Ontological Hysteric Theater

Todays Date: 06/27/22
Last Update: 04/28/05 11:35:31 PM

Address: 208 West 37th Street
New York, NY   

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Proto-type Theater's Museum Of Dreams  | Open: 05/19/05 Close: 05/22/05
A six-hour performance installation (work-in-progress) that investigates the feverish affair of sleeping and questions our perception of waking using dance, circus and theater in a landscape of original music, industrial lighting and sculptural costumes.

Audience members are encouraged to come and go as they please – admission is good for the entire six hours with re-entry good for anytime during the show.

MUSEUM OF DREAMS is a fever dream of fantasy, where the line between real-time and dreamtime become so blurred that it is no longer clear what is real and what isn't. Countless psychologists, theorists, theologians, writers, neurologists and great thinkers have investigated the science and meaning of dreaming. What exactly happens in the brain and body while we sleep – and what do the dreams we experience mean to our waking lives? How certain can we really be that what we dream is merely a figment of our imagination and how convinced are we that our walking, interacting daily lives are reality?