HB Playwrights Theatre

Todays Date: 06/28/22
Last Update: 06/07/05 11:52:48 PM

Address: 124 Bank Street
New York, NY   

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Call between 11-5, Monday-Friday

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The White House Plays  | Open: 06/07/05 Close: 06/26/05
HB Playwrights Foundation & Theatre's Ninth Annual Short Play Series

Two evenings of short plays

Evening A:
Geneva by Joe Sutton, directed by Sturgis Warner
In the Lincoln Bedfroom by Laura Shaine Cummingham, directed by Amy Wright
Passion.Com by Catherine Filloux, directed by Debbie Salvetz
The Last Standing Protester by Lydia Stryk, directed by Karen Ludwig
The Third Temple by Sharr White, directed by Adam Forgash
The Van Buren Cloak Room, by Adam Kraar, directed by Randy White

Evening B:
Barbershop by Quincy Long, directed by Kathleen Dimmick
Higher Power by Turg Yourgrau, directed by Susan Einhorn
Punk'd, by Frank Basloe, directed by Randy White
Purple Hearts by David Wiener, directed by Andrew Grosso
Self-Portrait in a Blue Room by Daniel Reitz, directed by Adam Forgash
Shards by Joan Vall Thorne, directed by Strugis Warner
The Next Questions by Amy Evans, directed by Paul Weldner

Under The Bed  | Open: 04/20/05 Close: 05/08/05
An evening of romantic gymnastics