member of the party as “the most pernicious piece of writing since the foundation of the People's Republic." Translated by Shiao-Ling Yu and directed by Samantha Shechtman, performances run March 26 - April 19 at Sanford Meisner Theater (164 Eleventh Avenue, between 22nd & 23rd Streets)

In THE BUS STOP, the thoughts and behaviors of eight characters—representing a cross-section of society—are rendered as they wait and watch buses pass without stopping. Characters include an old man on his way to a chess game, a girl on her way to a blind date, and a bureaucrat who has been involved in dirty dealings.

Sunset Motel  | Open: 10/09/08 Close: 10/25/08
Two stores. Four broken souls. One night that will change everything...

PAPER THIN - Clark has just finished performing another set in what seems to be an endless series of sleepy Midwest towns when yet another groupie comes knocking on his door. Instinct tells him to let it be... but when has he ever listened to his instincts?

FAMILY VALUES - Jason is just passing through on his way to an office supply convention when he encounters local "celebrity" Amanda. They meet, they make out... then their worlds are turned hilariously upside down by an errant phone call and a pocket rocket.

BritBits 3  | Open: 04/14/08 Close: 04/23/08
Mind The Gap Theatre returns with their popular festival of shorts by, for or about the British. Featured in this series are Pealing Figs by Bronwen Denton-Davis, Turtles & Bulldogs by Scott C. Sickles, Many Happy Returns by Paula D'Alessandris, Boat for Sale: Careful Lady Owner by Denise O'Leary, Modern Life is Rubbish by Philip Gawthorne, Death of the Small Independent Retailer by Glyn Cannon, Girl Talk by Stephen Donovan, Minsk by Declan Feenan and Girl In A Bath by Nancy Harris.
BRITBITS 3 features performances by MTG's in-house Anglo-American Rep company members Tom Bain, Paula Burton, Maria Pastel, Joel H. Jones, Mia Moreland, Martin Ewens, Sam Redford, Christine Rendel, Stephen Donovan, Polly Lee, Richard T. Lester, Lauretta Vaughn, Camilla Maxwell, Elliot Joseph, Gwenfair Vaughan, Jenny Sterlin, Stephen Pilkington & Hollis Hamilton.
Directing the pieces are Nick Berg Barnes, Joel H. Jones, Stephen Donovan, Jenny Sterlin and MTG's Artistic Director/Founder Paula D'Alessandris.
Maids, The  | Open: 10/17/07 Close: 10/21/07
This year marks the 60th Anniversary of the first staging of The Maids by Jean Genet, one of the most notorious and celebrated creative minds of the 20th century. Sisters Solange and Claire live a life of seething discontent as serving maids to a mistress they despise. Behind closed doors, they create a frenzied existence of secret ceremony that weaves through reality and fantasy, truth and lies, hatred and love, and ultimately, life and death. Genet's dialog at times borders on the absurd as he draws the viewer into a world of role play and tense intimacy between the three women. Throughout the spectacle, audience and players alike are forced to consider: 'Who is actually Who?'
The File on Ryan Carter  | Open: 06/14/07 Close: 07/08/07
The dramatic comedy follows the paths of two unlikely friends, a conservative college jock and a radical political activist. From their meeting at a small Midwestern liberal arts college during the last years of the Great Depression, thru World War II their friendship matures and deepens as they find it increasingly difficult to deal with what is clearly their mutual physical attraction. It is in postwar Hollywood, where their personal lives and feelings struggle under the constraints of a rigid moral double standard, that they reluctantly begin to face up to the emotional depths of their physical relationship. With their professional lives on the cusp of major success comes the courage to accept their feelings for each other, only to have their idyll interrupted when the House Un-American Activities Committee subpoenas one with the implication he must point a finger at the other.
The Bald Sporano & The Lesson  | Open: 05/10/07 Close: 05/20/07
In these two Eugene Ionesco one-act absurdist comedies, the only certainty is that those who don't learn from the past are condemned to repeat it time and again. In "The Bald Soprano," a typical British family (the Smiths), are getting ready for a traditional British dinner while doing traditional British things. However, soon all linear logic runs off the track as tenses, concepts and eventually even language become quite incomprehensible when this quiet evening with friends soon becomes anything but. In "The Lesson," a professor drills an eager female pupil in her studies, but soon becomes too obsessed with the task at hand for anyone's good; resulting in homicidal hilarity.

The production is an Equity Showcase.

Cast: Teri Black*, Michael Edmund, Phil Garfinkel*, Martha Lopez Gilpin*, Michael Gilpin*, Judy Jerome*, Jay Aubrey Jones*, Donna Lee Michaels, Joan Valentina*

* - member of Actors' Equity

This Story Of Yours  | Open: 04/26/07 Close: 05/06/07
JOHN HOPKINS' shattering drama about a British police sergeant who kills a suspected pedophile after the suspect holds a mirror to the officer's own dark side. Actress Shirley Knight (Mr. Hopkins' widow) will hold a Q&A after the May 5th performance.

Further info:

Some material not suitable for children.

The Marriage Bed  | Open: 10/05/06 Close: 11/19/06
Fresh from London in its US Premiere!

The Marriage Bed opens on the dawn of Valerie and Jennifer's wedding. Val wakes up alone in her bed after a night of fevered dreams. Will the toils of her own past prevent this fifty-five year old feminist from marrying her thirty-something Jewish girlfriend? Though recent legislation now grants rights to same sex couples to form civil partnerships, is this enough to tie the knot?

Join Val and Jeni in their Marriage Bed as its covers unfold and their visions of shared wedding cake bring tears of both joy and fear to their souls. The Marriage Bed is not to be missed.

PROOF by DISPROOF  | Open: 07/12/06 Close: 07/15/06
Having not spoken for two weeks, a young, recently married couple decides to meet in Central Park at midnight in an attempt to fix their marriage. Suddenly fate takes an unsuspecting turn leaving the husband trapped on the subway with an intriguing new stranger, and the wife sitting on a park bench in the company of a clumsy, yet charming gentleman. As the midnight deadline quickly approaches, they find themselves in the midst of a vital decision: Do they continue to wait for each other, in hopes of proving that their marriage is "meant to be", or do they let their odd attraction for their newfound acquaintances disprove the idea of their marriage all together? Proof by Disproof confronts and challenges conceptions about destiny, love, and the ideal notion of "the one right person."
The Death of Little Ibsen  | Open: 04/27/06 Close: 05/23/06
A dark comedy that maps Ibsen's quest to find his true self. On this journey, the literary giant and his puppet alter ego "Little Ibsen" wrestles with the ghotsts of both Ibsen's characters and real people from his past as the duo prepares for their final earthly battle.
In Delirium: after the sorrows of young werther  | Open: 03/31/06 Close: 04/29/06
"IN DELIRIUM" tells the story of Werther, a tormented young man "seeking the infinite" in an art he cannot master and a woman he cannot have. Through a series of letters to his best friend, we feel the vague impassioned longing, the moody melancholy, the wayward love and indignation, the soft feeling and stern philosophy which characterize the hero and inevitably drives him to his tragic end. Goethe was only 24 when he wrote Werther and it seized the hearts of men around the world. Shortly after its publication, there were thousands of reports of young men using the same method as Werther to commit suicide—resulting in a ban of the book in several countries. The term "Werther effect" has been used in scientific literature to designate copycat suicides. This tragic tale may be viewed as a celebration of unfettered emotion or as a mercilessly accurate portrait of a man whose dedication to pure feeling turns him into a monster.

Adapted and Created by
Gisela Cardenas and Joshua Randall

The Ends of the Earth  | Open: 03/16/06 Close: 03/26/06
Paranoid Frank Gardener and terminally unlucky Henry Walker, two complete strangers, are convinced that the other is out to follow him. Each man's ill-fated attempts to evade the other brings their paths closer together, and so they embark on an increasingly surreal journey to escape their imagined doom. Along the way, Frank and Henry each meet a variety of eccentric characters--including a drug dabbling truck driver, a gun-toting aspiring actress and a gypsy psychic--before they reach their final destination: a run down hotel on a remote island "at the end of the earth" run by a blind woman with a murderous dislike for visitors. There, the two men ultimately collide with the one thing they're the most afraid of...each other.

For more information on the production, please log onto the official website at

The Unspeakable Act  | Open: 10/14/05 Close: 10/15/05
23 Elephants proudly presents The Unspeakable Act, a hilariously twisted fairytale you won't be telling your children anytime soon.

Inspired by an ancient Japanese fairytale, The Unspeakable Act follows an empress on her journey of sexual discovery with an unlikely lover: a hermit-monk turned demonic sex stud. Through the use of improvisation, dance and movement 23 Elephants has created a show rife with physical comedy and throbbing with innuendo.

Fires  | Open: 08/16/05 Close: 08/28/05
Sometimes when someone leaves us the world seemed to be turned upside down. The room is empty; the chair is empty remaining only as a witness of the absence of someone who walked out of our lives. Sometimes it is at these moments when while debating between rage and agony new parts of ourselves are revealed in their insane and holy purity. A loose adaptation of M. Yourcenar's book of short stories told by Antigone, Clytemnestra, Sappho, and Mary Magdalene, Fires create a colorful connection between Marguerite and the great historic heroines. Directed by Gisela Cardenas.
Little Mary  | Open: 06/02/05 Close: 06/26/05
LITTLE MARY deals with a conservative Roman Catholic Cardinal and his protégé, a progressive California Bishop, whose lives are thrown into turmoil when a 15-year-old Mexican-American girl in their care creates an international sensation by claiming that the seven babies she carries are the children of God. The two men struggle with the nature of their faith, their worldly ambitions, and each other as they take sides over the "miracle" of a pregnant virgin that the media crowns, "Little Mary." The play addresses issues as wide-ranging as overpopulation, world hunger, racism, global warming, and faith and politics in the Catholic Church.
Ron Orbach is renown for his Broadway performance in Neil Simon's "Laugher on the 23rd Floor" with Nathan Lane and his role in the hit movie "Clueless." LITTLE MARY also stars Jeremy Lawrence, Nelson Avidon, Robyn Hatcher and Monica Raymund.
LITTLE MARY is directed by renowned Los Angeles-based director Jessica Kubzansky. Kubzansky was recently honored with the L.A. Drama Critic's Circle Margaret Hanford Award for Sustained Excellence in Theatre. She is the co-Artistic Director of the Theatre@Boston Court in Pasadena, California. Leavengood, a two-time Eugene O'Neill playwright, is Artistic Director of the LiveArts Peninsula Foundation in St. Petersburg, Florida. His Off-Broadway credits include The Head at the Chelsea Playhouse; The Preservation Society, directed by Casey Childs at Primary Stages; and Florida Crackers, directed by John Bishop, which premiered as part of Circle Repertory's 20th Anniversary Season.