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Todays Date: 08/11/22
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Address: 245 W 54th street
New York, NY   

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Metropolis of Mulch - Laughing Near Broadway  | Open: 04/28/06 Close: 04/28/06
Watch as the somewhat southern cabaret is birthed! A night of comedic monologues, sketch-comedy, and feel-good music. Featuring these sketches: America's Next Top New York High Fashion Model with Shirley Temple, The Glass Whatever where Lara gets violent, and the first ever Redneck Auction (buy a man with a can of beer).
THE CAST: Claysey Everett, Chrissy Petroni, Michelle Czar, Kelley Lynn, Fran DeCesare, Nicole Serra, Kasey Williams, Tom Ashton, Rodney Ladino, Eric Talon, Patrick Colabella, Joshua Macuga, Richard Schwartz, Lucy Struever, Johnny Biehle, Brett Davidson, Brandon Abel, Cathie Boruch, Charity Bess, Corrine Wu, Tina Xenos, and Sara Rosenzweig.
Mary, Like a Virgin: a divine musical experience  | Open: 03/23/06 Close: 03/23/06
After 2000 years of praise, idolization and expectation the girlfriend of God and the mother of Christ is ready to tell her side of the story. Mary, Like a Virgin is a 90-minute tell-all confession by the Virgin Mary herself in an evening of forgiveness, family values and a flawless figure.

Through song and story, both legend and perceived reality, Mary shares the sometimes hazy details of her relationship with God, her adventures with Joseph, the deliverance of Christ, the aftermath of his death, her struggle with eating disorders, and a life in show business.

Usually blunt, always funny and sometimes inappropriate, Mary is a tour de force now forced to tour. Her music surpasses genre and decade as her repertoire includes pop, rock, musical theatre and rap. This new production of Mary, Like a Virgin is sure to question the strictest of beliefs and ask audiences just how well they know the people they pray to.

The Ultimate Drag Off  | Open: 12/09/05 Close: 02/24/06
A fabulous new off-off Broadway Musical Variety show

Performers from all walks of life join Host "Miss Sweetie" on stage and compete in a Four round improvisational and musical variety show featuring their own singing, lip-synching and specialskills on a quest for superstardom. Think ‘Who's Line is it Anyway' meets ‘American Idol' meets ‘Miss America'...In DRAG!!!

This gender-bending hilarious romp is also interactive, where the audience is a part of the show and decidesthe final outcomes of the contestants. With the feel of an old TV game show like ‘The Price Is Right' and ‘Let's Make A Deal', the audience picks the winners and eliminates the losers as in ‘The Gong Show'.

Every weekly show is new, different, fresh and ready to play, so you will always catch a different talent roster week after week.

Go to www.dragoff.com for more information

Rejected Showgirl  | Open: 10/16/05 Close: 10/17/05
Tory Ross, former cast member of The Producers tour, makes her solo cabaret debut in REJECTED SHOWGIRL. Join Tory as she says goodbye to the Rejected Showgirl with an evening of drinking, traveling, learning, loss and a sizeable slice of love while creeping towards 30. Also, the show is funny and has good songs in it.

To reserve tickets, please email rejectedshowgirl@yahoo.com.

Media Killed The Video Star  | Open: 06/02/05 Close: 07/05/05
A young boy dreams of growing up to be a 'Solid Gold' dancer, but the influences of the 80's (bad hair, music videos, drugs, sex, rock and roll and cheesy dance moves) overloads the senses of a failed music video star's visions. Filled with a jukebox of 80's pop, new wave and one hit wonders, this cabaret show is fun for any pop culture junkie with hundreds of references about hits and misses, personalities, trends and trendsetters and artists and Tv shows of the 'Me' generation.
Written/Performed by Alex Perez (DeLaGuarda, OZ, MTV) and some special guests.....this 90 minute show also features food/drinks and 80's dance party before and after the show!