Ontological Theater at St. Marks

Todays Date: 06/30/22
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Address: 131 East 10th Street (at 2nd Ave)
New York, NY   

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The Shalimar's Strangers  | Open: 05/29/09 Close: 06/13/09
In STRANGERS, Ella wants to throw a party celebrating the 5-year anniversary of her “green card marriage” to Wes. When unease about the relationship surfaces, the lovers separately seek advice on how to handle their growing anxieties. This sets off a chain reaction that forces their friends -- and even some complete strangers -- to confront their fears about how they choose to live and love in this age of paranoia. The era of American Film Noir serves as an allegorical backdrop for Wes and Ella's ill-fated love story with periodic appearances from iconic femme fatales and detectives. Inspired by real green card marriages and interviews with expats, Americans and immigration lawyers, STRANGERS employs live music and video to explore the romance of “another” -- another person to love, another country to call home.

STRANGERS stars Joey Williamson, Jen Taher, Kim Gainer, and Franny Silverman, Daniel Popa, Brad Love, and Peter Stone with original music by Anthony Gabriele; choreography by Pavel Zustiak (Palissimo), video by Miklos Buk (Untitled Mars by Jay Scheib), lighting and set design by Ben Kato (Chautauqua! with National Theater of the United States of America) and costumes by Sydney Maresca (The Debate Society's Cape Disappointment).

The Eisteddfod  | Open: 08/31/05 Close: 09/10/05
A dark, hilarious and absurd play about a brother and sister rehearsing Macbeth for a drama competition (or "Eisteddfod"), in the hope of winning a ticket to Moscow and away from their stifling existence in a little room in Australia. After losing their parents in an accident when they were children, together they play out each other's fantasies of love and desire, reaching an unexpected conclusion.
Summer Series  | Open: 07/27/05 Close: 08/27/05
Replacing the OBIE Award Winning Blueprint Series with a 5 week festival that runs from July 27th to August 27th. The 5 pieces range from static banality to bizarrerie each creating their own unique environments using analog and digital media to push the boundaries of expression and communicate their own inimitable vision of the world. For schedule info go to www.ontological.com Tickets are $15 location is at St. Marks Church 131 East 10th St. @ 2nd Ave.
Last Year, The Universeā€¦it Came To Me In A Dream  | Open: 08/17/05 Close: 08/20/05
presented by Temporary Distortion
Age Less  | Open: 07/12/05 Close: 07/17/05
After performing in and directing in numerous Ontological-Hysteric Theatre Series, Beth
Kurkjian is graduating to perform her own full-length solo work on the stage of the Ontological
Theater. Age Less, a 45-minute solo, journeys into the mysterious cultural scripts that
females combat and assume during their life cycle: get ready for catwalks, girl scout songs,
beach vacations, and bridesmaid dramas, with a dash of osteoporosis. Kurkjian meshes
theatrical vignettes together to create a non-chronological life cycle of a female: from
weddings, to summer camp, to retirement, and so on. This dance theater solo includes
rigorous and pedestrian movement as well as found text and text written by Kurkjian. Pushing
the limits of form and function, Kurkjian crocheted all costume and set elements. Props come
from Kurkjian's home environment to the stage: for both the vignettes and the design
elements, Kurkjian mixes fictional and biographical material.

with an Opening Number, Glimpse, By Leigh Garrett

Panel. Animal.  | Open: 07/01/05 Close: 07/09/05
Banana Bag & Bodice's combine their shows Sandwich & The Young War into one evening of performance.

The Young War - four theorists explore the mysteries of the "escort" and "woo", examining the humiliating battle between "having" a sex and "doing the sex thing. The result is the violent, retrospective misgiving of a spend and dried-up rubber

Sandwich - a surreal cabaret, which leaks blood and uses bread to soak it up. With a cast of characters moving on all fours, holdign a shiny knife in one paw while washing the other of the evidence - this show will make you laugh while forcing you to smell the burning flesh surrounding your soul

Outside/Input  | Open: 05/06/05 Close: 05/08/05
Outside/Input is an exciting new laboratory series dedicated to the development of emerging and established artists. With 3 prior public work-in-progress presentations, Outside/Input gave audience members the chance to participate in the making of art, which provocatively
challenges the boundaries of performance. See the final work-in-progress presentations in the Ontological Theater this May.

Program A:
Friday, May 6th at 7pm
Saturday, May 7th at 9m
Sunday, May 8th at 7pm

"The Fourth World (suspendida)" Multi-media live installation: a woman packs her memories of war and hardships and immigrates to America.

Temporary Distortion
"Last Year, The Universe...It Came To Me In A Dream" Isolated in one of Temporary Distortion's signature box structures, a man and woman explore the memories of an unrequited love through blank stares, static dialogue, stillness and songs.

Program B:
Friday, May 6th at 9pm
Saturday, May 7th at 7pm
Sunday, May 8th at 9pm

"Days of Play" This is what happens when duck-duck-goose grows up and goes digital.

Temple Crocker & Annie Kunjappy
"veils/vestiges: the aesthetics of hidden things" Explores the metaphor of the body as a holding house, a complex and mysterious dwelling place that contains not only our expanding lungs and beating hearts, but the nuances of our dream life and the remembrances of our past.

31 Down
"That's not how Mahler died" Investigator Mike Sharpie falls prey to Alma Mahler's illicit darkening in a radio transmission event.