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...it's time... by Freemove Dance  | Open: 09/19/19 Close: 09/22/19
After a sold-out 2018 run, Freemove Dance returns to 14th Street Y with …it’s time…, a piece in which five dancers are literally racing against the clock, constrained and propelled by the presence of a large digital timer, inexorably counting down towards zero. The work, choreographed by Jenn Freeman – one long, cinematic take in which performers transition through changing ambiances, styles, and energies – is a meditation on the complex human relationship to time and a metaphor for a lifetime. The evocative live drum score composed by Dani Markham (Childish Gambino) serves as the soundtrack.


The 14th Street Y presents: 


A Series of PRIDE events at the Educational Alliance

May 31 through July 1, 2019


The first PRIDE event series hosted by the 14th Street Y, LIVE FREE, LOVE FIERCE reaches across multiple Educational Alliance sites. This series is a celebration of diversity, love, acceptance, and most importantly PRIDE. They will honor the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall and celebrate in the first-ever WorldPride in NYC by inviting the LGBTQIA+ community to the events at various Educational Alliance sites across Downtown Manhattan where they can celebrate one's identity loud and proud. At the 14th Street Y and Educational Alliance, truly everyone is welcome. 14StreetY.org/PRIDE


The celebration will kick off on June 1, 2019 from 7-9pm with the Queerly Contemporary Festival, an evening of LGBTQIA+ dance makers investigating and celebrating the diversity of the LGBTQ+ experience and voices in contemporary dance making in the Theater at the 14th Street Y. Artists include: Burr Johnson, Brother(hood) Dance!, Sebastian Abarbanell, Nia & Ness, Kanon Sapp. Xianix Barrera, Em Papineau and Sofia Engelman, Johnnie Cruise Mercer, Daniel Padierna. After the show, celebrate with a PRIDE themed cocktail with neighborhood partner Sister Jane, 349 E. 13th St.

$20 for general seating, $30 for cabaret tables. Prices are the same both members and non-members.


The 14Y will also host a Family Fun Day including activities for parents and kids alike! Including snacks and beverages, face painting, arts and crafts, and their very own youth PRIDE march. Come celebrate love and diversity at PRIDE Family Fun Day. $10 suggested donation, children are free. The event is on the 14th Street Y rooftop on June 15, 2019 from 3-6pm.


Celebrate the diverse stories that live at the heart of the LGBTQIA+ community during Full Disclosure: A night of storytelling celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community.Educational Alliance is hosting a night purely dedicated to sharing these stories. You will hear from EA staff and members about who they are, where they are from, and what it means to be an LGBTQIA+ person. Putting their stories at the forefront, this will be a night to celebrate and come alongside them in their journey to live free, love fierce. Tickets are $15. This event is 21+ and will take place at Caveat, 21A Clinton Street, NYC, from 6:30- 8:30pm on June 17, 2019: https://www.caveat.nyc/category/storytelling


The culminating event of the first ever PRIDE series is participation at the annual PRIDE March on June 30, 2019. Educational Alliance will take to the streets and offer their staff as support in the pride march endeavors, celebrating alongside the rest of the NYC community who will be marching in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall. 


About the 14th Street Y

The 14th Street Y is a vibrant community center grounded in the belief that contemporary Jewish sensibilities can be a source of inspiration, connection, and learning for the individuals and families we serve throughout downtown Manhattan. We focus on health and fitness, education and enrichment programs, and innovative arts and cultural programming. We are committed to the development of the whole person and bettering people's lives and strengthening individual and family connections by building an inclusive, dynamic, and sustainable community and serve more than 26,000 people annually with a variety of community programs.


About Educational Alliance

Educational Alliance brings together and partners with diverse communities in Lower Manhattan, offering individuals and families high-quality, multi-generational programs and services that enhance their well-being and socioeconomic opportunities. We are a place where everyone is welcome and where progress is powered one relationship at a time. We are proud of our legacy as a Jewish organization and we provide high-quality, transformational services and programs to all New Yorkers through our network of community centers on Manhattan's Lower East Side and East Village. As we have for 130 years, we offer best-in-class programming-now across 15 sites-focusing on a mix of education, health and wellness, arts and culture, and civic engagement.


LABA at The 14th Street Y 



May 31, 2018, 7:30pm


LABA presented LABAlive WAR & PEACE: TWO, an evening of theater works-in-progress by current fellows on May 31, 2018 at 7:30pm at The Theater at the 14thStreet Y, 344 E. 14th Street, New York, NY 10003.


LABAlive possess the old and the new, the ancient and modern, and the deeply personal and yet universal qualities that inspire and challenge all artists.

- Laura Beatrix Newmark, LABAlive Fellow


Each year, LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture brings together ten fellows to study classic Jewish texts in a non-religious, open-minded setting centered on a chosen theme.WAR & PEACE was explored this year and at LABAlive WAR & PEACE: TWO.  Inspired by ancient Jewish texts, the presenting Fellows showcased their new work in an evening of art, drinks, and celebration. The evening featured Fellows Amy HandelsmanTal Gur,Jacob Siegel, and Text Study by Liel Leibovitz.


Perhaps, then, it is not that we prevail despite our wounds. Perhaps it is the very wound itself that bestows the blessing. - Amy Handelsman, LABAlive Fellow


The past year of learning, drinking, artistic ferment and Jewish solidarity in the LABA classroom has more than made up for any bad experiences I had as a kid forced to attend Hebrew school. It has been a great pleasure and illuminating adventure exploring the wisdom and beauty of these ancient texts under the guidance of learned teachers.Trying out new material on a live audience is a gift. LABAlive was a welcome break from the solitary writer's existence. It was also the first in what I expect will be many attempts to weave the last year of learning and study into my creative work. Who knows where it will lead.- Jacob Siegel, Writer and LABA Fellow


Highlights of the evening included World Champion and Rabbi Yuri Foreman, (who spared and performed and was featured in short documentary style interviews throughout the piece and illuminating Amy's relationship to text, Torah, belief and battling throughout your life.) finding a moment to spar with his pupil Amy Handelsman; the deeply moving connection between father, who came from Israel to rehearse and engage with his father through this personal modeling,and son in Tal Gur's Parachute Path; and the audience's eagerness to hear more from Jacob Siegel's 4711 Dreams of Jihad.


The pieces presented in the evening were:


AMY HANDELSMAN // LOVE BY TKO: Life Lessons in the Ring (theatrical excerpts from my memoir)// LITERARY

written & directed by: Amy Handelsman

choreographer & trainer: Yuri Foreman

boxer: Amy Handelsman

female: Alice O'Neill

male: Wyatt G. Maker

video and set design: Kryssy Wright


In which connections are made between boxing training and Torah study, with world-class boxer Yuri Foreman, a middleweight champ and ordained rabbi.


TAL GUR // Parachute Path // THEATER

concept, performance, text: Tal Gur

performance, text: Meir Gur

choreography, dance: Anne Tobey Bassen

director, drama therapist: Jessica Asch

video: Alona Weiss

costume design: Naama Greenfield-Simpson


Meir Gur, a colonel in the Israeli Air Force reserve is heading on a special combat mission far away from home. The mission gets a shift where vibrations of history, family and future surrounds the plane.


JACOB SIEGEL // 4711 Dreams of Jihad // LITERATURE


Nick Dunman, 29, a semi-pro player of the popular video game Supreme Destroyer lives at home with his parents and dreams of running away to join a war - any war. What Nick doesn't know is that Supreme Destroyer is more than a game-it's a virtual laboratory for corporations to test new psychometric algorithms, a forum for jihadists to communicate, and an arena for government surveillance and military recruiting. When federal agents break down his door, Nick finds his life on the line and has to push to the outer limits of the game and decide which reality he'll serve.




Amy Handelsman is a producer, writer and story executive, working in theater, film and television in Los Angeles and New York. She has developed and produced plays, movies, and cable and network films and series for Center Theatre Group, Showtime, Warner Bros., ABC, CBS, PBS, and Tri-Star. Handelsman has also served as a theater consultant for HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen and the Hip-Hop Theater Festival in New York, and as a media consultant for the Foundation for Jewish Culture and Women in Film. She has worked with such diverse artists as August Wilson, Culture Clash, Don Cheadle, Patricia Marx, Erin Cressida Wilson, and Danny Hoch. A lifelong sports fan, Handelsman wrote about her boxing experiences for Playboy and is working on a documentary on baseball umpires. She served as the Executive Director of the United States Poker Federation and the United States Mind Sports Association and contributes to various boxing and poker sites. Handelsman teaches The Literature of Games and Forms of Drama at Stony Brook University and New York University, respectively (Fall 2017). She is a cum laude graduate of Harvard University.


Tal Gur is an Israeli-American composer, multi-instrumentalist and a music therapist. He was born in Israel and grew up in an Air Force base in the valley of Jezreel, where the sounds of combat aircrafts taking off the ground and the sights of fertile plains have influenced his curiosity to humankind and nature. The curiosity developed to an evolving force of expression that found its way mainly through music. He studied for a B.mus at the Jerusalem Academy for Music, majored in saxophone jazz performance. Over time Tal developed an identity as a soloist that fluidly plays different styles of jazz, folk, rock and balkan music and has performed, recorded and collaborated with various bands in Israel, Europe and the United States. Tal's curiosity for music, human beings, relationships and psychology have brought him to pursue an M.A in music therapy from Bar-Ilan University and a post graduate training from NYU. He lives in Brooklyn with his partner and with his daughter and works in a school in Manhattan for children with autism. He released three albums as a composer; Air Portrait (2008), Basar Ve'Dam, (Flesh and Blood, 2011) and Under Contractions (2014).


Jacob Siegel is a writer and Army veteran living in the same Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up, though it's now known by a new name. He co-edited Fire and Forget: Short Stories from the Long War, published by Da Capo in 2012, a critically praised anthology of fiction by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans for which he contributed the lead story. After returning from Afghanistan in 2012 he joined The Daily Beast as a reporter covering war, national security, and digital culture. While there, he was nominated for a national magazine award and reported from Baghdad the month after the initial ISIS assault on Mosul. In 2015 he left The Beast to work as a freelancer and has since published widely read essays in Tablet magazine, Politico, and elsewhere. In 2015 he was a co-instructor along with Kara Krauze for the inaugural semester of Voices from War, a free writing workshop for veterans held at the 14th St. Y. His journalism, essays and reviews have been published in The New York Times, Tablet, the magazine for the National Endowment for the Humanities, The Daily News, Politico, and numerous other publications.


LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture is a program of the 14th Street Y that uses classic Jewish texts to inspire dialogue, study, and the creation of art. 


About LABA

LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture is a program of The 14th Street Y. The goal is to support Jewish art and culture by providing the space, time, and resources needed to create new work. At the core of LABA's mission is the belief that classical Jewish text study can and should be a source of inspiration and creativity for contemporary culture-makers and thinkers. All of the public art created through LABA aims to transcend cultural and social borders by bringing to light the universal themes and questions that our artists encounter through their engagement with Jewish thought.


About The Theater at the 14 

th Street Y

The Theater at the 14th Street Y focuses on social awareness and change through big-picture narrative. We place artists from all backgrounds at the heart of our community and seek to create an inclusive and open cultural experience for all. One of our primary goals is to provide an incubation space for art.


About the 14th Street Y

The 14th Street Y's philosophy is grounded in the belief that contemporary Jewish sensibilities can be a source of inspiration, connection and learning. No matter what your background, we aim to inspire you to live your best life. We're committed to the development of the whole person, to strengthening family connections, and to building inclusive and sustainable communities. The 14thStreet Y serves more than 20,000 people annually with a variety of community programs and is proud to be a part of Educational Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a 128-year history of serving New Yorkers downtown.


Full Season Tickets and detailed information on shows available at: www.14streety.org/tickets.


We Are A Masterpiece  | Open: 04/07/18 Close: 04/21/18
We Are a Masterpiece takes place at the dawn of the AIDS crisis, when the disease was still a mystery. In Kalamazoo, Michigan, Joan, a no-nonsense nurse, becomes a sort of fairy godmother to the town’s gay community when no one else will step up to care for them as they die one by one. She becomes their friend, their mother, their sister, as they navigate life and death with this new plague; caring for them, taking in John - an artist who becomes like a son to her, burying the dead on her property. Out of the ashes of their collective lives, lifelong bonds are forged and beauty is found even at the darkest of moments.

Produced by Retro Productions

The production stars Heather E. Cunningham, Pilar Gonzalez, Sam Heldt, Chad Miller, Ben Schnickel, Ric Sechrest, Sara Thigpen, and Matthew Trumbull.

The creative team includes set design by Rebecca Cunningham, costume design by Viviane Galloway, sound design by Jacob Subotnick, lighting design by Asa Lipton, properties design by Sara Slagle, and stage management by Elizabeth Ramsey. Heather E. Cunningham (Producing Artistic Director) and Sara Slagle (Associate Producer) serve as producers on the production.

Performance Dates:

Saturday, April 7 @ 8:00 pm (Opening Night)

Sunday, April 8 @ 2:00 pm

Monday, April 9 @ 8:00 pm

Wednesday, April 11 @ 8:00 pm

Thursday, April 12 @ 8:00 pm

Friday, April 13 @ 8:00 pm

Saturday, April 14 @ 8:00 pm

Sunday, April 15 @ 2:00 pm

Wednesday, April 18 @ 8:00 pm

Thursday, April 19 @ 8:00 pm

Friday, April 20 @ 8:00 pm

Saturday, April 21 @ 8:00 pm

Mine  | Open: 07/31/17 Close: 08/05/17
Can working with lawyers teach you to love the undead?

Rebecca, a Manhattan paralegal, learns of an explosion in one of her client's West Virginia mines, trapping 8 miners underground. As rescue teams attempt to bring the miners home alive under media scrutiny, her bosses concern themselves more with billable hours than loss of life, forcing Rebecca on a journey that questions everything about the world around her.

What is the distance between those who push paper and those who dig deep?

LABAlive Presents


An investigation of Beauty: New Words inspired by Classical Jewish Text

at the Theater at the14th Street Y

February 25, 2016 at 7:30pm


LABAlive presents BEAUTY / Literature, an evening of fiction, presentations, and subversive teachings exploring relationships with beauty on Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 7:30pm at the 14th Street Y. The evening will feature teachings by Ruby Namdar, new works read by LABAlive  fellows Gal Beckerman, Gon Ben Ari, and Jessica Gross.  A conversation with the artists will illuminate their creative processes behind the creation of the new works, and how the pieces developed through study sessions at LABA.


The event will begin at 7:30pm at The 14th Street Y at 344 E 14th Street, New York, NY, 10024. Tickets are $20. To purchase tickets go to http://www.labajournal.com/literature, or call 646-395-4310.


About the LABA Fellows

Can propaganda be beautiful? An exploration of the work of the New York Photo League, the group of photographers who tried to use their cameras to make social change. 


What is beautiful in the mind of a millennial? Modern technology is changing our brains, and with them, our concepts of beauty. This metamorphosis may provide a comfortable platform for the discussion of ancient Kabbalistic ideas. 

In "Black Box," a young woman volunteering at a soup kitchen meets an extremely handsome homeless man, quite conflicted about his beauty.



About LABA

LABA is a laboratory for Jewish culture in which we use classic Jewish texts to inspire the creation of new art. Developed by the 14th Street Y in 2007, LABA programming includes a house of study, artist fellowship program and LABAlive, a series of performances, public events, and gallery shows for children and adults.


This year LABA’s theme is BEAUTY. Through the study of the ancient Jewish canon, we explore the intersection of beauty and equality.  Each artist will have an individual response to beauty, which is expressed through their artistic process and unique aesthetic.   


About The 14th Street Y

The 14th Street Y serves over 20,000 people annually with a variety of community programs. The 14th Street Y is proud to be a part of Educational Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a 126-year history of serving New Yorkers downtown.

MACBETH (OF THE OPPRESSED)  | Open: 10/08/15 Close: 10/24/15
The days of political correctness have forced a prudish Queen Duncan to employ generals of all genders, races and sexual orientations into her army. Yet these times are still filled with the nepotism and prejudices of the past and General Macbeth struggles to be seen just as competent as his straight counterparts. With the conviction and support of his husband, and the predictions of greatness and power bestowed upon him by a trio of enslaved witches, he goes down a dangerous path of betrayal, greed and murder. 

Featuring a cast of eight women and eight men.

About the Company: Fab Marquee Productions

A creative development company producing irresistibly visceral, visual and literary experiences. 





Kaleidoscope  | Open: 07/15/15 Close: 07/19/15
Kaleidoscope is a multi-media project and monologue showcase sparked by a desire to highlight Jews of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and observance levels. Through extensively crafted, deeply personal stories, Kaleidoscope will delve into the ever-popular question “What does Jewish look like to you?” The diverse and talented cast includes performers of a wide range of ethnicities, including Moroccan, British, Jamaican, Ethiopian, Libyan, and Puerto Rican. 

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat  | Open: 02/07/14 Close: 02/16/14
One year ago, AfterWork Theater Project opened its doors and for the first time, everyday professionals had the opportunity to rehearse and perform fully-staged plays and musicals in New York City. No audition required. Our sold out productions of HAIR and RENT had to be see to be believed!

This season we're taking AfterWork to the next level, putting on three fantastic productions including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Laramie Project, and Sing Out! a musical cabaret. Come watch extraordinary people take to the stage, some for the first time in a long time, others, for the first time ever. It's an experience full of fun, community, and creative self-expression!

Presented in association with the Community Arts Initiatives at the 14th Street Y.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical retelling of this biblical classic is as fun and delightful as musicals come. Joseph is a boy blessed with many talents, including the power to read dreams. But when he's sold into slavery by his eleven jealous brothers (gender-blind casting rejoice!), Joseph sets off on a series of adventures in which his spirit and humanity are continually put to the test.

Set to an engaging cornucopia of musical styles, from country-western and calypso to bubble-gum pop and rock 'n' roll, this riotous tale emerges both timely and timeless.


3week  | Open: 09/28/12 Close: 09/30/12
Confined within the walls of a besieged and starving city, a Rabbi conceives a monumental shift in consciousness and a new destiny for his people. Through a tapestry of extraordinary episodes the hybrid opera 3WEEKS re-constructs the events of the siege of Jerusalem in 68 AD, and the controversial bargain Rabban Yochanan Ben Zakkai struck with Rome to surrender the glories of Jerusalem in return for a modest center of learning. 

Following his critically acclaimed MOSHEH (HERE Arts Center, 2011), creator Yoav Gal continues to revive the operatic form as a cutting edge 21st century medium with 3WEEKS. 

Friday, September 28th, 8:00 pm
Saturday, September 29th, 2:00 pm
Saturday, September 29th, 8:00 pm
Sunday, September 30th, 3:00 pm

Ticket price: $25 

Ticket buying link: 14streety.interticket.com


"...Truly fresh. ...The music has a brassy, sinuous klezmer flavor; its vocal lines recall traditional Hebrew melodies without seeming stale. It was unpredictable — sometimes absurd, sometimes sincere — but with a core of real feeling.”

-- Zachary Woolfe, New York Times, May 16th, 2011

 3WEEKS is made possible with support from the MAP Fund and LABA, a program of the 14th St. Y




Parts of Parts & Stitches  | Open: 03/15/12 Close: 03/31/12

A joyous, colorful occasion, a wedding day in India, 1947, the patchwork of two families eager with
anticipation for their pending unification. In PARTS OF PARTS & STITCHES, Yamuna and Jiwan
prepare for their lives and future together in a small village of what is soon to become Pakistan. Soon
after the couple celebrates their matrimony, the reality of the political and religious upheaval forced on
the country by Britain’s abandonment, becomes apparent. The violence of man against man, Hindus
against Muslims, erupts in a horrific massacre. With perseverance and a will to survive, Yamuna
desperately attempts to stitch back the pieces of her life.
PARTS OF PARTS & STITCHES uses magical realism to show the horrific events that occurred
during Partition.
Raft Of The Medusa  | Open: 07/20/10 Close: 07/20/10
ft of the Medusa is named after the painting by Gericault http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Raft_of_the_Medusa  which depicts the survivors of an 1816 shipwreck. Mutiny, starlism decreased the 150 people to 15 by the time the raft was found. It's a terrific metaphor for the subject of Pintauro's play -- a group therapy session for people with HIV and AIDS.

Director Alberto Bonilla has brought together a fantastic cast for this revival of a still undeniably powerful play. The play explores an explosive group therapy session for people living with HIV or AIDS. With a diverse group of characters, from homosexuals to drug addicts, from the rich to the fallen homeless, Pintauro's play shows how the disease they all share can both bring them together and rip them apart.

The group includes a wide range of people; straight women, drug addicts, convicts, bisexuals, gay men - everyone's got a story, and everyone's got a temper. It's a volatile mix, and the explosions come like clockwork. Fury, betrayals, resentments, violent attacks, helplessness, tears, confessions this combination creates a powerful and moving night of theater.

Cast: Greer Samuels as Jimmy, Chudney Sykes* as Niarobi, Amanda Tudesco as Felicia, Brad Makarowski* as Bob, Michael Oberholtzer as Larry, Shane Taylor* as Doug, Alex Cape* as Michael, Shannon Convery* as Cora, Eric Jones as Alec, Joshua Warr as Tommy, A.B. Lugo as Alan, Maxwell Zener as Jerry, Michael Satow* as Donald. Produced By Richard Mazda for The Secret Theatre.


*Actor appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Theater Mitu's  | Open: 10/22/08 Close: 11/01/09
When you look in the mirror, are you the person you dreamt you would be? What happened, and is it too late? Can you accept failure, and move past it to new hope? These are the questions at the core of Theater MituÕs groundbreaking production of 'Death of a Salesman' by Arthur Miller. Exploring an American classic allows audiences to experience Mitu's hyper-theatrical vision and rigorously physical aesthetic realized upon what many think of as one of our 'most familiar' works--and, in so doing, see it anew. With a relentlessly physical style that seamlessly fuses vaudeville, Japanese Noh and Butoh, innovative object puppetry, original music, and conceptual design, this production breathes new contemporary relevence into Miller's iconic work. Come and find out why Ben Brantley of The New York Times calls Mitu's work "outside the boundaries of standard Western drama...an exciting, fresh theatre-going experience."

Theatre Mitu's "Death of a Salesman"
Conceived and Directed: RubŽn Polendo
Dramaturgy: Chris Mills
Lighting Design: Kate Ashton
Costume Design: Candida K. Nichols
Sound Design: Alex Hawthorn
Mask Design: Lori Petermann
Object Design: Sanaz Ghajarrahimi
Original Music: Ellen Reid
Production Manager: Leighton Mitchell
Stage Manager: Hilary Austin*

Performers: Justin Nestor, Emily Davis, Dylan Dawson* & Nathan Elam
With the voices of: Bryce D. Howard*, Jenni-Lynn Brick*, Ryan West*, Ben Fox*, Aysan ‚elik*, Nathan Baesel*, Mark D. Schultz, & Jason Lew*

Assistant Director: Dan Waldron
Directing/Design Assistant: John Robichau
*appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity Association

As we speak  | Open: 11/07/08 Close: 11/23/08
"This is not the time to question authority. You are either with America, or you are not." In a post-9/11, post-Katrina world full of the politics of fear and doctrines of intolerance and hate, what are we willing to sacrifice for our own sense of security? What liberties are we willing to give up so we can go to bed at night? Inspired by Sinclair Lewis' classic It Can't Happen Here , AS WE SPEAK shows the drastic effects on the average American if what eventually emerges as a fascist dictatorship legally wins the American Presidency. Commissioned by RTC, AS WE SPEAK takes a look at what could happen in an America stripped of her civil liberties and the dangers of too much power in the wrong hands.
Bordertown  | Open: 04/25/08 Close: 05/11/08
(RE:) DIRECTIONS THEATRE COMPANY is pleased to announce this production of BORDERTOWN, directed by Tom Berger. BORDERTOWN will play a three-week limited engagement at 14th Street Theater (344 East 14th Street). Performances begin Thursday, April 24th and continue through Sunday, May 11th. Opening Night is Thursday, April 24th (8 p.m.). Press are invited starting the first performance, Thursday April 24th.

In a remote and run-down café, Fate brings nine disparate characters together as a tornado thunders in. But appearances are deceiving, and there is always something stranger hidden beneath. Gangsters, gamblers, waitresses, cops, the damnable and the Damned and maybe even God Himself meet in a dusty little diner on the Calexico border to find out the meanings of Fate and redemption.

The production features scenic design by Jack Blacketer, costume design by David Withrow, and lighting design by Tim Kaufman. Henry Akona is the sound designer and Courtney Ferrell is the stage manager.

BORDERTOWN plays the following regular schedule through Sunday, May 11th:

Wednesdays at 8 p.m. (no Wednesday performance in the first week)
Thursdays at 8 p.m.
Fridays at 8 p.m.
Saturdays at 8 p.m.
Sundays at 2 p.m.

There will be no performance on Sunday, April 27th, instead there will be a 2 PM and an 8 PM performance on Saturday, April 26th.

Tickets are $18 and are now available online at www.SmartTix.com, by calling 212-868-4444 and one-hour prior to show time at the theater.

*Running time: 2:00 *

Celebration  | Open: 12/27/07 Close: 01/06/08
Celebration is a musical with a book and lyrics by the renowned team behind The Fantasticks, Tom Jones and music by Harvey Schmidt.

An avant-garde fable set on New Year's Eve, it focuses on four characters: Orphan, an idealistic and cheerfully optimistic young man, in possession of the stained-glass eye of God, who reminds Edgar Allen Rich, a wealthy but jaded old man, of his younger self; Angel, a sweet entertainer who longs to be "somebody"; and Potemkin, a Loki-like character who serves as narrator, commentator, and advisor. Surrounding them are a chorus known as the Revelers, who take on various roles throughout the action of the play, a group masked by the impersonal industrialism of their society, obediently following the rich man's demands but secretly aiding the boy who sees and respects them as individuals.

At the musical's core is the struggle between youth and old age, innocence and corruption, love and ambition, and poverty and wealth, as Angel tries to decide if she would be better served by her feelings for Orphan or Rich's willingness to fulfill her every dream. ***

Time Magazine called Celebration in 1969 "intimate and beguiling and it has a distinctive personality rather than a powerhouse complex. It is one of those good things that come in small packages."

Edward II  | Open: 11/29/07 Close: 12/16/07
This production of Edward II is a contemporary interpretation of Marlowe's tale of the young king whose power is threatened by members of the old regime as a result of the choices he makes in his personal life. Edward II is relevant today because of current debates about gay marriage and civil unions, as well as the highly partisan political struggles that rage on. Edward II examines both the prejudices and hate that can exist in humans and our desire for power. This reinvention of this classic explores power versus weakness, establishment versus youth and naivety versus jaded experience.
The Silent Concerto  | Open: 01/26/07 Close: 02/01/07
THE SILENT CONCERTO explores the tangled relationship between three lifelong friends. One is a tragic ingenue trapped inside the body of a chain-smoking character actress, one is a self-tortured artist and the third is a bon-vivant who's had one too many martinis. Caught inside a play that cannot progress past the first scene, the threesome makes repeated attempts to reach the longed for curtain call. Can they ever escape the drama they've made for themselves?
Me, My Guitar and Don Henley  | Open: 10/03/06 Close: 10/25/06
In ME, MY GUITAR AND DON HENLEY the family patriarch is on his deathbed. This time of sadness prompts a series of colorful women from one family to explore their own insights into memory and loss. Ultimately, this unique drama offers an intimate, witty look at the complex nature of relationships among women.
Two Destinies  | Open: 07/07/06 Close: 07/30/06
Robert is a World War II veteran with a fondness for plays by Edward Albee. Roberto is a young man still reeling from the death of his mother. TWO DESTINIES intertwine when the two men meet on a bench in Central Park in 1967. Soon secrets are revealed and past battles pave the way for future conflicts.
Nerve  | Open: 06/08/06 Close: 07/01/06
NERVE is a dark romantic comedy about falling into a relationship on the first date. Elliot has never had an online date before... at least one that showed up. Susan has had plenty but would prefer not to discuss them. When they meet in a bar one night, all their neuroses come out. So do a puppet, some modern dance and surprising twist or two.
Saving The Greeks: Once Tragedy at a time  | Open: 09/08/05 Close: 09/25/05
In a time of war, heroes are needed. Strong, smart, courageous men whose actions are heralded over centuries in stories of their deeds. Saving the Greeks... is not one of those stories, and Dialysis and Peon are not those kind of men. In an ambitious (and possibly moronic) plan to bring peace to Ancient Greece, Dialysis and Peon create Betterland, a city where once-doomed tragic characters can start a better life. But this new society of refugees must face enemies, Gods and overacting. Weaving together the stories of Ancient Greek characters like Oedipus, Hercules, Cyclopes and many others, this smart and hilarious reinvention of the classics asks the questions, "Is it possible to escape your own fate?" and "Did they actually read any of the Greek plays?"
Snake In Fridge  | Open: 04/14/05 Close: 05/08/05
Inspired by Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House, Snake in Fridge examines the sordid lives of a group of young misfits living in a creepy Victorian house. Their combined income barely covers club-going and drugs, so overdue rent is mounting. Daydreams of fame and fortune are constantly interrupted by the insidious lure of the porn industry. When one of the housemates accepts a snake to cover a debt, the snake disappears and bizarre things begin to happen. Eventually, they begin to wonder if it is the snake or the spirit of the house that is haunting them. Things come to a head when the group – an internet porn performer, a busboy who longs to be a waiter, a nude dancer, her mentally-challenged sister and a mail stripped – discovery that one of their own may be a murderer.